Petty Officers try to Arrest Woman For Filming

It’s bad cops like these that puts targets on cops backs not law abiding citizens. Those cops would be doing the community a great service if they spent less time in the tattoo parlor and more time in the law library learning and understanding our rights


Even if you’re a pedestrian walking in a roadway, how does that possibly justify a search? What a f*cked up world we live in!


Listening to him trying to compare a house and a a Police station made my IQ drop 10 points


Once again police “need to know” who you are. Police for some reason have decided that they need to “know” who everyone is. What they forget is the PUBLIC sees it as INTRUSIVE behavior.


>I absolutely love how that cop genuinely, sincerely, didn’t understand why that woman doesn’t need to give her ID. A rare moment of honesty.


I love this woman!!! She isn’t scared of anything. I love to hear her talk!!


>The willingness to break the law trying to get what you want is amazing.


>He violated her rights. He at that point loses his qualified immunity.


Since the Floyd murder most states made things worse. Except for one state the police that violate the laws that they swore an oath to uphold are now indemnified (Held harmless.) Their employers pay the fine that in most states is capped at 2 million dollars. (The Floyd murder was 27 million.) One state has the bad cop pay a pittance while the department pays the rest. Bad cops still are not punished for violating rights. The civil rights committees (deck was stacked) were weighted heavily with retired or current judges and officers. This is how the wool was pulled over the eyes of the public when they, “Stripped Qualified Immunity.” Still there is no punishment for the bad cops. The departments get off cheaper with the money cap on awards. The victims were stripped of just compensation. Bad cops aren’t hurt, departments are hurt less, and the victim’s got the shorter end of the stick.


Wonderful work by this awesome individual. “This is how you earn the hate” what a perfect response to the intimidation effort.


I never realized how ill-prepared police are for a well informed citizenry!


It’s amazing that police still think they can ID you for any reason.




The dumb cop defeated his own case when he said, “you were walking on the sidewalk down there.” Yes, when a sidewalk was accessible, she used it. Case dismissed.


They tried so hard & came up with 2 different excuses on why they stopped her & STILL came up empty handed & HAD TO DO THE DRIVE OF SHAME<


I hope she sues but good luck finding a lawyer in Memphis that will stand up and protect her constitutional rights.


There’s a woman walking on the road where there is no sidewalk!”
Dispatch: “We’re sending 2 helicopters, 4 squad cars, and 2 dog units to your location!”
“Lock & Load Guys! We’ve got a live one!”

“I am god”
“you’re just a peon civilian”
“I am arresting you because I can”

Very Polite Auditor Dismisses Multiple Officers


“You know what, I made a mistake and you are right you can be here” said no cop ever. And they wonder why there is a disconnect.


She is 100% correct. The actual “checkpoint “ begins where an I.D. must be presented. Everything else is either a queue or an exit aisle-way. Those airport police just walking past without so much as a glance in her direction, let alone an apology, is proof positive of their immature egos.


