Police Insist that Black Man prove he owns his store

Ignorant cops harass a black man for owning and working in his store.

If that d—- cop really knew everyone in the neighborhood of shops, then he would have known the owner, and stopped by and said “Hey, Yema, how are you?. Looks like you and your team working late? If you guys need an escort to your car when you are finished tonight, call my cell and we will be happy to provide escort(s) to your car(s), and if you need to make a bank drop or anything else, we can provide escorts there as well for your safety. Have a great night.” That is what beat cops do when they know their neighborhoods.


Black man: This is my store.
Cop: We don’t believe you.
Black man: Because of my race?
Cop: Race has nothing to do with it!
Random white man: That’s his store.
Cop: Thank you, sir, that’s all we need.


I worked with a team that would work overnight processing paperwork and moving office equipment… We always had the lights on moving things and We were not employees we worked for an outside company… We were all white women… The one time the cops stopped by… They asked us what we were doing we told them we worked for a office paperwork processing and moving company and that was the end of it… We had badges but we were never asked for them… And we did have the keys… But weren’t asked for them either… So it really isn’t all that unusual to have people in a store overnight… And why would people who aren’t supposed to be there have all the lights on?…


Cop said 01:00 am in the morning, clock on his body cam 08:09, go figure.


marin county lost a segregation lawsuit like 2 years ago…


This video is such bs if they where white they would have not even stoped and the fact that some random person told the cops told them it’s his store


