If You Come To This Neighborhood, This Officer Wants To Know Why…

He does important work, life coaches are awesome.
“I have to follow the law to some extent” Wait. What?
When I was a kid, we were taught how evil the Soviet Union was because they had to show their papers everywhere they traveled.
“I’m not accusing your of anything” then again officer… why are you pulling me over?
I see this more and more. A cop pulls you over because he doesn’t think you belong there. This is America and we have the freedom to go where we want. This guy just had his rights violated and he shakes the cops hand for doing it. This is what’s wrong with America
Looks like profiling to me… And people still deal with this today
But he never communicated why he stopped the man. Did I miss this? He stopped him because his boss wants to know who’s coming in and out of that neighborhood. That may be the case, but the cop still needs probable cause to stop individuals. He managed to disarm this man through pleasant conversation. He still took his ID to run him for warrants even though he never articulated a clear reason for why he was stopped. The cop got exactly what he wanted. He got a compliant and happy victim, a license check for warrants, and a sob story about his boss wanting to know everyone coming in and out of that neighborhood so that’s why I’m violating your rights now that actually worked.
So he said in so many words, he wanted to inhibit your 4th Amendment right to travel freely…regardless of how he feels how bad a neighborhood is…it is up to the citizen to decide whether or not to travel there.  He couldn’t stop him until he got some reason to do so…
The cop ran the plates prior stopping the guy. The cop knew exactly who he was pulling over, he changed his story one challenged!
He’s totally playing that game and he definitely is that guy! Foh. FTP
This officer has literally confirmed that there are bad cops when he says “i’m not that guy”.
  • And is one but knew he had no moves so he played good cop….until next time
  • Believe me when I tell you, he is that guy!.
“I have to fallow the law…..to some extent “ Well that sums it up right there…
Omg did you guys see it? The cop actually did deescalate the situation. The argument is valid, but still. Not like that lady cop that pulled the gun on the one guy arguing.
I don’t see how this is anything but a good stop. Well explained.
“I don’t like playing games”… as he frantically shuffles his pieces around the board.
I’m not that guy””” mmmmm…yes you are that guy, making bogus statements ” creating problems, not fixing them, this guy got caught red handed so he play the good cop. Always record.
I pulled you over because i have a quota. But im not allowed to admit that, so i shuffle through arguable reasons that are quite transparent.
Freedom of autonomy is a CONSTITUTIONALLY protected RIGHT…it does not matter if he is from around there…He has a the Right to be there….Period…
Officer’s duty is to give safe passage through their jurisdiction. Suspicion is not a crime. Extortion is!
  • They enforce laws. Not provide safety.
  • .. Police officers are not trained to handle people who know their rights.
No cop has any right to question why your there in any neighborhood. This ain’t nazi Germany . You don’t need permission nor papers to travel through any neighborhood regardless if you live there OR DONT!!!
  • Getting us ready for that “Where’s your Papers” world we are fastly approaching. “I’m not that guy”, what the hell, you are that guy that pulled me over for nothing.


“Our Chief says zero tolerance in that neighborhood. Cars coming and going that don’t live there, why are they there?” Good to know the chief gets to decide if the 4th amendment, 5th amendment and 1st amendment (freedom to assemble) applies in a neighborhood.
The chief has a zero tolerance on who comes in and out the area and why? I wonder what action they’d take when people refuse to answer their questions?
Much like the old Soviet Union, this cop is making rules for Freedom of Travel, especially for POC. THIS IS AMERICA!!!
You had no obligation to give ID.
Instead of stopping people coming and going out of neighborhoods.. See what houses have a lot of traffic and send a informant to buy drugs to get legit warrant. They do it on TV cop shows all the time.
Listen to what the officer said people the problem comes from higher-ups training their dogs to attack for no apparent reason so it seems that this cop is an honest good cop but he is being pressured by the chief to do the wrong thing question them why they’re they’re like if you’re not see Germany question and why they’re coming and going this is the stuff that we need to open our eyes too it’s not too much some of the cops that are out on the field but the higher-ups that are poking them to do stuff like like this
So he just admitted to violating people’s civil rights on a daily basis. And the chief of police is the one who told him to do it. Wow that place must have great insurance.
4:29 “if I had something on you, I’m the kinda guy that would be straight with you and tell you” is an indictment of his fellow officers, because he’s signaling that they don’t. It like in advertising, where you advertise something negative that you don’t do, because others do. You don’t just make up a random negative that has nothing to do with your product, and exclaim “we don’t do that shit!@.
He Definitely and Positively IS that guy.
Of course that officer is “playing that game”. Cops are looking for drugs or money to confiscate. The driver fit the profile, black man driving a nice car. The cop followed the car waiting for tiniest of reason to pull him over. The driver knew exactly what was happening but had to pretend that the stop was legitimate.
Profiling at its finest. Your in a BMW so you must be the drug supplier
“pulled over” (detained) with no crime suspected.
“I am not accusing of anything” But if you say the wrong thing I will pin it on you,,,,then …then….then we will start accusing!!!!!
Whatever happened to freedom of travel……or freedom in general?
Stop acting proud in the camera bro, he still ran your name for no reason, now you was in the area if /when something happen! Indeed, indeed, indeed, indeed! Indeedly know your rights!
now homie got a file that says that hes known to frequent high crime area with possible ties to gang members.
First, the officer changed his story from “you parked in a no parking zone” to “it’s a bad neighborhood. My boss is cracking down on if someone doesn’t live here why are they here” when the man called him on the BS stop. Second, this is a violation of this man’s 4th amendment rights. Just because a neighborhood is a “bad neighborhood” does not give officers the right to make traffic stops on people who have not broken a traffic laws. It is none of their business why you are there if they don’t have reasonable suspicion that you have committed, are about to commit, or are in the process of committing a crime. And, if I’m not mistaken, the Supreme Court has ruled that simply being in a “bad area” does not constitute reasonable suspicion.
“I’m not going to make something up to stop you if it’s not legal…even though I want to” Holy shit…that sure says an awful lot, doesn’t it?! Good lord, what an admission.
Officer handled that very well and the guy pulled over handled that amazing. Each side practiced de-escalation.
For someone who doesn’t like playing games or doesn’t want to bust any balls, he sure has a whole lot of clowning going on.
When is this going to stop? “I’m not that guy.” Yes, you are exactly that guy. The fact that you say that tells us all we need to know about you.
“I have to follow the law to some extent” ??? @ 5:06 How about just following the law.
Atleast the cop didnt escalate the situation
When the cop splanin starts you know he’s that guy. Stay safe and carry daily
Instead of copsplaining, he should have just said sorry when he gave his ID back.
I appreciate that the officer admits that other officers play games. Video’s of smug police officer playing games are terrible for our country. Big egos with hair triggers are dangerous; therefore the videos will continue. The attitude and games need to stop.
Never talk to these revenue collector’s nothing ever came good out of talking to these criminals the the trust died years ago it’s us v them
He can access ALL of your information through your car tag… prior to making contact… so he is full of it.
he can only assess information on the vehicle, not the operator. Even then the cop needs reasonable suspicion of a crime
Oh yeah, he’s definitely the guy who just blew past the 4th amendment as clarified in Terry v. Ohio, Brown v. Texas, and Hiibel v. Nevada…..and engaged in an unlawful detention and fishing expedition by running the detainee’s license and registration. That’s called a civil rights violation in these United States. And he should have gotten for his trouble a federal lawsuit for that rights violation under 42 USC 1983.
If he wasn’t “that guy”, he would not have gone to his cruiser and run that man’s drivers license thorough the database. Which puts him in the system for that area. He would have just… (If he really needed to 🤷) Held his license in hand, asked questions, returned the license immediately after questioning, said have a nice day, then returned to his cruiser and left. Done. No running info, no intrusive searches, nothing. Just questions and release.
I’m pretty sure this would of gone differently if the cop had a partner with him. He would of been 10 times more of an asshole. But sinse he was alone he was a too scared to be a complete asshole. That’s usually how it goes. He also seemed to have a different tone before the camera got turned on but I still think he would of been worse if he had a partner with him.
I’m pretty sure this would of gone differently if the cop had a partner with him. He would of been 10 times more of an asshole. But sinse he was alone he was a too scared to be a complete asshole. That’s usually how it goes. He also seemed to have a different tone before the camera got turned on but I still think he would of been worse if he had a partner with him.
He has no legal right to pull people over because they dont live in the neighborhood thats crazy that guy needs to take this to court
The way things are looking. Pretty soon any person of color is going to have to register themselves at the local Town Hall. Because apparently cops “need to know everything” we do, from going to Walmart, or taking our poodle to the dog groomer :/ Zoinks!
Copsplaining he just wanted to see if you had warrants. And I promise you if you had anything he would try explaining and being nice after running ya names
My chief said we have to know everyone that is coming and going from that area????
question why a citizen is in any neighbourhood for NO legal reason what so ever IS “busting (citizens) balls” police are to enforce the law NOT determine who goes where or WHY
Sooooo did you commit a crime? Was he arresting you or detaining you?. Were you free to leave? Why does he have your licence? Suure your not, that’s why you profiled him and pulled him over on a bogus stop! Legal reason yet you didn’t get a ticket or arrested smh
Honestly, this is a god cop and they are rare!
NO PARKING means NO PARKING. Parking is
  1. stopping,
  2. turning the engine off, and
  3. exiting the vehicle.