It is so baffling to these types when people don’t comply with whatever they say. They truly think that if they say something, anything, everything, it must be met with compliance or you are just being difficult.
He “literally” was pulling stuff out of his A. “Those are cautionary signs.” WTF is that?
The second cop didn’t even speak to her. He just beckoned her to follow like she was a puppy. Both cops just stalked off without mentioning she was right, it was ok to do what she was doing. I admire her for keeping her cool while standing her ground.
It’s the “bully” playbook 101. They are so used to just telling people what to do and people blindly following their directives….that they blow a fuse when someone stands up to them….they just keep repeating themselves. That’s why people like this woman are often deemed “difficult” or “a problem”….They HATE the fact that some people actually realize most of what comes out of their mouths is fabricated.
Authority when lawfully and effectively challenged will take one of two directions One is very confused and walks away and Two become violent and force their will upon the person questioning their false authority.
“You are arguing semantics.” This is a complete miss use of the word. Semantics is the study of meaning, more specifically it is the study of how LANGUAGE gives proper meaning. So when an officer says, “you are arguing semantics” the reply might be “are you saying, the law doesn’t MEAN what it says.”
This is a perfect example of “Too many people, with nothing to do”!! A woman with a camera should not even be a problem.. They definitely need to cut about half of those jobs!!! I wonder if it’s tax funded!? Anyone know if they are private or publicly funded?
One cop says to the other “what, they’re not coming to back up our copsplainin’ BS?” “No, no one will back us up”. “Well what happened to the thin blue line, I really want to exert my authority on this little woman?” “I’m sorry George but apparently she has Rights” “Gosh Darn it Larry, I may just have to go home and push my wife around then” “Yeah, me too”
“That’s semantics…” How to demonstrate that you’re an idiot. She’s absolutely correct, in that semantics is important, because it deals with what we mean when we say a thing. An enormous amount of any work in philosophy and science is centred on defining terms. The only time it’s proper to dismiss an argument as semantic is when the argument centres around disagreement in what a word means. Once you’ve defined your terms, you get on to the interesting stuff. The proper semantic content of any discussion is to provide clarity.
Where the “checkpoint starts” is very similar to the 100 mile radius Customs has from the US border which basically covers 90% of the entire US population. Its ridiculous.
they never have the curtousy to say ‘sorry, we were wrong’ they just slink away like naughty school boys
I’m a TSA employee and she is correct. The TSA does allow people to take photos of the security checkpoint as long as they don’t interfere with the process. She’s In a publicly accessible area on the public side of the airport. As long as she’s not impeding people from leaving or trying to walk up the exit lane into a secure area without going through screening shes fine. I’ve counseled officers at my airport for confronting people about filming. We have a line marked where people are free to film as long as they dont go past that line and set the alarms off she’s fine. We have people filming quite often. Edit… The airport police officer is wrong. The screening process doesn’t start until you present yourself for screening. Handing your ID to the ticket checker.
I always wonder at what point do they realize “the shit aint happening”. Every officer is different in how they present their failure to perform the discharge of their duties(the majority of LEOs do this on a daily basis), so its interesting to see if they’re actually ignorant of the law, or they just think citizens are and they can get away with bullying people with lies and intimidation. I personally like to take an aggressive approach from the jump, because it tends to let the beta males masquerading as alphas know that their tactics are not going to work with me and their best bet is just to keep it moving. That way we can skip the 10 to 15 minutes of pointless dialogue where they try to convince me of their lies, and we can get right to them moving the fuck on or escalating and attempting to violate my rights.
Overstepping their authority, and they’re so used to nobody ever pushing back. Those days are quickly ending, every day more people are the victims of this type of abuse.
I love how it’s all directives and in her space until they get set straight and they can’t even look at her as they walk past..
There is a sign that indicates where the screening area is and a CLEARLY distinct transition between different types of flooring beginning exactly where the screening area is indicated to begin… Officer, just look down.
It’s funny how they never admit that they were wrong, just leave or walk away and try not to make eye contact or acknowledge the person at all.
How can you simultaneously be in the screening process AND being in the exit aisle? As far as I’m aware, the people exiting are not in the screening process.
Why won’t they just state the law if they thought she was breaking the law ?
It’s obviously apparent that the security checkpoint area would begin where the carpet ends. Airport police are notorious for overstepping their authority in the guise of national security.


We Arrest Journalists For Free Press, But That’s Not A Violation Of Free Press


This is the most dangerous kind. Feigning ignorance in an attempt to pacify, then becoming argumentative when challenged. Anyone who believes this officer is anything but disingenuous is an absolute Blow Pop.
This is the most dangerous kind. Feigning ignorance in an attempt to pacify, then becoming argumentative when challenged. Anyone who believes this officer is anything but disingenuous is an absolute Blow Pop.
The Sheriff’s STILL REFUSE to return Cache valley’s PHONE, sickening!!
LOL! “I’m not going to debate with you.” Instant fail. THAT is the sound of a cop who just got caught being ignorant,arrogant, wrong, and violating the Constitution.
This guy lies like crazy. He knows about releasing records, they just act stupid so they don’t have to release videos until the attorney General makes them. Then they Redact so much of it that it shows nothing. Then you are forced to start all over with the Attorney General. It’s like a dog chasing his tail. You just hardly ever get what you want even if you draw them a detailed picture.