Would thieves just hang around the counter with all of the lights on after robbing a store?
That cop even said it himself they are hired to protect PROPERTY and not your rights let alone help anyone.
Why were the cops interrogating them in the first place? Look at the situation, there are lights on, there are 3 people casually chatting in the store, there are no broken windows. What exactly are these people doing that the police need to be concerned about? Nothing, other then existing while black.
And if the Cops don’t check his store, then it’s because the owner is black and they don’t care?
He would never take that stance if he knew he didn’t have Immunity!
So how about this? The cops show up at your door I the middle of tbe night are you going to run around and look for your deed or lease and identification ? Doubt it
 @Jonathan Strange  – Here is the thing, police officers can only act on what is called reasonable articulable suspicion. They need some sort of evidence that a crime has been committed, is about to be committed, or is being committed. The courts have been very clear on what defines R.A.S. Being in a store after hours, by itself, is not RAS. They need to appear to be involved in criminal behaviour. Nothing in the video that the officers observed can legally be construed as reasonable articulable suspicion. Under the law, including the constitution, we are protected from unreasonable searches and seizures, including unreasonable stops or detainments. As the law currently stands, these officers had no legal right to interrogate this officer, and ask for ID. As such, the store owner was within his legal rights to refuse to ID. A cop has to have evidence: a broken door jamb, hurriedly taking things from the store, or running when the police arrive. From a constitutional stand point, there was no RAS, and thus the store owner had no legal obligation to cooperate. Just because you would give up your constitutional rights, and support these officers in breaking the law, does not mean others should follow suit.
Thank you ​ @Wayne Feller  for that clear and concise explanation. If that’s the law and the lay of the land – I guess I can’t argue. Thanks for taking the time to explain it.
 @Jonathan Strange  – Not a problem at all. In order to protect our rights, we must know and exercise them, even when it is against those we employ to protect them. No one is above the law, not even the police. And as such, they must be held accountable when the overstep said laws.
If the cops were Trained and Knew their patrol area they would have KNOWN he was the owner of the store. They acted like they “really wanted to Protect and Serve the Living Shit” out of the owner!
So uhm whats the white guy doing in another store 1 am in the morning? I didn’t hear them asking him that.
fyi. tiburon is super rich and white
How is this racist? Every store in that entire mall is closed. Why would he have a problem proving he owns it out of business hours in the middle of the night? If I owned a neighboring store that’s exactly what I’d expect at that hour.
because the context of who is inside. looks like a family. a dude, girl and younger person. No broken glass. no alarms. lights are all on. …. only difference is their skin color. The cop escalated the situation and were not believing the guy. OH Hey is everything ok in here? yeah. ok.
Do you really want to live in a place where people with guns can demand to see your papers at any time?
 @zoupfindaway  if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. Gobals,
Think about it this way though. Imagine you go through this sort of thing EVERY SINGLE DAY. You’d lose your patience.
one time i’m actually siding with the cops, the store owner was being very uncooperative and unreasonable.
Why weren’t they harassing the white guy in His store at 1am on the street that closes at 9pm? If what they said was true they should have walked across the street and demanded the white business owner put HIS keys in the door to prove he works there too.
Show me your papers is not a lawful order in California and is a touchy area for people of color. Also cop was dangerously leaning to guilty until proven innocent in this clip
Do these PIGS think someone robbing a store would put the inside lights on to call attention to themselves? They lack common sense. “People aren’t usually in a store overnight…” is also a bullshit observation. When the hell is restock being done? Unloading the delivery truck? If the store is a restaurant there’s cleanup and prep for the next day.
I would have asked them to prove that they are actually cops and not people just dressed like cops trying to rob my store..
All the lights were on 🤦‍♀️How many robbers do that?
Yea like there’s not an alarm or something
Two sides to this story. How does the store owner PROVE he owns the store? Any key he uses could have been stolen. On the flip side, like the cop asked, what if on another night three other people were in the store (after closing) and they too said they owned the store?? And they had a stolen key. Wouldn’t the owner want the police to investigate? Not really sure what the best way to handle this situation is.
Ya sorry but all i saw was officers making sure everything was safe and the owner making a big deal out of it. I like this channel but try not to make news where it isn’t.
Pretty obvious that they weren’t thieves
Easy pull up outside and just watch for a little, you can tell if they’re working or stealing, no need to go start shit with people who aren’t wearing mask, no alarm going off and the door isn’t broken
Anybody got any hot takes on why that cop walked away saying “that’s all I needed to hear” when the white neighbour yelled across the street to them that it was in fact his store. Why is the owner’s heresay less valuable then the neighbour across the street? But no, this has nothing to do with race. Not everything is about race, well guess what. Some things actually are and it’s so deepseeded it gets missed by the masses
All the training…all the exercises….and admitting you are wrong isn’t included in any of that…
That’s the problem, isn’t it? Somehow, to an officer, knowing your rights is being “difficult” and “argumentative”. If they can’t handle the job, they shouldn’t be doing the job.
Ya, the cop doesn’t have to put up with. A cop can easily acknowledge the rights of citizens and not escalate. It’s because they have egos.
I WOULD EXPECT POLICEWORK, if the officers believed this store was broken into, they could have looked for broken glass, busted locks, back doors, any sign of forced entry. Checked for alarms or calls. They could have also tried to find out who the owner is. Aggressively persecuting people who may or may not be law abiding should be the last step. Justice is about avoiding punishing the innocent wherever possible. Responding to hostility with hostility is not what I expect of a representative of the state and is very shameful.
Because in police eyes and their culture they believe that Black people can’t own shit.
I believe America is a racist country and COPS should be considered racist until proven otherwise but I didn’t have a problem with this one, I believe that was reasonable at 1 am police to check who and what they do there
“You have to tell me why you’re here”, wow that is very authoritarian. And he thought he was entitled to an answer. No alarm, no report of a burglary, nothing. Just show me your papers.
Sir I just saw your driving this nice Mercedes-Benz, can you prove to me it’s yours?” Um FOR WHAT? Citizens don’t have to prove a place or piece of property is theirs to police officers UNLESS there’s criminal activity taking place at that establishment right then.
This ones pretty simple, was there a crime being committed? Well there could be right? No, that doesn’t do it. I walked through a grocery store yesterday, should I be bothered about stealing from it because I was there? However, they weren’t suspicious of the 1 am black people, they were suspicious of the 1am people. I’m an old white dude, I get treated like shit through life and I can’t say those people did it because I was white.
This one is not as cut and dry as Rebel HQ wants it to be. I hate the cops. Still what just happened is their job. See something out of the ordinary and check it out. If cops see people – of any race – inside a closed place of business, they should investigate. Like I said, LITERALLY, that is their job.
If the black guys in store had been a few cute blond chicks then I imagine there would be no gracious cop check-in. Well…not for the same reason anyway 😉
Supervisor leaves after another white person confirms, but the officer still wants the owner to put the key in! And these people have badges? Comical
Let’s be honest here the store owner could have saved everyone’s time by just proving he was the store owner. None of this I’m black stuff that’s why you’re being harassed. I mean if people were in a store at 1am then I would be suspicious. Doesn’t matter which country you’re from. Bravo to the cops. The black guy causing a mountain out of a mole hill
im sure if they came to your house you would have no problem having to “prove”its your house to be in it right?
Yeah he could’ve easily proven it I’m sure. He could’ve brought the deed out, he could’ve googled the owner, he could’ve done all that and this would’ve been over quicker, but having said that, I don’t think he should have to do that in the very first place. I don’t buy into the idea that we should just allow police to demand you showing them that a piece of property is yours
This cop knew damn good and well it was this mans store! He just wanted to exert his authority by getting the store owner to submit to his demands.
This cop knew damn good and well it was this mans store! He just wanted to exert his authority by getting the store owner to submit to his demands.
The name of the shop is YEMA and there is an orange giraffe sticker on the door. Now I’m not a highly paid detective but maybe this store has a connection to Africa ? Stupid cops are everywhere and mixed in is a high dose of racism (by the way racism is an indicator of low intelligence). God help us. There is no situation that cannot be made much worse by the arrival of substandard police in the US.
On April 22, 2022, these store owners received a $150,000 settlement for being harassed & will sit on a police advisory council for Tiburon, California.
Why do I feel like if the owner had put his key in the lock the next question out of the cops mouth would have “So where did you get that key?”
I don’t know how the store is built but sometimes families run a whole store together and they might actually live in the store right? 🤔
How come, when a ‘white guy’ acts like an asshole; “He’s strong, tough and fearless like a tiger/lion.” But when a black guy does the same: “He’s an uppity, ungrateful, [insert animal]?”
TYT has gone from fringe reporting to news-making race-baiting for clicks. Racial injustice still happens and is appalling, not arguing that….but this is not an example of it.