It requires ALL THREE of those elements. If you stop and shut the engine off but remain in the vehicle, that is Waiting, NOT PARKING. If you stop, get out of your car and leave the engine running, that is WAITING, NOT parking. If I stop at a signal light or stop sign, don’t shut off my engine and stay in the car (like EVERYBODY DOES when WAITING for the light to change, IS THAT PARKING?

“I dont want play that game” but he came over with the game board with all the game pieces
So he admitted that he fabricated a reason to pull him over.
So it was an illegal stop. My chief told me to violate your civil rights.
‘I’m not that guy, but seriously, I’m that guy and there’s just nothing you can do about it’. ‘And also, I’m not going to apologize because that would mean I’d have to admit I’m capable of making mistakes’. ‘Actually all I wanted to do was get your name into our national databases as a negative contact because your car is nicer than mine. So now that I’ve done that, you can go on your way’.
Know the difference between parking and standing if you’re stopped in a no-parking Zone and you stay in the car that’s standing if the sign says no parking and you stay in the car you can’t get a ticket but if you park in a no standing Zone and leave the car you can get a ticket
a cop’s purpose in life is to accuse just like Satan does.
So now cops think it is illegal to drive on public roads unless you live on that road?
The worst part about this whole thing is that the cop thinks he’s justified in his profile-fishing and pointless stop because LP the Coach shook his hand a bunch of times. No respect for Nazis.
Its a pretext stop…. They get you on any little chicken shit violation they can to satisfy probable cause and then go on a fishing expedition to see if it leads to a big fish. It often does… but sometimes when you cast such a big net, you inadvertently rope in dolphin. Killing dolphins because you were trying to catch tuna isn’t a good look.
Driver way too friendly. He’s allowing this cop to continue being a tyrant.
OMG…cop makes sense with I’m not that guy, yet stumbles over why he pulled him over.…hope he picked up dashcam to mount the on rear windows…also why doors should be locked & windows be open 2 inches when interacting w/cops…..RECORD….as U calmly articulate the matter & simultaneously invoke constitutional rights.
Officer Tim Harting
If you have to say ” I’m not that guy ” that means you are that guy……
This is the exact reason we need MORE officers in our schools to keep the students under control, in class, school on time, and less drugs. He has no respect to this officer, thinks he can park where he wants and he doesn’t have to follow rules. All of this is YOUR fault ALL of it, showing the younger generation this crap and their thinking it’s normal to treat officials in this manner. Your a complete disgrace.
That fake friendliness annoys me more than anything else in this video.
Very professional but why are the state police here?
He essentially said, I needed to know who you were and why you were in this neighborhood. I am playing a little bit of a game because I have to have a legal reason to pull you over so anything, no matter how trivial, will do… like pulling in a “no parking” zone because I can’t make up something on you although I’d really want to. He IS definitely THAT guy.
The Nuremburg defense, “I’m just doing my job”.
Bullshit you know he was fishing
Zero tolerance
This is not a good interaction. That is not a legal stop. Don’t praise this officer. He’s infringing on people’s rights to travel freely.

Police Gives Ticket for 10% over Speed Limit without knowing the Speed Limit

Police Refuse to Accept they were Wrong:

Police must get ID, even if stop was unwarranted


Cop: you’re speeding!
Driver: whats the speed limit here?
Cop: I don’t know.
The cop doesn’t know the speed on the road but he knows he was speeding 🤦🤣
He didn’t know what the speed limit was but he was sure that he was going 10% faster than what he didn’t know. Huh?
Claiming he was going 10% over the posted speed limit is pretty specific when the officer didn’t know what the posted speed limit was.
10% over the speed limit? For 2-2.5 mph over the speed limit? Wow!

Another officer, a Sgt no less, who believes he can stop anyone he wants to anytime he wants to just to check their ID!! This is crazy! Auditors are def making a difference by educating citizens about their rights, but sometimes it seems like the officers are getting WORSE!


