Officer Straight Up Lies To Detain Citizen

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Officer Syder should be charged with falsifying a police report, a felony.
“Why’d you flip me off?”
“You’re about to demonstrate why, sir.”
When that cop said “You failed to identify yourself to me!”, my jaw dropped just as much as the auditors.
That senior officer just said “It’s not really against the law to flip off the police like it should be” LOL these guys are on some major power trips.
when he says “I’ll falsify ev…” that was what’s called a frauden slip, he was deliberately falsifying evidence and got caught up in his cognitive dissonance. 6:52
This officers behavior is exactly why there is no respect for law enforcement.
His wife should have said she felt like she would be arrested if she argued with him. She only agreed with the officer out of fear and intimidation.
“And Baby Smith gets an A+ for remaining calm during this entire interaction, and exercising its Right to Remain Silent.”
“didn’t have any trouble with his wife or kid” I can see this mans feelings being hurt by the baby
The fact this officer knows he’s in the wrong and takes so many steps to justify his actions instead of just apologize is the definition of a true evil human being. This man should never be in any position of power over the life of another.
He knows he’s wrong; that’s why he’s begging for validation from every person he speaks with.
Imagine how much they lied before cell phone cameras.
I believe this officer is the reason they are called “pigs” sometimes. No offense to the intelligent and useful animals.
“It’s part of their job: To protect, to serve, and to commit perjury whenever it supports the state’s case.” -George Carlin.
That was wicked as hell to force his poor wife to identify him by threatening to take him to jail, leaving her and their child alone.
love how he mentions how he didnt have any issues with his toddler LMFAO
I always love the “You can record, I am recording you too”. I don’t need their permission but they have to feel like they are in control.
The officer lied. The supervisors are uninformed. The wife didn’t know her rights. This was disgusting.
An officer lies to protect his bruised ego? Imagine my shock.
this cop is so agitated the whole time, he created a whole big situation out of nothing, just chasing a guy down the street, talking a mile a minute, constantly rubbing his hands together. If you’re that jittery and anxious you should not be a police officer. I wouldn’t trust this guy to cut grass
So the cop spends 2 seconds waving and “being nice”, then immediately does a 180 and is a total hostile asshole toward the citizen for 20 minutes in order to teach him about “being nice”. Is this ‘roid rage or what?
At least three cars respond to “guy hurt my feelings”. Another police department that is defiantly not underfunded.
Disorderly conduct is the biggest joke of a “crime”.
This cop’s body camera will be used to against him in court
>> Most times body cam won’t even be admitted to court they give you excuses why it cant be given or it just doesnt exist is what your told had it happen to many times.
>> Often edited to leave out anything critical to the LEO, or, as others point out, may be ‘lost’, classified, or ‘unavailable ‘.