This Is What Happens When Cops Get Their Feelings Hurt | This Guy Was Ready!

Courts need to start doing something about these dirty cops. He had every right to flip that cop off that goes to show he’s dirty because he was going to ticket him for that it’s not against the law. Are these people trained in law at all ? 😱
It’s like they’re thinking “if the public hates us, well we’ll just go give ’em another reason to hate us then”
I expect a ARMED police officer to be “cool” and “adult” enough to ignore gestures like that.
Freedom of speech is so paramount to the foundation of this nation that our founders wrote it down first. I may not agree with how some choose to express that right, but I support their right to express it!
Police in New York are on notice that flipping the middle finger (“one-finger salute”) at a cop is protected speech and a constitutional right that’s “clearly established” … meaning they get no “qualified immunity” for pulling a car over in response to getting the bird — aka digitus impudicus — from the motorist. See Swartz v. Insogna 704 F. 3d 105 – Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit, 2013.
The cop needs a reason to get his ID, but the he doesn’t need to articulate that reason to the driver. And I believe that’s a problem. I think police should be required to verbalize the actual statute (section/paragraph/text) that was allegedly broken before he compels identification.
It’s sad how law enforcement has become, even the retired cops frown on these new ones, no integrity, retaliation against the public,
So the officer chose to pull him over illegally and unlawfully detain him for something that was not a crime. Is it being a dick? Yes. But not a crime. Unfortunately if your ego is so easily hurt that you have to violate somebody’s right and break the law yourself to make sure they knew that your ego is hurt, maybe you should not be wearing that badge!
Why do ALL these sovereign citizens dress the same way? “You flipped me off and that’s not normal.” He’s right. We need to normalize it.
There is reasonable suspicion, and then then there is only one other kind in this context. It is quite unlawful to detain anybody for anything less than a reasonable suspicion of a violation of the law. There are circumstances where I’d get verbally offensive with a cop but the only good way to be is to try to not aggravate public servants, cops included. This cop was wrong to detain finger man but he at least didn’t escalate into a deeper abuse of authority. Imagine the police facing a population that knew how to calmly and succinctly stand for their rights at every encounter, and too smartly file complaints at every abuse of authority.
As always, Thank You for a very informative. Serious question, Do you think that the majority of the officers that act this way are in hopes of you not knowing your rights or are they so dumb that they have no idea that we even have rights. I know an officer that made this statement, “ a sovereign citizen has no rights. You can literally treat them anyway that you want to “ this comment was made sitting around a card table with plenty alcohol and some special ingredient peanut butter cookies. All in which this officer was partaking , He said more stupid stuff that night, I just can’t recall anything else right now .
He should have said “so you stopped me for freedom of speech?” I’d also add “I’ll make sure to cite that in the lawsuit and criminal complaint.”
The officer admitted he illegally stopped the citizen– the chief should immediately suspend him and make sure he gets educated on civil rights and Supreme Court rulings. This officer is a clear danger to the citizens of the town or city he works for. Very sad that this is how bad law enforcement has become.
If the driver was not recording these cops would have really messed with this dude. Flipping cops off is not the brightest thing to do. They’ll now be on the lookout for this dude just to screw with him.
You mentioned being “Trained to violate the rights of citizens” nor being trained in the law. This is one of the reasons most police departments will not hire someone with an IQ above 125. If you score too high on certain tests, it shows that you may be too smart to be an officer. No offense intended, but sadly they want to hire drones and robots, not intelligent humans who might question authority and the tactics of modern police departments. It’s just sad.

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Good Trooper Stops Officer Misconduct


If this dude abuses authority he doesn’t have, I can’t imagine how much abuse his probationers are put through.


This PO should be charged with Impersonation by flashing a badge and detaining a civilian in a manner projecting authority of a LEO

Tbh I would’ve kept driving . The fact that he signaled with his hands to pull over just shows he didn’t have the authority to pull anyone over.


love the trooper being confused as much as the driver about what’s going on, that’s like straight off of a comedy skit

The officer knew exactly what what he was doing. He wouldn’t say the word “detained” because he knew he didn’t have the authority.

The probabtion office needs to be charged with impersonating a police officer. There needs to be accountability rather than just “we’ll look into it.” No. You can get away with that if it hasn’t come to the People ‘s attention of police misconduct. I think it’s pretty damn obvious that’s no longer the case, on a National level. Now there needs to start being prosecutions. The People are the one’s in charge, here. Not the government and it’s executive personnel

This is like getting pulled over by a mall cop


This man should be arrested and charged with clear falsely detaining this gentleman.

This one blew my mind….


I would have pressed charges on this man, if nothing else to keep him from remaining a probation officer

I can only imagine the ego that the Probation Officer takes to his own job. He should be investigated thoroughly on how he handles his caseload, if he gets triggered like this driving.

