Lady Lawyer Defends Protest from Manipulative Cop who misrepresents law



  • Easement. The goddamn easement. Why is this officer so uneducated? 🔥🐖🔥
  • That officer is an idiot. From the Telephone poles to the street is legal
  • Every state road, every county road comes complete with a utility easement, and public easement. I am not from or at Pennsylvannia however this is pretty standard in most if not all states.
  •  @SHARK  I admit they have a right to protest, but protesting generally is ineffective. Also, these are a bunch of old conservative men they’re trying to provoke, so I don’t think they’re going to change any minds. People driving by wont be persuaded either.
  •  @A  This isn’t the typical protest. They are documenting and exposing the actions of the club. Now, people can see what garbage people they are and can be shamed by their community. We both agree that their protests are legal, which is good. The actions of the club are not legal, though. Cruelty to animals should not be accepted.
  • I can’t believe that cop is a supervisor. I mean, sure, hire regular cops that are as dumb as a brick. But, how can someone this freaking stupid be a supervisor? He needs to be in a state mental hospital eating crayons and smelling his own farts.
  • The police do not protect the public they are now used in corporate business that’s the role they have taken acting for and on behalf of
  • Disrespect towards woman.
  • Lmao, once he knows she’s a lawyer, his attitude changes ……… “Aww, I’ll go to the courthouse and look up the property line”. … You think if she wasn’t a lawyer, he woulda said that?
  • This reminds me of small town in kansas. The police stand up for people that is big people in the community !! And dont matter who is right !! Didnt think id see an atterny doing the right thing !! Good for her !!!
  • Best cops money can buy atleast if your a member of phili gunclub. Phili cops Corrupt From The Bottom To The Top
  • You’d think the cop worked for the gun club, taking the old angry guys words above an intelligent, good hearted attorney.
  • Why do they have to move? They gonna melt the snow covering the dead grass? 🫣
  • Cops gets so angry when someone knows the law more than them.

Police Obstruct Recording (Surprise Ending)

Police officer tries to stop auditor from filming a traffic stop.

Although there are several armed policeman with cameras, the one unarmed auditor is a threat because he and his camera may expose police corruption.

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  • 20:16 the guys own words, says: “their whole tone changed when you arrived”. That is the protection of cameras!


  • 05:03 cop: “you’re just trying to find something wrong with this investigation.” Seems like a strange thing to say while trying to find something wrong with a citizen.


  • She’s intentionally chatting to distract and keep the focus off the real issue of cop intimidation ! The Auditor does a great job translating the truth and holding his frame despite “ Chatty Cathy w/ a gun “ !


  • “You’re taking my attention away from the stop,” says the lady cop who is giving the cameraman her undivided attention.


  • We need more people like this guy who cares about the rights of other people as if they were his own, which they are.


  • Everyone of these officers’ actions proved they knew they were being unlawful on camera and then tried to fabricate charges against lawful activity.


  • It is obvious to me that the officers are engaging you in conversation to distract you and block you from recording the encounter. Then they get butthurt when they realize you know the law. I think it would have been a very different result without the camera.


  • Police officer training time:
    • Japan: 2 years
    • Germany: 2 years
    • Sweden: 2.5 years
    • Italy: 4 years
    • USA: 21 weeks, on average.
      • As short as 16 weeks.
      • And we are surprised at how ignorant of the law most officers are in the US.


