(VIDEO) Cop Admits To Finding Reasons To Pull People Over

This police officer not only admits to abusing her power, but seems proud to do this. Entitlement like this is exactly why we need police reform, and Jeff Wiggins breaks it down on Rebel HQ.


Translation: “(While Im on duty, Im going to break laws when I want to. If you are in the way of me breaking the law, I will find a way to give you a citation and cost you money and time)”

Nothing to see here folks. She took a course for a few weeks and earned herself a shiny badge so never mind the fact that she is literally here on video telling you she doesn’t understand the law and will actually violate your rights and the law on a whim… its, thin blue line and all that fun stuff so…. yeahhhh. You’re the bad guy if you come across her.


We all know this already. Does this really shock anyone?


So she’s under investigation for telling the truth? As more than one cop has said. “If I follow you long enough, you’ll do something that I can pull you over for”.
No body has to get out of a cops way unless the lights and siren is on. Other then that you have to wait in line like everyone else. There is no law saying a person has to get out of a cops way simply because they are a cop. She is just showing her corrupt privilege.
In Las Vegas they’re over 12,000 NRS laws from big too small. They can pull you over because they can’t see your license plate is not illuminated enough or there’s something hanging in your rearview mirror.
How I understood it. People get arrested because the cops are pissed because when no action is going on, they demand that everybody goes out of their way, gives them special privilege like a king, and when this will not happen then they become so angry on a citizen who done nothing wrong, that they swipe them from the streets? That is just sick to know that the USA doesn’t have a decent police force. Just a lot of bullies who behave like shitty spoiled fashist brats.
The focus needs to be on the departments as well as officers. Whenever a officer gets caught doing exactly what they were trained to do by their department all focus is on the officer. I’m not saying the officer isn’t to blame but an independent agency needs to inspect the department. The department simply points the finger and continues to train incoming officers to do the same thing
“I can go 90 mph. You can’t.” The part she doesn’t say: “because if my reckless driving causes an accident I get to blame it on you.”
At least in my state, it’s illegal for a cop to pull you over if they have followed you for more than 1 mile.
See these so called hardcore muthaphuckas will pick on law abiding citizens getting off on a power trip. But those real ganstas who walk around with nothing to lose they leave them alone. Oh no they dont have the courage to mess with criminals they just mess with civilians.
This thing should find another career. LE attracts so many undesirables.
This cop is so full of shit she can’t go faster than you, unless she is on an emergency call and yes you have to move over but if she wants lunch and she’s breaking the law by speeding to pick up her lunch order or going home, she can be charge and ticketed. Police or any other law enforcement officers are not above the law.
Police: We can break the law but you can’t!
This is common knowledge, the power hungry ego maniacs – it’s nothing to do with the law or helping society
The POLICE…. “Get the f#ck out our way” … pretty much.
Money has corrupted our justice system. There’re financial reasons to find excuses to issue tickets. There’re a financial reasons cops have to fill up private prisons and look for any excuse to throw someone in jail.
A cop being “Under Investigation” is just cop-speak for “we’re all giggling about it in the break room.”

Local officer under fire over video showing confrontation with black man at restaurant | WPXI

A Vandergrift police officer is under fire for a video that shows him confronting a black man and not telling him why. Marcus Townsend, the man who was confronted by the officer Saturday morning inside G & G Restaurant, said he believes he was racially profiled. Read more HERE: https://wpxi.tv/3tzUk2k

Imagine for a moment a time when cell phone cameras didn’t exist and it was the cop’s word versus your own?

This proves that cops can lie for personal convineience without reproach.

Glad to know he’s welcomed there any time. They did a great job of standing up for him while the police was there harassing him for over an hour.

We’re trying to teach our kids not to be bullies but yet the people who are supposed to protect us or the biggest bullies of all

” Management wants you to leave.”

Officer Wm. Moore is a very dangerous officer. Knowing he is being recorded and still acting this way illustrates he does not care about repercussions. No compass. BUT, if the victim does not sue, none of this will matter and it will continue.


“Your dog shouldn’t be here.”
Dog leaves.
“Actually I’m here for you, I suspect you might be a criminal.”
Has no criminal record.
“But actually I was called by the manager to kick you out.”
Manager welcomes back a paying customer.


“We’ve asked for a response and have yet to hear back” is media shorthand for “they know they done royally fucked up.”
They try to bully you into defending yourself then you’re resisting
UPDATE: The police chief stated this officer did nothing criminal, and any discipline would be handled internally. Figures.
Do you notice how the Police always call in more thugs when the citizens legally refuses to answer their questions. They always have to escalate!
Man: “What did I do sir?”
Officer: “You do”
Just think, this is ONE time where it was documented. Imagine how many times this happens with no recordings.
You know the manager did call the cops on him because of the dog . Of course he is going to take a picture with the customer . He must of realized his business was gonna go viral in a bad way if he didn’t switch up sides quik lmao. The manager started the whole thing by calling the police period .
I personally know the Manager and Ownership of G&G Restaurant, and I can assure you that they are not, and have never supported bigotry or racial discrimination. My race has never factored into, nor become a topic for any discussion. Please do not let the actions of that particular Officer damage the business in any way. Thanks.
You guys should request an investigation of that officer and I bet there will be more misconduct on his record
Can you imagine how brazen you would have to be to act this way while being recorded, as a cop, in this age? it Just goes to show you how they really do need to have their enthusiastic hubris taken down a few hundred notches. The first thing on your mind, as a cop, should be protecting and serving ALL the innocent, NOT throwing weight around and serving your ego.

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