Ex-Cop Forces Officers to Give Up and Leave

So this is crazy how this guy could have been a stalker and could just talk his way out of this and still keep doing what he’s doing. There needs to be a way of cleaning up where if there is suspicion then they have to show there ID

They ran his plates and instantly knew he was a PI. It is absolutely attached to either his vehicle registration or his drivers license.. so at that point all the questions were for the females information as to who is trying to investigate her…that’s my opinion anyway

Why is it that ex-cops seem to know citizens’ rights, but active cops rarely do? 🤔

As a former private detective and having been in a similar situation, the PI could have simply identified himself as a private investigator and dissolved the situation. I was approached by a county officer on a particularly difficult surveillance and I immediately identified myself and he left right away. The PI asked for professional courtesy but showed non on his end.

He didn’t want to admit that he was a P.I. because the deputies would have told the subject of his investigation. I would have definitely called the cops about some shmuck following me around for three days.

“Exercising my legal rights does not make me uncooperative.” While this it true, I don’t believe the rank and file cop is capable of comprehending this.