Officer does not have a single articulable fact that this man committed a crime!

First of all the cop should of told the “victim” to stick around. Which he obviously didn’t, whether because ignorance, which is likely! He just gave up his investigation! No victim, no sworn statement, just heresay!!

“I’m being illegally detained.”
“I understand that.”

There goes qualified immunity. They cannot claim qualified immunity of they are AWARE they are acting unConstitutionally.

It’s sad that police thinks what someone said is proof of a crime. Someone’s call with no evidence of a crime committed, is just someone saying something. The stupidity in law enforcement is way out of hand.

The insecurities of police officers become obvious when you go silent. They have no idea what to do 🤣.

No witness. No crime. All here say, Yet detained and threatened with arrest for no ID

This is a really good example of “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

So asking an inappropriate question is a crime and reason for detainment? And the person who complained about it isn’t even on scene anymore?! Wow.

How can you be conducting an investigation when the initiator of the “investigation” is not available and has not been identified for follow-up?

Code 3 for a guy asking “inappropriate questions” to an adult? Whether he asked “for head” or asked “where’s the head?”, neither of those things are crimes. I’m pretty sure you can ask someone for head. If you badger them and follow them, repeatedly asking for sex, that could be stalking in NJ, or disorderly conduct elsewhere, but that is not what is alleged. The allegation was really for a non-crime, so for sure no RAS for detainment. One disturbing part is how long it took for the officer to even ADMIT that he was detaining him. He really tried hard to avoid that simple legal question.

” Sir, shall we give officers training in the law it will cost $10,000 per candidate?”
” NO WAY! Give them qualified immunity instead!”

Either way you have the right to see who your accuser is. If somebody wants to make accusations you need to stick around.

Another officer detaining someone based on “hearsay”

The officer on scene could have used his training to know that there was NOTHING to investigate. The only witness left the scene.
The cop’s definition of “Investigate” is to have a supervisor come and review the details.

Supervisor: “he can wait.”
It’s not like he doesn’t have a life, or his time doesn’t matter. That’s messed up.

seemed like the LT was kind-of upset he let the “witness” walk away LMAO

“Where’s the head” is the same as “where’s the restroom,” especially if one has served in the military. So even if he said that, there is nothing inappropriate about it.

Looks like to me when that lieutenant showed up and heard what the officer explained happened, she probably thought this is a bunch of crap let this guy go before we get sued. I noticed she looked right at the man said do you want to go, he said yes, she said goodbye. The lieutenant ended this situation in about 30 seconds, I think the other officer was looking for something to get this guy on or he just flat out didn’t know how to do his job.

FFS He was free to go as soon as he said “I asked where the head was (the bathroom)”, the stupid deputy admitted that it was misunderstood.