The fact that this ‘officer’ is willingly recording everything is hilarious. I’m guessing that at least 90% of that could be used against him in a lawsuit…?

<strong>The second I saw he was a probation officer and wouldn’t identify himself, I am moving on. He can role play with someone else.</strong>


The trooper’s interaction is probably my favorite good cop footage I’ve ever seen. He handled that like an ordinary, decent man would.


It’s amazing how respectful the officer is to him, this is how police should be trained: as social workers trained to de escalate


I would have asked the trooper to arrest the other guy for impersonating a cop.


The penalty for violating someone’s civil rights isn’t taken seriously enough here in the states. If it was, this wouldn’t happen.

I’d love to know what happened to this probation officer. He should be fired. I do not believe he was merely misinformed.


This dude knew his rights. It turns out the most powerful weapon you’re ever going to hold isn’t a gun. It is an education. Know what the law says, and how it applies to you. It’s a worthwhile endeavor. Be safe and knowledgeable. ❤️


Pure comedy…”when a real police officer gets here.” 😂😄


Isn’t the guy technically impersonating a peace officer?

>> No because he is an officer of law he isn’t impersonating one, But he is misinterpretating his job and the responsibilities

Yes, he was operating outside his jurisdictional authority. In my view <strong>what he did here is akin to a false citizen’s arrest.</strong> The minute he saw the officer was outside his authority I would’ve driven away hopefully after ID’ing the suspect. This is serious misconduct and the probation officer would likely have been pulled over for suspicious driving if a cop was in the area.