The driver was not guessing his speed as the cop inferred. He had it in the screen in front of him. They can pace someone for speeding but the driver is right, they cannot gauge it from sitting still. Cop was mad because he was proven wrong and then the guy knew his rights. Egos in policing is dangerous and deadly!
“I’ll LET you go.” Mighty fine of him to let him go esp. since he committed no crime. Tyrants!
I really believe the cops are gaming the public with you must show ID even if there is no violation. That many cops can’t be that misinformed. What I think is happening is its a nation wide campaign to keep saying it until the public believes it and then slide it in there and make it an actual law.
The problem is that cops are never wrong, they don’t know how to acknowledge any mistake, infact the opposite happens when they are wrong and get called on it they usually escalate and start manufacturing a crime to justify their wrong doings… Sick….
😀 Dude told the cop “You need to be recalibrated”.🤣🤣🤣. Love it! Great job.
 @Tempus Fugit  That’s a very idealistic point of view. But I’m sorry to inform you that in the real world, the citizen doesn’t often win an argument he insists in having on the side of the road. No I’m no boot licker and I’m no push over. I assure you I’ve made my displeasure and my resistance known in more than one occasion. In the case of this video, the guy lucked out that the cop was pulling the speeding charge out of his ass because he realized he was wrong about the phone and he happened to have gotten caught on the fact that he didn’t know what the speed limit was. AND the supervisor that responded happened to be a reasonable guy and want looking to just jack with a citizen. He made a half-assed attempt to claim they can just stop random drivers to check their drivers license. When it was obvious he wasn’t getting away with it, the supervisor let him go. But I assure you, had the supervisor had his ego as invested as the officer did, that driver would have either coughed up his DL or he would have been a guest of the county for a while. Right wrong or indifferent, it’s up to the cops how that encounter ends. Luckily, he argued his point and the supervisor decided it wasn’t worth it to take it all the way because his guy was wrong. But make no mistake, had he decided to back his officer, he would have been ordered out of the vehicle. Had he refused, he would have been taken out of the vehicle. Just that noncompliance could lead many judges to decide that he was resisting and obstructing by refusing a lawful order to exit. Who knows what he would decide on the citations. But, I’d be willing to bet a judge would find that it was a lawful stop initially because cops are allowed to make a mistake like thinking he was holding his phone. And from there, the officer doesn’t need any justification to ask the driver to exit the vehicle. His refusal to do so buts himself a ride to county. Is that fair? Nope. But it’s not up to you or the driver to declare it an unlawful stop or to decide when it became decided that he had made an error about the phone. His resistance in such an excessive manner could be seen by the judge as reasonable suspicion to continue investigating. It all depends on how the judge interprets his actions and the actions of the officer. But it seems like you’re if the mindset that any time a citizen believes he hadn’t committed the infraction he was stopped for that he can then lawfully defy lawful orders based on his belief that they’re unlawful due to his belief that he didn’t commit the infraction. Doesn’t work that way. If it did, everybody would just say “no I wasn’t speeding. Wasn’t me. “. And then the cop has to say “ok maybe it wasn’t you. I guess there’s nothing else I can do since you say you didn’t do it. Have a nice day”. As much as that would be awesome, it’s just not realistic and would make it impossible for cops to do anything. Bottom line, the guy rolled the dice and hit so was able to leave. He just as easily could have crapped out and had his day turn south real quick. You’re free to roll those dice too, of course. But if you think you’re going to win every time in a situation like that, you’re crazy. Not saying the cop was in the right or would have been to arrest him. He was just following policy which I guarantee states that he woulda had done explaining to do if he’d made a stop and didn’t even get the guys DL. Don’t like that policy? Fine. Petition your elected officials to try n get it changed. Aside from that, the cop is going to insist on that DL every time
If a officer wants to violate your rights he is forsure going to do so, this is why I’d say allow him to violate your rights and record it so you will have all the evidence you need because if we don’t hold them accountable then it’s only going to get worse.
My opinion is the supervisor knew this stop could go sideways and get crazy. The time and effort in making this man show id will be more problematic then its worth and this driver was committed to standing his ground. Cop was professional and explained his opinion well but needs to stop the crack addiction. ( ID ) that is.
Cops saying “I’m not gonna argue with you,” is cop speak for: I know I’m wrong, but I’m a cop and I’ll do what the fuck I want, and if you want to pursue it, I have qualified immunity so I’ll be just fine.
I would have pointed out that there was no way he would know if you were speeding if he didn’t know what the speed limit was in the first place.
The supervisor didn’t know the law either, as he said that it was legal to ask to see the drivers license, but at least he let the man drive off after having lost a much too long time for nothing due to a lying LEO not knowing the law (as usual)
Looking at this cop should communicate what’s driving him is far more than fabricating a traffic violation to check for warrants.
So the supervisor thinks we live in 1030’s Nazi Germany? That’s basically what he’s saying when he said they can stop anyone to verify driver’s license’s. Sorry buddy but you’re flat out incorrect at the highest level!
This was an honest mistake by the supervisor. He accidentally thought he was in Nazi Germany and could demand papers at any time.

“I placed him in handcuffs”
“What was the safety concern?”
“He was resisting”
“What was he resisting?”
“Being placed in handcuffs” FBLG💩👮‍♂ & F👢L



At the end of the day ; coppa needs to make a ticket , to reach his quota – IMO . DISGRACEFUL.
The really scary part is the “supervisor” thinks they can pull anybody over for ZERO reasons ! American Police thinking on full display
The officer said I can’t dispute your truth, which means he has nothing and he should just let you go, that’s exactly what that means
perfect handling of a common police harassment

Cops Get Caught Lying And Cost Their Town $75,000


This is actually really sad. They were so nice & respectful to those cops & you know those cops thought they were going to find something illegal in their car. I’m glad they sued & won $75k.


