This Police Logic Is So Bad…

This is why EVERY single public servant w qualified immunity should be required to wear a body cam for the entirety of their shift and while acting in their official capacity off duty.


my first immediate question — does this officer know the name of the wrong-way driver? if not, how will getting their i.d.s help him?


The sheriff is Way too old, and has gotten away with murder his whole career.


This sheriff had a coffee cup that appears to have been coffee, worms, and stupid this morning. He also is under the influence of ID intoxication.


How would their ID help him determining that they were driving the van in question?
Does he have the identification of the driver that they are after???


The statute is not surprisingly missing the standard established by the 4th amendment. Based on what I read in that statute a cop could pull anyone over without a valid reason and demand a driver’s license.


“we didn’t break any law” Sheriff: “”I KNOW THAT, but on the other hand… I can legally ask for an ID” 🤦 ADMITS to no crime


Know your rights folks. Some of these out in the country cops are lonely.


He may have been a good cop at one time but after so many years he is convinced that HE IS THE LAW AND CAN MAKE UP THE RULES AS HE SEES FIT! ……………………sad


I love how he’s using this unfolding incident as an example to validate the education that he’s already provided to his children. This is how I do it as well.


I hope you followed through and took his immunity and part of his pension.


The sad fact is, these seemingly minor violations of our rights are not minor at all. This should have resulted in a federal lawsuit just to force that crooked sheriff to go through a deposition where he’d be required to admit on the record that he had no PC to stop the van, and even less to then demand ID. But, the average citizen will never have the time/money to do it. Cops know this, so they willingly violate our rights.


That’s no sheriff.. that’s an I.D. zombie 💳🧟
It is appalling to hear citizens who have been treated with contempt and disdain say a fond and warm sendoff to public servants. It is infinitely more powerful to say nothing. “Thank you, have a nice day.” and “Yup, you too, sir. Take care.” are inappropriate.
HIs logic is clearly “I can do whatever I want because I’ll just lie about it at every turn and make it up as I go.” What a shame of an officer.
“ I just wanted to know where ya was headed”. None of your business! It amazes me that free people allow this intrusion into their lives to continue.
How does their ID tell them if they are the people driving the van he is looking for?
Problem IS. They all actually believe that they have a right to I D EVERYONE, so how does one fight tyranny?
I was going to mention this my sister when she was younger cops used to pull her over and ask for her ID the reason being was because they wanted to find out the address they were right by my house they even try to date my sister but she never dated any one of them that’s what a lot of cops do these days they stop women pretty women just to get their ID an address
How long has he been doing this?
How did he know it was the wrong van by just looking at her ID?
This has happened too many times to me in Texas this is why I only go freeways now when I travel through
I think u r guilty ! Show me ur papers ! Respect mah athoritee!!!
Old Sheriff thinks HE is the law.
Ah the ol magical ID trick. The piece of plastic that cures all police investigations, fetishes, and amusements.
This is a bad case of big fish in a small pond mentality. Hes da sheriff! I hate qualified immunity so much.