Cops arrested him for filming a traffic stop, then the case went to court…

The efforts of cop watchers and First Amendment auditors to record police continues to be a controversial subject. Some use aggressive tactics that critics say go too far, others argue the country’s law-enforcement-industrial complex needs to be aggressively challenged to yield results. PAR examines the contours of this debate through the case of Denver cop watcher DJ Kdot the party. Dj Kdot was arrested by police in Aurora, Colorado, for allegedly interfering with an investigation while filming a traffic stop. What happened when the case went to trial reveals much about the state of cop watching today, the extent of our First Amendment protections, and the expansive reach of the US criminal justice system.

An Off-Duty Cop Pulled a Gun on Teen Waiting for a Bus, How Will the City Respond?

The nearly deadly encounter between an unarmed teen and an off-duty Baltimore police officer still haunts the family, but the recent controversy involving the city’s civilian review board may leave them with nowhere to turn

A cop tried to keep him from recording a traffic stop, but now he’s fighting back to change the law

The battle over the right to record police is far from over. That’s because a case pending over a routine traffic stop in Lakewood, Colorado, where police interfered with a citizen journalist recording, could have a huge impact on a controversial legal precedent which shields cops from legal liability.

End Qulified Immunity Protections, & Civil Asset Forfeiture. Hold Cops Accountable.

Cops who break the law must be held accountable for their illegal actions !!!

This is also why you need to tell the cop that he is about to violate your rights and will lose his qualified immunity. Otherwise he can claim he didn’t know that law or right and use the qualified immunity as a defense.

Get it right in your heads people. “To protect and serve” means themselves.

Qualified immunity isn’t a matter that will be addressed by police reform. It’s part of the holding accountable of elected officials.

If cops didn’t break the law. These people who record them would not need to record the cops

In “this day and age…” Why do cops NOT know the law?

That cop who try to obstruct them from recording definitely has more issues under the radar and he’s a ticking bomb.

this is America cops should lose their pensions three strikes and they’re out!!😎

That would be three justice systems.
One for police, one for the wealthy, one for the rest of us.

And PlEASE leave a comment for copwatcher Abade aka Liberty Freak, his law suit may become case law that protects your right to record the police! So make sure to give him some kindness and support as he will be turning himself into law enforcement and will be incarcerated for a few months. So this is your chance to share your thoughts with him before he goes inside. Thank you! -taya

What an incredible episode!!!​​ I especially love it when you break things down and illustrate clearly​ how our system has “run amuck” and been abused to undermine & sabotage itself.

“Qualified Impunity” is such a clever, creative and accurate play on words. I would love to see that term widely adopted because I would hope that this shift might become a catalyst for reform by bringing a better understanding of just how broken our system is; and how close we may be to losing our democracy itself! It is being attacked and undermined in so many ways right now from so many sides…

If ignorance of the law is no excuse for civilians ignorance of our rights should be no excuse for the law!

Since this video was from Colorado it would make sense to mention that, at the time of this report, a new police accountability law was about to go into effect. Since then several cops, notably Loveland PD, have been held accountable with this law. As for my opinion I would like to say, no one has done more to end qualified immunity than corrupt cops all over the US.

If cleaning up neighborhoods changes the culture by changing the way people feel, then cities have an interest in leaving them neglected to justify dumping more money into police presence. It’s business as usual.

There are three types of versions of laws, the one for the poor aka the “criminal class” and then the one for government officials/LEOs, and finally the one for the elites/the rich who line the pockets of said govt officials & LEOs

I think we now know why the police are no longer required to learn the law before claiming to “enforce the law”.
Not knowing the law lets the police officers claim “I didn’t know the law” and the courts say it was an “honest mistake” and let them off with a warning to do better.

Oh and…….”qualified immunity” sounds like a “Jim Crow” law. It’s sickening that such a perversion of our Constitutional Rights is allowed!

Something to keep in mind. Until privatized, for profit, publicly traded prisons are done away with none of this tyranny will end.

