Cop Tries Every Trick In The Book – Fails

What always gets me is that when cops do their “investigations” they never interview the person who made the call to get the details. Instead, the suspect of the call has to prove their innocence. It should be the other way around. That those who assert must prove.
Its gotta be hard being a cop. Responding to a call and dealing with a citizen who knows their rights definitely doesnt make their job easy. I blame this all on the lady who called the cops. Smh
The sad part is that even though the cop was shut down in that situation, he probably went and took out his frustration on the next innocent civilian.
This happens when nobody challenges the police when asked to identify themselves. So when someone who knows their rights comes along, their egos get hurt.
This sounded like a police academy practice stop. The kid was his Sargent telling him the mistakes he keeps making. Hilarious
All the cop needed to do was say, “Do you mind staying here while I talk to the woman that called 911?”
Often starts with a damn karen wielding her power of the police.
Shame, I thought the officer was reasonable. He should have given the lady a hard time for calling him out there for nothing. Then asked cm if he wanted to press charges.
These Karen’s need to be charged everytime they call the cops for nothing instead of trying to trample on an innocent persons rights on behalf of their own satisfaction and emboldened by the Karen’s that encourage it.
Dispatchers really need to start qualifying these calls. Simply asking if the person was on public property should have prevented an officer being dispatched and everybody’s time being wasted.
“You’re illegally detaining me you clown.” Pure gold.
This is one of the better “educational” stops. Still, I think calling people names is uneccessary, especially when you know you are in the right. Leave the confrontation to other people. “You clown, I pay taxes, you are dismissed” is a little petty, although I understand where it is coming from; the harrassment is real. Otherwise, great video.
The cop is a human too. I don’t think he deserved to be berated. He needs to take calls seriously, he shouldn’t be punished for it.
Private Citizen “Are you going to go get your puppy” Cop “I’m not going to get my puppy” the fact the officer also called it a puppy also just so freakin hilarious!
“I’m calling in a welfare check on you”… this Karen knows all the secret police euphemisms. Kinda shows she knew exactly that there was no reason for her to call the cops but did so anyway. This kind of behaviour will only go away if police start to prosecute people who phone in fake complaints.
Honestly, this cop seems like a confused nice man. That being said, this was unlawful unreasonable questioning.
Law enforcement is a national embarrassment at this point. Do any of them know the actual law?
I love how the cop abandoned his whole “I smell an odor” charade almost immediately when CM called his bluff and requested the puppy. Pretty obvious it was a failed intimidation tactic, and I believe the cop was presenting it as such, as they both knew there was no “odor”.
What we need to do is start making a Facebook page with these right violating officers on it so Americans can see the guilty parties just like they do with citizens that get arrested.What’s fair is fair. It will make cops think twice before violating people’s rights or behaving inappropriate.
Can we talk about how this Karen was FULLY expecting to win here by calling law enforcement? I wonder at which point during the cop’s embarrassment that she decided to go back inside. Lol
It would be great if people who are knowledgeable of the Law in Australia to do what people in America are doing trying to defend their rights the laws here in Australia are a joke and changeable to the police at anytime without notice and they’re always right keep it up 🇦🇺👍👋
Honestly this went better than most encounters like this go. The police officer may have gotten butthurt but at least he didn’t go above and beyond to make this guys day even worse like some cops that encounter this do.
These types of interactions are the reason why police officers and citizens detest each other so much. The officer was not respecting a citizen’s rights and the citizen was being difficult to communicate with. Throughout the interaction, the civilian was constantly interrupting, talking over and being condescending to the officer. So many comments are about the ‘go get your puppy’ or the other comments made by the citizen which all show how the citizen tried to escalate the situation by being patronizing and aggravating. Even though the they were intruding on the rights of a citizen, I commend the officer for keeping calm. Pinning a hate comment shows that the poster of the video does not mind spreading anger at police officers. While some distrust and resentment is understandable, being an enabler for hate comments is something I do not support and an unsubscribing because of this. I imagine some of my law school buddies will as well once I show them this video.

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If a cop told me “I’m smelling an odor coming from your car.” I would say “ya, I just farted, do you like it?”
he was really pushin his buttons in the best way 😂😂 that cop’s day was definitely ruined. everyone he pulled over got a ticket that day
And it could have all been avsided by Jim just saying “Oh yeah I’m just waiting for my coworker to work on that house over there” being this hostile to any question cannot be good for you..
I’ve always been fascinated by the statement, “I’m conducting an investigation.” The simplest answer is: “I’m not required to assist you with your investigation nor am I required to aid you in incriminating myself.” Beyond that…I don’t answer questions.