  • When they say “we group up for officer safety” the reply should be “we do too. that’s why I am recording, protecting my fellow citizen”
  • You should invest in a long selfie stick that can reach well above your head so that if they again try to obstruct or distract you from filming you don’t have to worry about them following you around trying to stop you from seeing what they are doing. Then they could stand in front of you as long as they want. We appreciate all that you do to keep those gang members accountable and transparent. Y’all are awesome!!
  • They’ve ran this drill before… she’s blocking audio and video while distracting the camera man. Auditors please leave your ego behind. If you were silent we may have been able to hear the other two officers intimidation tactics
  • Why are we hiring such children to tell us what we’re doing wrong
  • She keeps trying to block your camera, that’s a violation of your 1st amendment. She keeps lying. When they LIE call them LIARS.
  • You always bring the best videos! It’s almost like they’re trying to distract the cameraman from what’s actually happening! The only “causing problems” I see is her not wanting to be transparent! She’s garbage!
  • He should have pointed out as well, when he was counting the number of LE cameras on the scene recording,.. that his and the property’s camera were the only ones they couldn’t control..There have been far too many times when a FOIA is requested that the information is heavily redacted or mysteriously missing
  • it always amazes me how a cop carrying, a gun, mase, and tazer, is the one who claims is in fear of there life when a civilian has there hand in there pocket lol
  • Look out when you hear officers safety. How many innocent people have been killed for officers safety?
  • It really is infuriating how they react to transparency. Like a secret cult … We are not secret police, or are we..
  • They been doing what they want for a long time but now everyone has a camera so we see more of it
  • The way I see it, if it takes 3 cops for a routine traffic stop, I suggest you put 3 cops in one squad car, and save tax payers money on purchasing 2 cars, not to mention the fuel consumption, maintenance, fuel usage and insurance. It would also make it easier for the 3 cops to conjure up some fake reasons to pull someone over and get their stories straight before the stop is even started. Win win for everybody concerned.
  • So she is the distraction sent forward to take the focus away from what the other cops were doing?
  • They’re convinced they’re intelligent and operate on what “normal” is. What if a police officer thinks skateboarding isn’t “normal”, they’re gonna question them everyday? Every time they see them?
  • This is the civilian equivalent of a cop riding on someones bumper till they screw up. Not alot of fun huh cops?
  • “Is this something that we’re beginning to see across the nation where cops do what they want, even commit crimes behind the scenes?” No this NOT something that we’re BEGINNING to see! It’s something that cops have always done and always will do.
  • She’s calling a citizen a civilian that goes to show that they’re at war with us .
  • She did exactly what she wanted to do. She took the auditor’s attention away from what was being said to the guy. Should have told her to be quiet so he could hear what was being said. She ran interference and it worked.
  • Amazing how its always the most petty and self rightious ones that want to be cops, they say “oh they want to help people oh they want to make a difference” but usually display arrogance and indifference and a willingness to use force.
  • As always the “law enforcers” act unlawful and face no consequences.
  • It seems like leos act like criminals everytime there’s a camera. That’s a subconscious response. They know that they are to stupid to enforce the law without breaking the law. So they get aggravated anytime they think they might be forced to be accountable for their actions. Which is what cameras do.
  • There is no reasonable expectation of privacy when in public, especially at the gas station. Most, if not all stations these days have cameras already recording. No wonder people lost so much respect for those tyrants. Smh



Civil Asset Forfeiture makes it Legal for Cops to engage in Highway Robbery

Washington Post:  A former Marine was pulled over for following a truck too closely. Police took nearly $87,000 of his cash.

  • ​The officers did not arrest Stephen or charge him with any crime. They just took his life savings and left him on the side of the road without enough money to even afford gas to drive home.


  • He is considered guilty of having illicit cash until he can hire a lawyer to prove that he is innocent.


Greenville News: Civil Asset forfeiture hurts African Americans most

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  • Stephen is a 39-year-old retired Marine from Lubbock, Texas. He is a devoted father of two teenage daughters and, once a month, he drives from Texas to see them in California, where they live with their mother. Eager to be closer after spending the pandemic in Texas caring for his elderly parents, he has been shopping for a home near the California-Nevada border.


  • In February 2021, Stephen was making his usual trip west through Reno when he was pulled over by the Nevada Highway Patrol for supposedly following a tractor-trailer too closely.


  • The officer complimented Stephen’s driving, thanked him for observing the speed limit, and explained that NHP was “conducting a public information campaign” to help drivers avoid danger. Confident that the officer was only there to help, Stephen cooperated with his escalating investigation, even volunteering that he was carrying a large amount of cash.


  • Ninety minutes later, Stephen had been robbed of his life savings—$86,900—which he carried with him after a spate of robberies in his parents’ neighborhood. The officer who pulled Stephen over wanted to let him go; he was overruled by NHP Sergeant Glenn Rigdon, who ordered the money seized specifically so that it could be “adopted” by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.


  • “Adoption” is a process by which federal law enforcement agencies can take over a seizure by state and local law enforcement. If the federal government is successful in forfeiting the property, its “equitable sharing” program guarantees the state or local agency that seized the property up to 80% of the proceeds for use in the agency’s budget.


  • In Stephen’s case, the DEA sat on his life savings for months, ignoring the legal deadlines requiring it to charge Stephen with a crime, begin a civil forfeiture case against his property, or return the money within six months of seizure. The DEA did none of those things. So, on August 30, IJ sued it in federal court on Stephen’s behalf.


  • Early the morning of September 1, the agency announced it would return all of Stephen’s money. In less than 24 hours, it had learned of our lawsuit, answered hard questions from The Washington Post, and committed to reviewing its policies for federal adoptions.


  • When we learned he would be getting his money back (filled with joy), he told us, “This isn’t over.”