I’ve always said that one of the main goals of 1st Amendment auditor’s is to remove the sovereign from the state 👍💯👍

Driver: I’m just defending myself here. You really have nothing to fear from me. I’m not out to get you. So can you kindly just cite or warn me and we can go on our way?

Wait, qualified immunity gets it’s power by proving that the law enforcement officer was ignorant of the law? Make it make sense somebody please.

Officers Respond to Man holding a sign protesting the Governor

As a 32 year veteran Police Sergeant, I think your channel is outstanding!!! I plan on showing several of your videos to my Officers. Keep up the great work!!!

The two officers should be graded separately. The lady was pleasant, the guy was terrible, went as far as to accuse him of being on something.

I appreciate all of your content and agree whole heartily in free speech. With that being said, Mr Porter should in no way receive an A+ rating. His behavior towards the officers were unjust. In no way did they approach him negatively yet he continued to disrespect them. In my opinion, you definitely got this rating incorrect.

Dude was so over prepared for his confrontation with the police. He would have owned them so much better if he stayed calmer

“You could be arrested if someone thought your action are disorderly” is an implied threat of arrest.

I get this guy is passionate but he comes off as extremely emotionally charged right from the getgo

The guy knew his rights. Bravo! But he acted like an ass, without a calm demeanor.

I’m not a police officer, but I cannot give that guy a perfect score because he keeps forcing the issue, even when the police appear to be ready to leave.
It feels like this channel gives citizens the edge when grading.

“my free speech is not contingent on someone else’s emotions”. PERFECTLY said!!

Also, I love the way the cop parked making it difficult for drivers to get around putting people in danger. It seems that’s common practice among law enforcement. Can you imagine if we the people blocked a lane on a busy highway.

This is one of my favorite videos. People who make fraudulent calls to the police or emergency services should be charged and fined for wasting public resources. I also agree that dispatchers need proper training to prevent further waste of public resources. In the end, we the taxpayers, fund these useless altercations.

The officers were obviously trying to intimidate him through their presence, which, in and of itself, is an attempt to limit Mr. Porter’s ability to exercise his rights.

I definitely took the male officer’s comments about disorderly conduct as a threat too. They are gaslighting the the filmer trying to make him think that’s not what he meant when it clearly was. Why would the officer even bring it up as a possibility if he wasn’t trying to scare the filmer off?

I usually agree with the letter grades but A+?? He started off antagonistic and only got worse throughout. Even if he was right, that attitude alone knocks at least a few points off. It certainly has in the past

The biggest detriment to good policing is the respective officer’s inflated ego. Officers must be trained to enforce the law, not win every verbal joust with a citizen.

“we’ve never been nasty to you” when the guy tried to threaten him with a disorderly conduct charge and attempted to lay the basis for an accusation of drug abuse

Notice how Officer Mackenzie looks down at her name badge after the “Karen” comment. I looked her up, and sure enough, that’s her first name.

I’ve been binge watching a lot of these videos lately and normally I find myself generally agreeing with your ratings but this one was way off the mark for Mr. Porter. Dude was needlessly confrontational, nasty, aggressive, and escalated the situation when there was no need to do so. Dude would have gotten a B- from me at best and only that high because of his thorough understanding of his rights. There was absolutely nothing cool, calm, or collected about his behavior or attitude during the entire encounter and that snarky parting comment to Officer Arnold was absolutely unnecessary. The officers might not have had the best legal intentions when they walked up to him and Officer Arnold was definitely reaching for a bit with the drug and disorderly comments but overall they were polite and collected and never escalated the situation themselves. Would have given them a B.

I’m a hardcore 1st amendment advocate, but I believe this is a pretty feeble example of that violation. The one guy was questionable, but the female officer was obviously trying to accommodate the fellow filming, and he wasn’t going to have it.

I wouldn’t exactly call Mr. Porter‘s actions calm cool or collected.
He definitely vigorously stood up for his right for free speech but he did come off way more hostile than he needed to.