“your hands are shaking like a leaf brother even your face is” what? Mr.parker was just about the calmest person I’ve ever seen getting pulled over. Seriously impressed with Mr.Parker’s conduct throughout this.
“This is how we handle anyone who doesn’t use their turn signals.” They smelled fear and determined it was enough to act on. You know, like a predator
If Mr. Parker had tried to assert his rights during this traffic stop, I am quite certain these cops would have escalated it to something much worse and possibly violent. $75k pay day ain’t bad, but as a tax payer, I would prefer the cops do their job appropriately.
My sons have had many traffic stops in their youth. They claimed the cops were targeting them and were quite rude and unprofessional. It made my sons wonder why anyone would want to be a cop, and thought they were mentally unstable. As a female, I have never experienced what they went through, and now that they are older, they do not get pulled over like they did in their youth.
This city is corrupt to the core. The police had bad practices and the fact that the city included a gag order in the settlement goes just how deep the corruption goes. It’s all disgusting, and I was aghast when the man shook the officers’ hands at the end. It’s like thanking someone for smashing you upside the head with a baseball bat.
As someone who has passed the bar I consider myself a Constitutionalist who loves what our founding fathers gave us. I just want to express my appreciation for the work you do; I know the amount of text you have to comb over to research each of the statutes you present and the time that goes into each of these videos. Your adherence to the facts and the law are impeccable and I appreciate your efforts and the work you do. Thank you.
If a cop sees a citizen is “shaking like a leaf” the correct response is to DEFUSE the situation. Using it as an excuse to search someone is despicable.
Why did they remove him from the car for a turn signal, especially when video shows the blinker was going? This is so disturbing! The passengers do not have to identify themselves and certainly not provide a social security number! I hope these poor citizens have in the meantime educated themselves!
“Man, I just want people to be upfront and honest with me!” This is cop talk for “It doesn’t matter what you say to me, I’m not going to believe you!” This is all based on the fact that people lie! You are correct, officer, people do lie and you yourself are people!
Even if he had failed to use the turn signal, it is simply wrong that all this can be done to him.
since when did simple traffic infractions start including searches, pat downs, and invasive acts? what happened to writing a ticket and being on your way? and cops wonder why they are disliked, they create their own disdain.
since when did simple traffic infractions start including searches, pat downs, and invasive acts? what happened to writing a ticket and being on your way? and cops wonder why they are disliked, they create their own disdain.
>> It starts with “why are you shaking” ….it automatically sets a precedence for the cop to keep lying and adding details to make you look suspicious and/or a threat.
>> Happens everyday………………………
“This is how we conduct every traffic stop.” As a middle aged white guy, I cannot fathom getting pulled over for nothing and surrounded by aggressive police. A clear case of driving while black.
Congratulations to this wonderful family for following through on calmness and cooperation. We all know what might have happened if anything else turned negative. I was afraid the police might have planted something in their car with all that searching. Congratulations again.
4 cops show up at a false turn signal stop? Spot on with your analysis. And kudos to Parker for actually following up. Complaining here is not the same as following up. Hope they take the money and move to a better community.
This entire encounter made me feel very uncomfortable. This cop treated him like he was an armed felon from the very start and then proceeded to violate every one of the mans rights that he possibly could. This is absolutely disgusting and this officer should not be allowed to work in law enforcement.
>> This what people in the black community have been experiencing for decades
Classic profiling and nothing more. He broke zero laws and they still treat that family like they’re criminals.
>>  Imagine what that does to his son, to see that. Does that kid look at police favorably? Does he think police are there to protect and serve?

Imagine what that does to his son, to see that. Does that kid look at police favorably? Does he think police are there to protect and serve?

>> Let this be a lesson to anyone who has a slam-dunk case against these unconstitutional tactics by so-called “law enforcement”. Never settle out of court if one of the conditions is to keep silent. On the contrary, make a part of the settlement mandatory procedural changes and retraining. (See Jeff Gray’s channel, “Honor Your Oath Civil Rights Investigations”). His lawsuit forced mandatory 1st Amendment training and yearly remedial training over a period of years in the future. I understand if this family just wanted to settle and put this behind them and I’m glad they didn’t just ignore it.
I am so glad you’re bringing light to these issues. This very thing happened to me. An officer who had a reputation for being dirty, got behind me & put his lights on after I’d made a left turn. He had been behind me for several minutes so I made sure to stop @ the stop sign & use my turn signal. He lied & said I never used my signal when turning & then receded to search my vehicle. When he found nothing he didn’t even write me a ticket bc he knew he was lying & just let me go. I never even thought about how he’d violated my rights until I started watching your channel. This happened many years ago… I would have never thought to file a lawsuit until now. I’m glad you’re giving citizens like myself a voice & instructions on how to handle these situations.
..  I love how they settled with the restriction of speech about the department or incident … But they forget that there is an entire world watching now that can say what they want when they want !! Thanks for what you do !!
The only thing I was worried about when Mr. Parker consented to the search was the possibility of the officers planting illegal substances. I’ve seen cops do that on this channel before.
” Your hands are shaking like a leaf ” Look at what you did to this family. I’m surprised nobody’s gone into shock and have convulsions.
>> I didn’t see his hands shaking. The cop said that because it is in the script he was following for the record. They have probably done this many times the exact same way.

>>  @Mark Mixon  facts, the man didn’t look nervous and wasn’t shaking at all

>> Exactly. I love the guy was not at all shaking, it would have been reasonable to do so. Especially given the fact that he was probably aware that police were going to jack him up and try to pin something on him
>>  “And how would you react when 4 armed men surround your vehicle?”
>> Damned if you do, damned if don’t. None of those officers went in with an open minded view to the stop. Plus, that poor child has to experience the ordeal and make sense of it all. At such a young age it’s moments like that which impact your development, view of yourself/place etc. Great community policing and relations building /s
Nothing will change unless these law suit settlements come directly from the police union pension fund. That way, these settlements will affect every single officer and their bottom line. That would hopefully ignite and motivate good cops to weed out the bad cops.
The narrator says “I certainly can not fault him for prioritizing his family’s safety over his Constitutional rights“. The fact that in the United States (you know, the land of the free) this is a rational statement reflecting the reality that asserting said rights likely endangers your family is a sad truth indeed.
No camera no pay out 💯💯💯💯💯💯
“We got a failure to signal, gonna need about 5 officers for this.”
We have fostered an entire generation of citizens that are hesitant to trust law enforcement. Here’s the sad news: until we abolish qualified immunity, they will continue to oppress, and use dirty tactics, and empty these poor towns of taxpayer money and empathy.
This guy did everything right, IMO. He remained extremely polite despite being treated wrongly, he never once became upset, disrespectful, or argumentative. I’m glad they received the settlement from the dept for that awful behavior, but I would have personally pushed to remove that stipulation about criticism.
I particularly liked the one cop’s admission to the lady: “This is the way we conduct all traffic stops.”
I don’t know why the guy was trying to explain a faulty turn signal when it worked. He almost justified the cops illegal stop by admitting a problem that wasn’t there.
I love it when he says “However”
“YoUrE ShakiNg LiKe A LeAf” What do these guys expect?! They are about to violate him after making up a reason to stop him. It’s circular, the only reason he is shaking is because he knows they have the power to abuse him and he thinks they will. So they use that as a reason to abuse him. Makes me sick.
As a non-American, I’m shocked that he’s pointing out that the man is shaking. I’d be scared for my life. American police are unpredictable.

Cops lied to put him in handcuffs, but a camera caught the truth!

A Los Angeles man says he was targeted by police after he was pulled over for crossing a line in front of a stop sign; but after placing him in handcuffs and arresting the passenger in his car, a recording cellphone caught the real reason cops pulled him over.

