Cops want id and get denied first amendment audit fail

He’s calling him a sovereign citizen when the cops themselves have qualified immunity that allows them to violate people’s rights. Auditors are slowly making their way into these one horse towns; hopefully he files a law suit for his civil rights being violated and false arrest. This should send a message to the rogue cops who are out of control. Sickening!!!


He’s calling him a sovereign citizen when the cops themselves have qualified immunity that allows them to violate people’s rights. Auditors are slowly making their way into these one horse towns; hopefully he files a law suit for his civil rights being violated and false arrest. This should send a message to the rogue cops who are out of control. Sickening!!!


My head was about to explode. How the hell did this clown pass the sergeants exam. This is law enforcement 101.


Excellent! finally an auditor who holds his/her ground! Now that the arrest is made, please give us details when they develop


Sergeant: “You’re one of those First Amendment Auditors trying to stir up a load of crap and it ain’t gonna happen”. Proceeds to makes it happen.


These officers are the Feelings Police.
They enforce the postal workers hurt feelings, not the law. They need training. Need to study the oath they swore to uphold.


“Presence in public, is disturbing the peace”… this is a selectively enforced law, for whenever an officer wants to violate citizens rights in public.


“Start running tags in the parking lot and his face will pop up on one of them!” Now that was highly illegal in so many ways. This officer was not only out of line but committed a crime just to ID someone who hasn’t committed a crime. That guy has an easy win lawsuit right there. Arrested for committing no crime!


Some viewers might not have heard the sergeant say “If I walked over to that gentleman and asked him for his ID, he’d probably give it to me…”. This is an example of how this sergeant got his stripes, he does things to random citizens that are clearly violating the citizens rights, but most citizens assume a police officer CAN’T break any laws or violate any rights… he’s gotten away with this, because he hasn’t been on any camera except the one on his chest (which he controls).


Unreal. How are these thugs considered law enforcement when they do not even know anything about the law or Constitutional rights ? Its embarrassing


This sergeant knows how the corruption works in law enforcement. He mentions several times, “You can get a lawyer and fight this action…” he knows this is a ridiculous charge which certainly cannot justify the expense of a lawyer (at several hundreds of dollars per hour), but this sergeant has been doing this job too long to still care about any citizens rights. He knows Qualified Immunity is his blanket of protection for anything he feels like doing to any random citizen.


“You’re one of those first amendment auditors starting crap.”
Behavior like this is EXACTLY why there are first amendment auditors in the first place. These tyrants, by their behavior, gave rise to the first amendment audit movement. Yet they fail to even come close to recognizing this.

That’s the stupidest two cops I’ve heard in a while. I hope they enjoy the lawsuit.


“How dare you question my authority? I’m the “big dog” here and what I say goes”. I guess they’ll find out when the lawsuits come their way.


11:07 How can a cop stand there and assume someone is a sovereign citizen? He is following the law and the constitution. The cop can’t explain the crime up til now. That is one uneducated cop.
“Start running tags” They just can’t deal with any opposition to their petty escalation and garbage training
The pig even says a”criminal trespass” . They don’t even know what they are saying. Criminal would mean a crime was involved.
Amazing how cops don’t understand the Trespassing Laws! They need to all attend another class on it specifically so that they prevent lawsuits and complaints on the department. Unfreaking real.
Even when they knew exactly that he’s doing 1st ammendment audit they still failed miserably. Well, the lawsuit should be fairly easy.
I really want to hear an update on this one and the excuses the cops themselves and their bosses use for this kind of unprofessional behavior.
Knows he’s being audited, fails anyway.
Sergeant is an embarrassment to his stripes. Ignorant of the law and formulated his own conclusions based upon zero investigative work.
they have NO juristiction on federal property…….plus sue them and the post office
5:25 the officer is fully aware that it’s a first amendment audit and he STILL acts like a tyrant. Jeez.
The office of Homeland Security in the recent Court ruling in Georgia cleared the way for Auditors in publicly accessible areas. This cop is enforcing feelings not the law.
He said he wasn’t there when you opened the door and acted chivalrously so couldn’t comment , he wasn’t there also when he alleged you were committing a crime but that didn’t stop him making an opinion on that.
I’ll never understand why people believe “TRAINING” is responsible for cops behavior. Their general mentality speaks volumes…
11:08 If you know the law and your rights you’re now apparently a “sovereign citizens man” 😂
“I don’t know I wasn’t here” means they are using hearsay as proof of a crime. If they never asked him to leave, there is no trespass. He can just leave, no written notice is required. These are not officers of the law, they are flying on BS they feel they can do what ever they want, and are right.
When they say “He is a sovereign citizen” you just reply: “Oh hell no, I’m not law enforcement officer”
I feel like im dumber after listening to this cop.
What’s funny & scary as hell,is that there is a DHS memo in every poast office in America that states filming in the lobby is perfectly legal period.
It’s hilarious that this cop knows what a first amendment auditor is but apparently doesn’t watch the videos to know that you’re allowed to videotape in post offices and there’s nothing they can do about it
They called him a sovereign citizen because he knows it’s rights
They came to the conclusion that he was trespassing on public property and being disorderly with absolutely zero investigation then arrested him for obstruction by failing to i.d. Thank goodness for the qualified immunity.
“They” get upset and step outside of the law when “they” feel their authority is challenged.

ID Refusal – Ask The DA If He Can Be Charged With “Contempt Of Cop”

Travis Heinze Channel, link to playlist of this arrest on his channel…


Oh my gosh, the Captain doesn’t even know that you must have R.A.S. in order for someone to be charged with failure to I.D. It now makes perfect sense why Officers at this department don’t even know the basics for a detention. No crime no authority under the color of law.
The ignorance of Captain Jones is astounding. For her to respond so eagerly to a catch all charge (which does not legally exist) makes you want to both laugh and cry. Laugh = overly broad laws are easily proven unconstitutional by a 5yo child. Cry = under color of law, she can ruin someone else’s life and because of Qualified Immunity – she may be rewarded for her efforts. How does HR hire only “bottom of the barrel” people?
Hi James, love your “New Approach” on these 1A Audit arrests and interactions…Like a “Double Agent” using reverse psychology on obvious tyrants in uniform to expose the hypocrisy with their unlawful actions…GREAT JOB and very unique and effective. Congrats!!
It’s no wonder the officers were ignorant and acted the way they did… That was their captain??? I’d be completely embarrassed if I lived there!
lol the way you make them tell the truth by trolling them is genius and hilarious 😂
They’re getting so bad that parodying them is getting difficult. Well done, Mr Freeman.
we should be abled to charge the tyrant cops for “contempt of citizen”. just to level the playing field in our interactions with law enforcement, just saying…
Travis is a grown man and has pride like us all. He is misunderstood by many. The auditing community knows him well (I feel). I wish we could get him out of the clink in a timely manner when these things happen. I wish we knew right away when he gets picked up. I think many would come to his aid so he won’t spend days in jail for cops jumping the gun…thoughts anyone?…
Wow. The level of unprofessionalism from those “women” when you called is so disgusting.
It’s shocking to actually hear that this captain believes that contempt of cop is an actual law. Wow my 5 year old is more educated than her 😂😂