While I detest most police interaction and the abuse of their power, I gotta say I was really impressed with the officers, especially the female. While the man is right and has broken no law, the female officer showed courtesy, respect, and was just doing her job admirably. I feel there was no need for the douche nozzle handling of the situation. We see so much BS from shitty officers it gives me hope seeing an officer doing their job admirably.

I watch a lot of these videos and these two cops actually did really well in this interaction , stayed pleasant throughout and told him straight why they was there, starting with “I can’t let you hold that sign up” wasn’t the right move , but the rest of the interaction was really good , they did the right thing and got a supervisor to the scene 👍

You know, when the police said they could stand there all day with him, he should have responded by thanking them for joining his protest and offering to bring them a sign next time.

Imagine calling the police because someone is holding a sign you disagree with.

It seems like when they showed up to have him stop protesting, they started back peddling when they found out that this guy knows his stuff and wasn’t someone they could push around. I really hate the police that get drunk on the power they have and waist time messing with people who haven’t broken any laws instead of taking down actual criminals.

What really impresses me is how they parked, creating an unsafe roadway to tell a guy the public doesn’t like his sign.

As someone who doesn’t live in the US i find these police interactions so outlandish


I can’t give Mr. Porter an A+. I give him an A-. He needs to get his emotions under control a little better. Other than that he did okay.

Dude wanted to arrest him so badly. Not only did he throw disorderly out there, he asked him if he was on drugs and said he was shaking like a leaf 😂

Protestor: “I have a Constitutional right to protest”.
Police Officer: “That’s like, so offensive dude! You’re being really mean!”

Actually the reason I would give them a C is that they were quickly defeated but still hung around having petty arguments with the guy for 20 more minutes. You have to know when it’s time to fold.

I totally agree with his right to protest. I do think he needs to take the attitude down a couple of notches. I believe that yelling your views is not as effective as calmly expressing your views.

To the responding cops: “Good. You came out as required. Now that you see that no illegal activity is going on, STFU and LEAVE.”

I love it when the Police say they are being nice to you whilst also intimidating you at the same time. No one has a duty to be nice to anyone else. Being nice is nice but not being nice isn’t a crime.

While I have nothing against this video, I do find your analysis of the citizen as being “cool and collected” which was not exactly the case, as he was rather hostile in tone and manner in which he replied. Citizens need to show the same respect to officers as they themselves should be shown. When the officers are talking calm and evenly, the same should be done in return, even if the officers are wrong. While a hostile or aggressive tone of voice is not something that should be used against a citizen, it does have an innate effect on the encounter none the less, as we are all human.

I never realized just how passive aggressive and snarky officers can be until I started watching this channel.

If he’s a nasty person then stop talking to him and let him exercise his constitutional rights in peace. Walk away. It’s really simple

“You’re a nasty dude”
And then moments later says
“It was nice to meet you”
That doesn’t seem normal to me.

Yeah the dude threatened arrest for disorderly in an attempt to intimidate and humble him, and then tried the whole “are you under the influence” nonsense in an attempt to further justify harassing, detaining, and/or arresting him.

The cop starts by saying “I can’t let you…” as if it’s her decision on a whim what free people can and cannot do smh

If someone called 911 over a sign, the caller needs to go to jail.

I’m so tired of cops saying “I didn’t say that” when their cop friend says something. If they don’t stand up to the cops who said bs they are just as guilty, end of story.

Anytime a police officer starts a sentence with “I can’t have you doing _____” you know that their ego dictates their behavior and that they think they are the law

Officers found themselves in a hole. The first thing you do when you dig yourself into a hole is stop digging. Officer Arnold was attempting to escalate the whole situation, he actually deserved and F.

Cops: We want to intimidate you into not exercising your rights that we know are lawful. Protestor: I’m legit, leave me alone. Cops: You’re mean and naaaasty…

I wish we had an organization like yours auditing Canadian police. Don’t get me wrong there are auditors in Canada but I haven’t seen any as knowledgeable and professional as your channel. ✌️👍

As soon as a law enforcement officer states “ I’m only doing my job” they lose all credibility and don’t understand the oath they’ve taken!

the fact they parked their cars in the middle of the intersection is far more dangerous than anything this guy is doing. seriously 12:50 they almost caused a accident.