Cops Didn’t Show Up For Court After This Stop

This is literally how he got started auditing. Then they wonder why there’s so many auditors



Man: “Get out of my car!” Lady cop: “Don’t tell me what to do!” What a child, sheesh. I wonder what she would’ve done if he had been more verbally aggressive.
Let’s be honest, they were going to find a reason to search the car no matter what. They weren’t traffic cops trying to give out seat belt tickets.
His last comments said it all. “They are narc cops, they don’t pull people over for seatbelts.” “The pulled me over because I am a white man in a black neighborhood.” This is EXACTLY what these fishing expeditions are all about. To quote my cop friends “We are like sharks, constantly circling, lokking for a reason to pull people over.”
If an officer accuses you of something and then doesn’t show up in court, you better not be liable for any lost revenue / court costs. I would be pissed.
The police really need more accountability. They shouldn’t have any type of immunity. They should be held to a higher standard, not lower
The officer says “relax” to the man surrounded by several people with (I assume loaded) guns and other weapons. I can only wonder how relaxed the officer would have been if the situation were reversed.
The “word” of cops has been taken for truth far too long! It is outrageous that the officer searched his vehicle without his consent and “after” he repeatedly said “NOT” to.
Cops telling people to “stay calm” after or while stripping them of their rights always gets me on this channel lol… The audacity!
They should get a F, for not turning over all footage when requested. To use their logic… Why not just comply with the request “if you have nothing to hide.”
Quote from a cop who wishes to remain anonymous, “every traffic stop is a fishing expedition“. Educating us & protecting us is NOT what cops do!
“Officer safety”. The magic words that allow the cops to order, detain, search, escalate, abuse, assault, humiliate and retaliate.
I think you missed another point about officer safety justifying the search: once they removed him from his car, whatever might have been there was no longer a factor as he couldn’t reach it. By taking him out, maybe even closing the door, they assured their safety from anything that could have been there. Thus, the search, while perhaps legal by the letter of the law, exposes their likely intent to find more “dirt” on him and NOT about officer safety. The search reveals the stop to be almost certainly pretextual to try to find more serious crimes. Legal, yes, but not community-endearing.
The Courts allowing officers to search because they “believe” something, is in direct contradiction to the 4th Amendment. “You need a warrant, unless you decide for yourself that you don’t…then, no problem.” Makes zero sense.
Why were there so many officers present for a “seatbelt” violation? This was a pretextual stop for being in the “wrong neighborhood”
Police Departments MUST be overseen by citizen review boards. Additionally, all body cam videos need to be uploaded within 24-hours and archived by such boards in addition to the departments’ evidence database so they cannot go “missing” or be tampered with. I find it highly “suspicious” (one of cops’ favorite words) that the female cop’s body cam footage is one of the two missing from the FOIA request.
I love the inherent conflict between “people leaning over to the passenger side of their car” being a valid excuse for cops to suspect someone is hiding something and the fact that the glovebox, where most people keep their cars information, requires you to lean over to the passenger seat.
Should have received all 4 body cams, such bullshit to have a system to retrieve information and information can be denied when it contains the victim and may contain information that would put liability against officers or a department. We seriously need further protections and extensions to laws and systems to gain access to information, especially when it directly contains information relating to ourselves and interactions with law enforcement.
A lot of the time, it seems like ATA gives the police “outs” all the time. The idea that the female officer could use some obscure rule, when I’m almost certain she wasn’t thinking of it, gives off the idea to me that these officers can use videos similar to their cases to find loopholes and whatnot.
The supreme court really screwed us with this rule of cops being able to order citizens out of their vehicles for no reason!
So let me get this straight, when you are pulled over, if you act like a helpful, normal member of society and try to get your insurance out of your glove department while waiting for the cop, YOU CAN BE SHOT OR SEARCHED because of something far less likely going through the cops heads? … WHAT?!?
“Why are you acting like this? Why are you using the law to defend your rights?” This is really what they want to say.
Pisses me off how these officers are telling him to relax while they blatantly violate his rights.
She was already searching the car when he said he didn’t consent to it. True, he did eventually admit to getting his phone, but I believe he would still have a very strong case against the search.
Auditor: “Do you know the 4th amendment” Cop: “Yeah I do” Auditor: “What is it” Cop who clearly doesn’t know: “I don’t have to explain myself to you”
Ah yes search the vehicle for “police safety” whilst he’s not in the vehicle and has already been searched and has 4 police officers surrounding him. Yes he lent over but he told them he was putting his phone up
“Just stay calm” sheesh they are so calm and borderline respectful towards him. Yet, I understand where he’s coming from. Hell, if you walk up to a cop car you’ll have 3 or 5 cops wondering why you’re around their vehicles. They were illegally in his vehicle and they wonder why he was irate. I swear it obviously doesn’t take much intelligence to become a cop.
When he said “leaned over” he was quoting what the cop previously said.
Your rights are neutered when you’re in a car. It’s crazy how much leeway courts have given law enforcement over the years.
Every one of those cops are corrupt. They gaslit him and they told him to remain calm. And how did that one cop not know how to read an expiration date?
Officer: “I’m going to search this vehicle whether or not I get permission.”
4th amendment: “you can’t do that.”
Supreme Court: “you CAN do that if you don’t feel safe (hint hint)”
Officer” “I don’t feel safe so I’m going to search this vehicle without permission.” 4th amendment: “WTF?”
I love how cops will say “we are recording too” and then when you try and get the footage they some how only give you half the footage.
The problem here is that he lost his cool and never got it back. You make a lot of mistakes when you’re controlled by emotion. He was not thinking clearly.
Mr. Disorderly- “I don’t talk to cops” Cop- “Cool, get out of the car” Mr. Disorderly then talks for literally the entire stop.
Who trained these officers to tell an irritated person to calm down? When in the history of man has that ever worked? All that has ever achieved is to further irritate the person. Well, it’s Chicago and you’re not exactly dealing with the best and brightest.
Police have been taught that it usually has the opposite effect when someone is being violated. They say “calm down” because They want their victim to give them a reason to be violent.
