Driver presents ID to police, but does not hand it over.

Traffic stops lead to fraught encounters with American law enforcement, which is why this stop between a LA County Sheriff and a local cop watcher is so illustrative of the power of turning the camera around on police. In this episode of the Police Accountability Report, we break down what happened and explore how the techniques used by cop watchers can actually prevent police from making questionable arrests.

Police sent 9 officers to this pretextual traffic stop because he wouldn’t hand over the identification and get out of the car when they escalated the scenario.

If it is righteous to drag a man out of his car when you allege he ran a red light, why do police actions change with introduction of a citizen’s camera.

A cop tried to keep him from recording a traffic stop, but now he’s fighting back to change the law

The battle over the right to record police is far from over. That’s because a case pending over a routine traffic stop in Lakewood, Colorado, where police interfered with a citizen journalist recording, could have a huge impact on a controversial legal precedent which shields cops from legal liability.

End Qulified Immunity Protections, & Civil Asset Forfeiture. Hold Cops Accountable.

Cops who break the law must be held accountable for their illegal actions !!!

This is also why you need to tell the cop that he is about to violate your rights and will lose his qualified immunity. Otherwise he can claim he didn’t know that law or right and use the qualified immunity as a defense.

Get it right in your heads people. “To protect and serve” means themselves.

Qualified immunity isn’t a matter that will be addressed by police reform. It’s part of the holding accountable of elected officials.

If cops didn’t break the law. These people who record them would not need to record the cops

In “this day and age…” Why do cops NOT know the law?

That cop who try to obstruct them from recording definitely has more issues under the radar and he’s a ticking bomb.

this is America cops should lose their pensions three strikes and they’re out!!😎

That would be three justice systems.
One for police, one for the wealthy, one for the rest of us.

And PlEASE leave a comment for copwatcher Abade aka Liberty Freak, his law suit may become case law that protects your right to record the police! So make sure to give him some kindness and support as he will be turning himself into law enforcement and will be incarcerated for a few months. So this is your chance to share your thoughts with him before he goes inside. Thank you! -taya

What an incredible episode!!!​​ I especially love it when you break things down and illustrate clearly​ how our system has “run amuck” and been abused to undermine & sabotage itself.

“Qualified Impunity” is such a clever, creative and accurate play on words. I would love to see that term widely adopted because I would hope that this shift might become a catalyst for reform by bringing a better understanding of just how broken our system is; and how close we may be to losing our democracy itself! It is being attacked and undermined in so many ways right now from so many sides…

If ignorance of the law is no excuse for civilians ignorance of our rights should be no excuse for the law!

Since this video was from Colorado it would make sense to mention that, at the time of this report, a new police accountability law was about to go into effect. Since then several cops, notably Loveland PD, have been held accountable with this law. As for my opinion I would like to say, no one has done more to end qualified immunity than corrupt cops all over the US.

If cleaning up neighborhoods changes the culture by changing the way people feel, then cities have an interest in leaving them neglected to justify dumping more money into police presence. It’s business as usual.

There are three types of versions of laws, the one for the poor aka the “criminal class” and then the one for government officials/LEOs, and finally the one for the elites/the rich who line the pockets of said govt officials & LEOs

I think we now know why the police are no longer required to learn the law before claiming to “enforce the law”.
Not knowing the law lets the police officers claim “I didn’t know the law” and the courts say it was an “honest mistake” and let them off with a warning to do better.

Oh and…….”qualified immunity” sounds like a “Jim Crow” law. It’s sickening that such a perversion of our Constitutional Rights is allowed!

Something to keep in mind. Until privatized, for profit, publicly traded prisons are done away with none of this tyranny will end.

I’ve always said that one of the main goals of 1st Amendment auditor’s is to remove the sovereign from the state 👍💯👍

Driver: I’m just defending myself here. You really have nothing to fear from me. I’m not out to get you. So can you kindly just cite or warn me and we can go on our way?

Wait, qualified immunity gets it’s power by proving that the law enforcement officer was ignorant of the law? Make it make sense somebody please.

A cop tried to arrest him for wearing a hoodie, but that’s not where the harassment ended

Aaron Reinas was just blocks from his home when a San Bernardino, California, sheriff accosted and accused him of burglarizing cars. What happened next reveals the dangers of unchecked police power and the dire consequences individual citizens can face for standing up for their rights. PAR investigates Reinas’s questionable arrest and why police often ignore the law in pursuit of phantom crimes.

Local officer under fire over video showing confrontation with black man at restaurant | WPXI

A Vandergrift police officer is under fire for a video that shows him confronting a black man and not telling him why. Marcus Townsend, the man who was confronted by the officer Saturday morning inside G & G Restaurant, said he believes he was racially profiled. Read more HERE:

Imagine for a moment a time when cell phone cameras didn’t exist and it was the cop’s word versus your own?

This proves that cops can lie for personal convineience without reproach.

Glad to know he’s welcomed there any time. They did a great job of standing up for him while the police was there harassing him for over an hour.

We’re trying to teach our kids not to be bullies but yet the people who are supposed to protect us or the biggest bullies of all

” Management wants you to leave.”

Officer Wm. Moore is a very dangerous officer. Knowing he is being recorded and still acting this way illustrates he does not care about repercussions. No compass. BUT, if the victim does not sue, none of this will matter and it will continue.


“Your dog shouldn’t be here.”
Dog leaves.
“Actually I’m here for you, I suspect you might be a criminal.”
Has no criminal record.
“But actually I was called by the manager to kick you out.”
Manager welcomes back a paying customer.


“We’ve asked for a response and have yet to hear back” is media shorthand for “they know they done royally fucked up.”
They try to bully you into defending yourself then you’re resisting
UPDATE: The police chief stated this officer did nothing criminal, and any discipline would be handled internally. Figures.
Do you notice how the Police always call in more thugs when the citizens legally refuses to answer their questions. They always have to escalate!
Man: “What did I do sir?”
Officer: “You do”
Just think, this is ONE time where it was documented. Imagine how many times this happens with no recordings.
You know the manager did call the cops on him because of the dog . Of course he is going to take a picture with the customer . He must of realized his business was gonna go viral in a bad way if he didn’t switch up sides quik lmao. The manager started the whole thing by calling the police period .
I personally know the Manager and Ownership of G&G Restaurant, and I can assure you that they are not, and have never supported bigotry or racial discrimination. My race has never factored into, nor become a topic for any discussion. Please do not let the actions of that particular Officer damage the business in any way. Thanks.
You guys should request an investigation of that officer and I bet there will be more misconduct on his record
Can you imagine how brazen you would have to be to act this way while being recorded, as a cop, in this age? it Just goes to show you how they really do need to have their enthusiastic hubris taken down a few hundred notches. The first thing on your mind, as a cop, should be protecting and serving ALL the innocent, NOT throwing weight around and serving your ego.

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