  • And it isn’t. At the same time we filed in federal court, we also filed a major constitutional challenge in state court. Our state case aims to make federal adoptions impossible in Nevada as violations of the state constitution’s guarantees of reasonable seizures supported by probable cause and due process of law—not based on mere suspicion or for the financial benefit of the seizing agency. If we are successful, it will be the first time a state court has struck down federal adoptions. And a victory will take the profit motive out of roadside seizures.

Filmed with a Canon C70 with a 50mm 1.2 lens. Aputure 300d, 120d, and amaran.



  • Check out our latest video in our Policing for Profit series. This one is about local police terrorizing a small town. They even got a tank.
  • I spent 33 years in law enforcement I can tell you this is corrupt no matter what the pretense is. If police can’t understand why they are hated by the public look no further then these actions.
  • This is what being transparent,complying and being respectful will get you when the system is corrupt to its core
  • When someone like a cop or detective starts acting nice, that’s the moment you need to call your lawyer.
  • This is why I sometimes regret serving my country during the best years of my life. I’m boiling over this!
  • As a retired Marine myself, I found this to be appalling. I wonder if racism was rooted in this officers decision. He, like I, and being Marines are always respectful of authority. I’m truly saddened that there are law enforcement officers out there with their own self righteous, feel good, look what I did today attitude. I will certainly be less forth coming, but respectful, if I am ever involved in a situation such as this Marine went through. God bless our country…
  • He didn’t trust the banks and now he doesn’t trust police. What a shame.
  • “To protect and to serve, they’re own interests” The fact that it’s not illegal, in their book,should tell you that ethics and morality have little to do with what’s legal and what is not. The DEA agent was surely aware of the high % of cash that drug residue is found on, yet uses this as justification for this,,quite literally no less than highway robbery. When this corrupt practice is considered legal, every (Law) is a crime, and every cop is a criminal.
  • I’m a bartender and I almost got $8k taken from my car once. Had to say over and over to the officer during the stop that I don’t consent to searches. He insulted me up and down with how bad that makes me look but at the end of the day there was nothing he could do about it. I was within my rights.
  • This has nothing to do with “drugs”. Our government hates it when people take back their financial privacy. It’s easy to track people that use their credit card like a good sheep.Lots of power in such information.
  • “He was driving under the speed limit which is odd” “he has his bank receipts which is odd”.. you can’t even do the right legal thing without it being odd
  • This happened to a buddy of mine, also in Nevada (Las Vegas), where the police entered his home due to a loud party he was having. They entered, found some Marijuana and then continued to search the rest of his house and discovered some savings in the amount of 22k. He was a real estate agent, and also did not trust banks. They seized the cash and he had to go through the same process of proving the money was legal gained and not through illicit activities. It was a long battle but I believe he got most of his money back, minus attorneys fees of course.
  • It happened to my 68 yr old brother too. He doesn’t trust banks and he over 10,000 in cash. And he got pulled over and they took it from him stating it looked suspicious to have that much money. My brother lives in a mobile home and works full time in group homes for mentally challenged. He doesn’t do drugs. And he is a loner! He never got his money back.
  • I’m 57 years old and was raised to be pro police as my father worked as an LEO for a few years. I’ve always supported law enforcement, even with financial donations. That ends today. This is a fucking disgrace to a man who risked his life for my freedoms. The cops confiscation motives are driven by a Service Award Commendation related to theft in office. Until things change I have to distance myself from further law enforcement support.
  • once a cop says “give me a second, let me make anphone call..” you know you’re going to be a victim.
  • A former Marine should not only know his rights, he should have invoked his rights. Never talk to cops without a lawyer present, and never consent to a search…ever!
  • That cop acted like he was his friend. How do you be so nice and cordial while stabbing this good citizen in the heart? How much lawyer money did it cost this guy to get his money back? This is sickening.