 @A Bike and Its Boy  telling people what to do, when they didn’t ask you for it. Just like Karen. Bye Felicia
Being that the individual was outside the vehicle when the search of his vehicle began, he would not have been in a position to obtain the weapon if he had one. This rendering the officers claim invalid as to officer safety. Have a great day 😊.
I love how they kept distracting him with the same questions repeatedly to draw attention away from the officer who they were not going to interfere with while she was going through his stuff. If I learned anything from this, it’s to keep a stash of uncapped hypodermic needles on hand just to toss under the seat as a deterrent for any such actions. Let them learn on their own… 🤷🏾‍♂ One thing he did wrong, which I do anytime I get stopped, roll up all the windows and lock the doors. She’s never should have been able to open that door to begin with.
One of the most offensive things is that cop who keeps saying “Just relax” and “Relax. Relax”. If I were a judge, I’d lock him up with a Lexis/Nexis computer and would not let him out until he printed out for me the statues that say “failure to relax” is a cri’me. That cop wasn’t issuing lawful orders. That cop was just on an ego-trip. There’s no law against not relaxing. He was clearly way out of his rights and just trying to make the subject kow-tow by issuing UNlawful commands. (And after the cop gives up and says “I had no right under law to tell him to relax” then I’d give him a trial for abusing his authority and throw him in jail for the rest of his life. And that’s because I don’t believe in the death-penalty. There’s just no excuse for bossing people around gratuitously just because it makes someone feel superior.
These guys tried soooooo hard to implicate him in admitting to “furtive movements 🙄” so that they can justify an unconstitutional search. Disgusting
Audit the Audit gets an F on this one. A furtive movement is one that “attempts to avoid notice or attention”. Leaning isnt furtive, its obvious and everyone pulled over leans to retrieve their wallet or ID. If anything Audit the Audit suggested were in fact lawful, every single movement in a vehicle could be considered furtive and warrantless searches would be common place as the 4th would be moot. The problem with taking a sentence out of case law is that each case is decided on a totality of the circumstances. In this case the police only had “leaning over”. They couldnt cite a violent criminal history or history of gun possession. They couldnt claim location was a hot spot of criminal activity. They couldn’t claim there was a high risk to the nature of the stop. They had nothing and likely the two body cameras they didnt send footage for showed the police intended to pull the car over to conduct a search, just like the guy asserted.
SO CORUPT! If a cop doesn’t show up for court they should never be allowed to be a cop because it shows they will use there power for bad and then simply not show up for accountability.
.. One of the main reasons why the Supreme Court has shredded the 4th Amendment is to help cops and prosecutors wage their failed drug war against Americans. The war against drugs is actually a war waged by the government against its own citizens.
In essence, a cop can just make up anything they want to make your life hard and they are covered by qualified immunity
Get that incompetent “officer” out of his car. She falsely accused him of having expired car insurance 😵‍💫 She is clearly not capable of much
The cops were trying to get him to say exactly where the insurance was so they could say he gave them implied consent to get in his car.
If you’ve got nothing to hide, then why didn’t you show up to testify, officer?
>> Same thing happened to me in Illinois. 44 in a 30 as I’m crossing the sign that says 45 mph. Cited for 44 in a 30 and they no showed after trying to get in the car. I yelled way worse than he did 😂
>> You’re suggesting that the officer didn’t show up because he/she has something to hide? I guess that’s possible, but I’m thinking that this is a minor seat-belt citation, and it is not uncommon for law enforcement not to show up for such minor violations when there might be other priorities. Therefore, if you have the time and it’s not too inconvenient you should always contest a minor infraction – there’s a good likelihood the officer will not show up.
 @Captain Ron  I totally agree with you. Always contest the ticket to the magistrate and if you lose there appeal to see the judge. Most cops would rather be getting private overtime work for more pay, They can’t pass up the easy money and I don’t blame them one bit.
Captain Ron. If it’s not important enough to show up to testify, then it’s not important enough to write the ticket! This was a pretextual stop, because, as he stated,he drove through a known drug trafficking area! She was searching for drugs, not a gun!
i love how the cop hands the insurance to the lady bc she’s the one dealing with the power trip. so funny how they support each other. he couldn’t just check?
When cops say, “we aren’t gonna argue over this on the side of the road, that’s what court is for…” then cops don’t show up for court
If I were this guy, I’d have said two things (among others): 1. STOP CALLING ME BRO! 2. STOP TELLING ME TO RELAX!
It’s funny how the vehicle paint states “we serve and protect” when the highest court of the land ruled they have no obligation to our safety.
From what i have seen in my lifetime is most officers know the loop holes of the law way better then the actual law they are to follow
It’s hard to stay calm when you think you are being violated I feel for the dude
When I’ve been pulled over I’ve HAD to reach over to get my license and registration, as I assume most people do. Who has all that stuff in a spot where they can just grab it without reaching?
“I don’t answer questions…I don’t answer questions…Now let me go ahead and answer all your questions.” ….. There is NEVER a benefit to say ANYTHING to the police in ANY circumstance other than “Am I being detained”, “Am I free to go” or “I want my lawyer”. Anything else can ONLY hurt you.
The guy is out of his vehicle, the windows are down and it’s broad daylight but yet she’s searching his car without good reason or his permission. It’s like they’re trying to distract him with questions but they wouldn’t stop what they were doing.
>> I just couldn’t imagine being a police officer and then apparently being so dang scared of every single encounter they initiate.
>>  @Ash Williams  they’re not scared, it’s their excuse for acting illegally and controlling people.
>> “He leaned over therefore it’s reasonable to believe the cops life may be in danger” -the justice system We need to break the back of the justice system on these issues.
I’m pretty convinced at this point, having had similar things happen to me (getting pulled over and searched for drugs when there were not drugs or even suspicion of any), that cops just do this to piss you off/get back at you for something you said/inconvenience you. They know you won’t be busted for anything, but they know how to ring you through the system to make your life at least miserable and inconvenienced. And then there is a record that you had an encounter with them, which makes you look more suspect each time you run into a cop. I’m not sure if there is a name for this phenomenon. I just call it ringing you through the system. This is how they attack you without actually attacking you.

