Ask The DA If He Can Be Charged With “Contempt Of Cop” (ID Refusal)


  • They’re getting so bad that parodying them is getting difficult. Well done, Mr Freeman.


  • Oh my gosh, the Captain doesn’t even know that you must have R.A.S. in order for someone to be charged with failure to I.D. It now makes perfect sense why Officers at this department don’t even know the basics for a detention. No crime no authority under the color of law.


  • Hi James, love your “New Approach” on these 1A Audit arrests and interactions…Like a “Double Agent” using reverse psychology on obvious tyrants in uniform to expose the hypocrisy with their unlawful actions…GREAT JOB and very unique and effective. Congrats!!
  • It’s shocking to actually hear that this captain believes that contempt of cop is an actual law. Wow my 5 year old is more educated than her 😂😂