  • ” I don’t trust banks so I keep my own money. “, you’re not the only one, Marine.
  • No cop can search your vehicle unless they have evidence of a real crime, or a warrant, or your permission. I’d Never say yes to a search. They could plant something on you.
  • This makes me as angry as the next guy, that being said I understand why he did what he did. The world we live in now is so bad that you must know there’s absolutely no winning with cops anymore. Good cops are out there but you definitely can’t trust them. The system is rigged against all of us, and it’s getting worse! Thank god this guy got his back..
  • This man was racially profiled. The reason he got pulled over in the first place was completely bogus. Also, if he had refused to have his vehicle searched they would have brought out the drug sniffing dog, signal to the dog to react, and then search it anyway. This man was screwed no matter how cooperative he was.
  • What’s even more shocking is the victim also has a tonne of receipts to prove where the money has come from 🤦
  • As a veteran who doesn’t trust banks as well this really kills me. You serve your country, have friends and family die for your country, then it robs you. This should never happen, and reminds me of other countries I was in over seas.
  • Unfortunately, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors have abused civil asset forfeiture programs in the past. In many cases, innocent Texas residents lose their property because they lack knowledge of civil forfeiture laws and the proper proceedings to challenge them. Many people do not realize that you can lose your property through civil forfeiture even if you have never been convicted of a crime.
  • The police had ZERO intention of getting that money back to him unless they were sued AND given bad PR. Thank you for representing him!
  • You’ll never understand until it happens to you, welcome to the club, safe travels out there people.
  • Same thing happened to my senior citizen parents at the airport when they were going on vacation. They had $10,500 and it was seized because of suspicion of drug money. They were able to get it back after proving how they legally earned it.
  • The same thing has happened to me by the CBP they seized my property while driving on the road without a warrant or reason. Now I have been out of business for more than a month.
  • If cops do this to a vet with a clean record and receipts I can’t imagine how many other people this happens too.
  • If you people understood the level of corruption in law enforcement in the state of Nevada from corrections to highway patrol to sheriff’s departments and P D’s you would be afraid. I’ve also seen unfair treatment like this in California.
  • This will make people never want to trust that the police are “just asking routine questions”. It should’ve never taken a lawsuit to get HIS money back because it should’ve never been seized to begin with, unless they had PROOF of illegal activity. This gives “highway robbery” a whole new meaning! This man fought for the country, but then had to fight the same government 😡



(VIDEO) Cop Admits To Finding Reasons To Pull People Over

This police officer not only admits to abusing her power, but seems proud to do this. Entitlement like this is exactly why we need police reform, and Jeff Wiggins breaks it down on Rebel HQ.


Translation: “(While Im on duty, Im going to break laws when I want to. If you are in the way of me breaking the law, I will find a way to give you a citation and cost you money and time)”

Nothing to see here folks. She took a course for a few weeks and earned herself a shiny badge so never mind the fact that she is literally here on video telling you she doesn’t understand the law and will actually violate your rights and the law on a whim… its, thin blue line and all that fun stuff so…. yeahhhh. You’re the bad guy if you come across her.


We all know this already. Does this really shock anyone?


So she’s under investigation for telling the truth? As more than one cop has said. “If I follow you long enough, you’ll do something that I can pull you over for”.
No body has to get out of a cops way unless the lights and siren is on. Other then that you have to wait in line like everyone else. There is no law saying a person has to get out of a cops way simply because they are a cop. She is just showing her corrupt privilege.
In Las Vegas they’re over 12,000 NRS laws from big too small. They can pull you over because they can’t see your license plate is not illuminated enough or there’s something hanging in your rearview mirror.
How I understood it. People get arrested because the cops are pissed because when no action is going on, they demand that everybody goes out of their way, gives them special privilege like a king, and when this will not happen then they become so angry on a citizen who done nothing wrong, that they swipe them from the streets? That is just sick to know that the USA doesn’t have a decent police force. Just a lot of bullies who behave like shitty spoiled fashist brats.
The focus needs to be on the departments as well as officers. Whenever a officer gets caught doing exactly what they were trained to do by their department all focus is on the officer. I’m not saying the officer isn’t to blame but an independent agency needs to inspect the department. The department simply points the finger and continues to train incoming officers to do the same thing
“I can go 90 mph. You can’t.” The part she doesn’t say: “because if my reckless driving causes an accident I get to blame it on you.”
At least in my state, it’s illegal for a cop to pull you over if they have followed you for more than 1 mile.
See these so called hardcore muthaphuckas will pick on law abiding citizens getting off on a power trip. But those real ganstas who walk around with nothing to lose they leave them alone. Oh no they dont have the courage to mess with criminals they just mess with civilians.
This thing should find another career. LE attracts so many undesirables.
This cop is so full of shit she can’t go faster than you, unless she is on an emergency call and yes you have to move over but if she wants lunch and she’s breaking the law by speeding to pick up her lunch order or going home, she can be charge and ticketed. Police or any other law enforcement officers are not above the law.
Police: We can break the law but you can’t!
This is common knowledge, the power hungry ego maniacs – it’s nothing to do with the law or helping society
The POLICE…. “Get the f#ck out our way” … pretty much.
Money has corrupted our justice system. There’re financial reasons to find excuses to issue tickets. There’re a financial reasons cops have to fill up private prisons and look for any excuse to throw someone in jail.
A cop being “Under Investigation” is just cop-speak for “we’re all giggling about it in the break room.”