..  I always love to listen to police calmly tell citizens to “relax bro” – AFTER they have stopped, harassed, illegally searched, belittled, frisked, and made the citizen leave the vehicle and put their hands on the top of the car. In what universe does this silly expression, “relax bro” not serve to further anger a justifiably outraged citizen?

Reminds me of when I got charged with fleeing the scene of an accident, plus another half a dozen of bs charges and when I showed up to court. The state trooper never showed up and everything got dismissed.
IMO this is fascism in America full stop. These cops operate without any regard for the law

>> It is Authoritarianism, not Fascism but all Fascism is Authoritarianism.

Isn’t that contempt of court when they don’t show up for court? I thought if you don’t show up a bench warrant goes out for your arrest? That would have been awesome to see those cops get arrested

The “protective search” of the car is straight bs and should not be allowed or justified. Being allowed to remove the occupants of a vehicle for officer safety and doing a terry pat down should be sufficient. In that case any police officer can use the argument, as what you used in this video, that the person(s) leaned over to justify any search of a vehicle where other items (“evidence”) other than illegal weapons are found.
I also believe they wrote the citation to jam him up and screw with him just for arguing. That citation is a straight up contempt of cop citation. Im sure like the driver in this video pointed out, those officers are not worried about seatbelt violations, though using any be traffic violation to create a legal reason for the stop.
It seems like the police could just say “I saw you reach for something” and use that as articulable suspicion to be able to search the vehicle, regardless of whether the suspicion has any factual basis.
He was out of the car when the search occurred. No way was this for officer protection. He could not reach for anything on the passenger side when he is outside and on the drivers side and controlled by two officers. They were looking for drugs or another reason to arrest him.
We’ve given government so much power that there’s almost no way to know if you’re in the right or wrong. There’s the 4th amendment but all kinds of exceptions to it. The fact that he can lean over in his own car and that’s apparently suspicious, is insane.
I do appreciate that the officers tried to calm him down and de-escalate after realizing they were completely in the wrong regarding the initial search. Though they SHOULD have apologized.
Here’s a thought, maybe police should stop doing “hazardous roadside encounters” if they are soooooo afraid of everyone that moves, and clearly violates the 4th amendment. That why it protect the police and keeps our 4th amendments intact. Just a thought.
So, all a cop has to do is “Claim” they saw someone lean or reach over and they can do a warrantless search. Nice to know we are safe from accusations. Even if the claim had been true, they could have asked him to step out for their safety. Confirmed he was unarmed and then proceeded with stop as normal. Instead you have 4 cops for a random for a traffic stop? Four? And one immediately opens the car and starts searching rather than a cursory visual inspection from outside that would be more than enough to verify if a weapon was present. This was intentional instigation. On top of that the woman couldn’t even read the insurance right, or was lying in order to enter and search the car again.
Ugh, so much ambiguity built into the law to protect police corruption. “I smell weed” “You leaned over” All subjective, requires no evidence, and leaves the door wide open for them to do what they want, regardless of actual observable facts.
This is what everyone is overlooking, he was stopped in a black neighborhood . that means those cops are doing the same thing every day all day to that community. Every black person that interacts with these cops are not criminals….and just imagine is this was at night.
Never in the history of “calm down/relax” has anyone ever calmed down nor relaxed 😂
When I first saw this and saw plain clothes officers all ready to go I knew it was a prejudged stop. They knew what they were trying to do.
Got to love it when officers assert their Authority and dominance to scare people into conforming. She could have easily said sorry and backed away but instead she wanted to justify her actions and fight with the person to assert dominance. What happened to the good old days when they told officers not to argue with people and just do their job???
I bet the “stay calm, relax” guy knew what they were doing was wrong, but wasn’t brave enough to stop it
Let’s get this straight as I hear this a lot from people being harassed by cops. They’ll say ‘In a hard working American with a job/ business. I pay my taxes’ etc. It does not matter if you are. It does not give your Rights any more juice than a unemployed homeless person.
I get what you’re doing by clearly breaking down the letter of the law, and it is often helpful. But It would really lend your channel a lot more credibility and popularity if you would point out how some case law and even supreme court rulings clearly fly in the face of the spirit of the constitution and are outright tyrannical in nature. Any excuse to search a person’s vehicle without a warrant are plain examples of this. The idea that officers safety outweighs the safety of the citizenry is itself a crime. Do better man.
Seems like the courts rule to give the impression of freedom’s while leaving enough loopholes so the police can act with impunity. You act like the police know the law, whereas I feel they know that they can do whatever and will find a law/create a reason to back them up later.
The female officer searched his vehicle not on direct suspicion of a crime having been committed but instead trying to see if a crime has been committed. Shame on these cops and I hope the lawsuit is fat.
All those exceptions… The biggest danger for the constritution is the supreme court
When he said “You want to see what I was leaning over to get… it was my phone!” he was only repeating the words the cop used, not admitting it himself. He follows it up with “it’s on me.” Meaning it was in his pocket and not on the passenger side, where they claim “he may be trying to hide something.”

Because I’m white in a black neighborhood” this actually happened to me and the cop pretty much admitted to it outright during the stop. In 2016, my aunt was working for a company called Niantic and she convinced me and my mom to check out Pokemon Go. I kind of got into playing it for awhile😂 there was this website that showed where rare Pokemon spawns were and a rare Pokemon was spawning a few miles from my house in a city called Inkster. So I drove to the area and was trying to find the Pokemon. I was driving slowly down a rough street, where the stupid Pokemon should have been but it didn’t spawn so I drove around the block

As I was driving, I got pulled over. It was daytime, but the cop claimed he pulled me over because the license plate light on my SUV was out(which, it was my mom’s car and I didn’t even know she had one, my car didn’t. It isn’t a requirement to have) He asked me to step out of my vehicle and offered to show me what he was talking about and then asked if I minded if his partner “took a look around in the car”

I was naive, dumb and terrified. I thought if I said no they would suspect I was doing something wrong or hiding something so I said sure. We got to the back of the car by the license plate and I remembered the car was off so he couldn’t show me the light. He began asking me who I knew in this area, which house I was going to, I said I did know someone who lived like a half mile down but I wasn’t going to anyone’s house and explained that I was looking for a Pokemon and he said “Oh that explains why you were looking at your phone when you stopped on the street back there” He told me this was a bad neighborhood, that I didn’t “exactly look” like I “should be here” and he made it very clear that they thought I was here to buy drugs. As if that is the only reason I would possibly be in a predominantly black neighborhood 😤

Once they finished casually poking around in my car, they told me to start the car and they go “oh look at that, your license plate light is working again, you don’t need to worry about getting it fixed”. I was baffled. They lied to pull me over. When I was a teenager my boyfriend’s cars brake lights were shorting out apparently, we got pulled over and the cop just let us know that our brake light was out but when we went over the railroad tracks, it turned back on and that it was probably a wiring issue and gave us a fix it ticket. These cops were telling me I didn’t need to worry about the fact that the light was magically working again. It was all very weird

Love how AFTER violating this guys rights they keep saying ‘relax’ and ‘calm down’…
99% off drivers have their insurance and registration in their glove box. So anyone who reaches for that stuff before the cop walks to the car gives the cops reasonable suspicion to search the car I guess
>> Good point. It’s probably better to wait until the cop asks for the documents before reaching for them. Except that Philando Castile was shot and killed because he reached into his back pocket to get his wallet. And the cop who killed him was found not guilty by a jury.
>>  @Jon Stone  ANNNND he only reached because the officer told him to give him ID… as a PASSENGER… who previously VOLUNTEERED that he was legally carrying a concealed weapon! If someone takes the initiative to tell you they’re carrying, and afterwards you request ID, it was 100% YOUR responsibility to instruct them how to provide it in such a manner to allay your fears of them drawing their weapon.

>> That’s why I keep my registration and insurance in my driver side visor

>> Truth is if your black than almost anything you do puts fear in the cops minds. And the most dangerous thing you can do is challenge a cop and hurt their ego.

Not really sure how an “officer safety” search can be valid…ever. Once they removed him from the car and patted him down, any weapon he had in the vehicle is no longer accessible.
Regardless of if they had reason to be suspicious of him, they still continue to blame him for the incident and tell him to calm down, rather than just admit their suspicions were wrong.
People gotta remember that there is a law called deprivation of rights on the color of law. It is a federal crime for any person who can utilize the law to deprive you of your rights while under that color of law. A violation of your rises also a deprivation of your rights. This is punishd between one and 10 years and a federal prison. If a life is lost during the deprivation of rights then the death penalty can automatically be on the table at the federal level. You have to file these charge with the feder yourself. It is time we start filed these charges with every single deprivation of your rights. Also when I please have some breaks the law starting system the weapons related charges are also included. Because the more they broke the law there in Alanna protected by the law or at least should not be which means, their possession of firearms while committing crimes! It’s time we start holding them to a higher level. Nobody’s expecting them to be perfect and above reprieve. But knowledgeable of the law respectful and professional, hell yes!


However when the officer asked him to get out and he willingly complied, they lost all right to enter the vehicle. Since he’s now outside the vehicle, there’s no reasonable assumption for him to be able to reach the supposed weapon they thought he was hiding. Therefore they have mitigated officer safety by removing him from the vehicle instead.
I believe the fact that not even one of the four officers showed up for the court date says about all we need to know about their case and how well it would stand up against questions in court.
My lawyer is filling a motion to suppress as I type. I was never charged with the reason for the stop (Invalid plate). Because they were valid. The DMV even sent me a certified document agreeing with me. Pulled over in 2018 Document received in 2020 Motion filled in 2022 30 court dates 1 public defender quit because he didn’t want to file the motion! If I had money for a real lawyer this would be history. If you’re still reading this ..my charges are driving without a license and possession of paraphernalia (pot pipe) In my defense….you can’t get fruit from the poisonous tree. In the last 4 years I’ve learned a lot from videos and if I could do it again I’d ask for a supervisor and have them run my plates, then I could have caught the officer lying on the spot! I was on probation and a registered co-owner of the car. Yet the cop said no name was associated to the plates. And yet here I am 4 years later with the DMV ( a State entity) saying the plates were legal, trying to defend myself from the State. Morale of the story….if you want things done and you have a public defender…you must do them yourself. They won’t defend you, all they will do is represent you.
Did u know that it even turned out that their reason for the stop “the seatbelt” wasn’t even valid and this was based on where the cop was at the junction as dpn passed him because there was no way he would have been able to see his seatbelt from the passenger side window as he passed the crossroad where the cop was stopped at the traffic lights to his right! THATS probably the reason they didn’t turn up in court, because they knew the stop was bullshit in the first place! 🤬🤬🤬🤬
.. He’d been a black man he’d already be in handcuffs
.. They really thought they could mess with him until he said Terry v Ohio. Their whole demeanor changed after that most holy of prayers
>> Sad that you need to be a lawyer to keep cops off your rights. But still the best way should be to just remain silent and file a complaint/go to court later instead of resisting in any way beyond expressing your disagreement.
 @Dr. Topgun  unfortunately not a lot of people have the time/finances to challenge this kind of thing in court without completely ruining their lives
 @Shawn Moses  Oh ok, but how is it exactly in the US? Where I live, if you win in court you get back all your expenses. Plus you can have an insurrance for legal expenses too, which covers all possible costs. But I figured thats not popular in the US…
“Officer safety”, that is the most obscene excuses used to justify illegal searches and detainments by LEOs.
Clearly an extremely controversial search of that man’s vehicle, over an alleged seatbelt violation. I’m a retired police officer and before I search someone’s vehicle, certain parameters need to have been met. What these officers did was uncalled for, unprofessional and likely illegal. The officers, based on the number of them and how they were dressed, seemed to have been on a fishing expedition that went horribly wrong for them.
I guess all vehicles can be searched when drivers lean over to get their documents out of the glovebox.
I didn’t know that driving while white was a thing. I guarantee this guy was not pulled over for a seatbelt violation. I also guarantee that the cops wish in retrospect that theyhad taken a pass on playing with this guy. He was a handful for sure.
Almost all the cops I have come across, have that air of entitlement. As if, we are cattle and they are the royalty, and has in good graces, let us “work” there… It’s not like it’s the other way around. No wonder, why a few just loose their marbles and end up blasting these people sometimes. I just hope, when that thing happens, none of the good ones get caught in that sh!t storm!
I love how they say that they are recording… yet their recordings go missing or they are muted or they are not uploaded. When will these stupid ass LEOs start behaving smarter than a 5th grader???
officer safety” is like “national securityit just means whatever they want it to mean. may gain control of weapons? he was literally driving a possible weapon.
Imagine citizens being able to commit a crime under the guise of citizen safety
One of the biggest problems with modern law enforcement is that hyperbolic emphasis on officer safety– which is a valid concern that auditers all too often dismiss out of hand– conflicts with the orthogonal goal of community relations. Yes, incidents like the Newhall shooting do happen, and it is important for officer training to focus on vigilance. However the pendulum has swung too far from officer friendly to soldier cop for my taste.
Every time an otherwise law abiding citizen has a negative interaction with an officer, he or she becomes that much less likely to trust and cooperate with law enforcement in the future. And that greatly harms the relationship between citizen and officer that our political and law enforcement culture is supposed to be based on.
I have to disagree with the finding of the PD. They get an F for all the reasons stated in the video, but for also failing to ensure the capture or protection of the two officers’ worn bodycamera footage. These cameras are there for the purpose of keeping an honest, unbiased record of the events, so when 50% of those responding fail to produce/protect said video evidence, it is a clear dereliction of their duty, OR a gross indication of their department, one willing to do what it takes to avoid public scrutiny. Any organization whose success record is tied directly to the collection of evidence that also has such flagrant disregard for video footage collection which may in fact exonerate their behaviour, for the simple reason that it MAY catch them acting poorly, should more than likely have the entire leadership removed, the officers retrained, and the staff sacked or transferred.
I’ve watched many Audit the Audit clips and noticed a common theme about the police interactions “…the officers missed a valuable opportunity…” Somehow during the course of doing their job; the police forgot about common decency and forgot about “to protect and serve.” This stop should have been, “wear your seat belt” followed by “have a nice day.” Instead 4 officers are involved.
It always amazes me when out of control cops tell people to relax.
How TF did you give the cops a C, after they purposely hid Incriminating evidence? There was a reason he only got 2 bodycam videos. There is always a reason… they always suppress the videos that makes cops look bad. Often it’s conversations between each other as they conspire to create a crime that didn’t exist. It is what they believe their job is.