Can you imagine how poorly people who’re actually bound to his authority are treated
When you deal with overweight police officer, be even more cautious because you already know this man is not fully serious about being a good police officer, else he would be physically fit for this job….
I’m afraid I have to strenuously disagree with the Trooper’s grade. He absolutely covered for the PO’s illegal stop. An A+ grade would be taking him to jail
The wittiness of driver had me laughing. “We’ll find out a lot of things when the real police show up”. “Am I being detained? Do you not understand me?” 😂😂😂
I feel bad for the people he manages on probation. That badge has gone to his head.
If the driver had taken off, I wouldn’t be surprised if the PO took a shot at the driver with the argument “He was fleeing and he tried to run me down.” The PO has a big ego problem as well as he’s totally ignorant as what the PO badge allows him to do.
you had me at “Alabama”
“Are you a police officer?”
“I am an officer”
“Says right there you’re a probation officer. Bye”
Shoulda been as easy as that
I could just imagine how many false probation violation this guy has issued keeping the stats prison system beyond its capacity.
Nothing wrong with calling out your colleagues for making mistakes or doing wrong. More cops need to do this.
“Am I being detained” is a straightforward binary question. The fact that he refused to answer it accordingly indicates that he doesn’t have a clue if he is in the right or not.
Question – does the trooper really deserve an A+, I mean I get that his demeanor was stellar and his general prerogative to give the subject their due rights back was in line with his duty, should he not have also explained that impersonating a trooper is a felony and the subject has a right to press charges? If there’s one thing I learned from Jeremy Dewitte and others like him, officers really don’t like these sorts of games.
Since probation guy was operating outside the scope of his authority, he should have no qualified immunity. He needs to be taught a lesson where it hurts. His wallet
Having had the pleasure of being stopped by NCSHP, I can confirm they are one of the most professional law enforcement agencies out there
Corrections Officer knew enough to not say “detained”, that seems to me to be evidence that he knew he wasn’t within his authority and it was a case of ego.
My (now retired) cop relatives have told me: Never, ever pull over for ANYTHING other than a marked patrol car because there are lunatics who will impersonate cops.
The first thing that comes to my mind watching this craziness, is how many other illegal traffic stops this wannabe cop has executed on unsuspecting people, who may not have been as aware of their rights as this driver. This guy could have illegally detained young ladies and taken them to who knows where and violated them. He has obviously done this before, and it has turned out well for him, because he keeps doing it.
This seems all too common; members of law enforcement using their badge to intimidate and improperly detain citizens, most of whom don’t know their rights. I believe law enforcement officers are by and large good and decent people with a desire to protect and serve. The bad apples are the reason this channel and others like it exist. And they should exist so people can see and hear the explanation behind how and why they should behave during a period of questionable detention.
Honestly I can sum this up in one thing jurisdictional this guy is technically outside of his jurisdiction he is not even in his home state he has no authority to perform any duties as an officer of the law let alone a probationary officer
Imagine, just imagine the colossal, overwhelming and unjustified abuse of his authority that his parolees have to deal with.
I would have been interested to hear the trooper’s response if asked whether he thought a probation officer has the right to conduct traffic stops.
The reason he didn’t answer the detainment question was he knew he didn’t have the power to detain anyone
I love your channel. It’s very informative and it’s really nice/important that these things are exposed. But it corrodes my soul to see all the power tripping, abusive people getting no proper (or even not at all) punishment for their actions. Most of them continue their lives the same way victimizing many more in the future. And that will never change..
When I was a CO a few years ago, there were talks about probation and correctional officers getting the authority to pull people over end give tickets. This right here, is exactly why they wouldn’t do it. And I’m glad they didn’t. There were COs saying that they couldn’t wait to pull people over for no reason just to fuck with them.
I’ve worked with, trained or was trained by professionals. This probation officer may receive a pay check from public tax money but, he is no professional. He’s a thug and pettie tyrant, in my opinion. I’ve turned down promotions and awards in my life just so I spent more time where it counts, my family. Even when I don’t put in for it I’m lifted up and promoted! I can’t understand the mind of a thug or tyrant. How small they must be. My gold badge is tucked away and I’m retired from the Government. And I’m not going back yet still courted to come back! I’m sorry for that probation officer. He needs to find other work like in a fish cleaning house or coffee fetcher for a mall cop. And credible supervisor or administrator would see that this probation officer became a fish cleaner or coffee fetcher in private industry. In my opinion.
Lmao the guy that got pulled over was dropping zingers of truth and comedy the entire time. I’m happy he didn’t remain silent
That poor police officer was so sheepish, you could see the whole situation made him very uncomfortable 😳
“youre a probation officer im not even on probation, never have been” and they just kept coming 😂😂
Damn! 😜 I love the dudes accent. I did not know i sounded that way! I am from Alabama and we don’t take their bullshit. The Trooper did an excellent job and gives me a little faith in troopers!!
WHY DO THEY NEED TO KNOW WHERE A DRIVER IS GOING OR WHERE HE’S BEEN especially if the officer already admits there was no reason for him to be ticketed or detained anymore???
It’s amazing how much this guy was power tripping
The first tip off for me was that the office pulled in front of him several yards from the gentlemen. That’s not a traffic stop tactic that I’ve ever seen.
That is one of the best southern accents I have ever heard, and I live in North Carolina. He’s got the perfect nasal tone, all the right inflections… this guy should do voice acting as a “good ol’ southern boy”. Even 8n the foothills of NC this guy’s accent is notable. And I love it.
Never once did the trooper say “let him go right now” 😂😂 your captions are clickbait. There goes 15 minutes of my life
For the life of me…….it would be so much easier for a judge to adjudicate police misconduct if everyone would just plead the 5th and wait for a lawyer.
This guy needs to be an auditor. I could listen to him all day. Reasonable, cheery, clear voice, doesn’t get flustered or excited. Damn, get this man a body cam!
You see this shit in life all the time, give this type of person a little bit of authority, it will go beyond the pale almost every time.
Imagine having that perma-power tripping thing being your probation officer.
I’m a probation officer and I can guarantee you that if anyone here did something like this they would be A) fired and B) prosecuted. He should have been arrested. I hope the victim follows up legally. That guy is a moron and should not be supervising anyone at any level in any capacity.
“Don’t argue with idiots, they will drag you down their level and beat you with experience.” Author unknown (really). Not a law officer, drive off.
This is what I find infuriating about our law enforcement system, or what ever you want to call it. The probation officer had no authority to pull over that car, he’s not an officer, and he was out of his jurisdiction. I want to know, did the trooper tell him that? More then likely it’s the good old boy nonsense. Oh well it’s not like you shot him or anything, but be careful this could be considered kidnapping, you have a good day. EARNING THE HATE, EACH AND EVERY DAY.
I live in Alabama and all I can say is our cops here wave and anytime I’ve ever seen one in public they are always super nice, but Fl on the other hand, when I lived there most of the cops I’ve seen were as they thought, above the law!
Imagine being this dudes wife – you’re coming home from vacation, and your husband decides to make a random illegal traffic stop, and then wait around while he acts like this. Poor lady.
Pisses me off so much when officers use their authority illegally. It also pisses me off that other officers aren’t as outraged as I am about it.
Real question: could he have been arrested for impersonating a police officer? He had absolutely no jurisdiction in the state let alone zero jurisdiction to pull someone over in his own state.
As soon as I seen him holding a camera in his hand, I would have thought I was being punked. I would have left from the jump.
I am impressed with that mans wife, i got through that whole video believing there was 1 guy in the car, only for the audior mentioning his wife at the end i would still be oblivious to her existence
I would have been on the phone with 911. Absolutely no way I’m stopping for some guy flashing a badge out his window. People get killed that way.
Personally i work as an armed security guard. The fact this guy was filming with his PERSONAL phone is a huge no no. If i did that while in uniform i would be fired and black listed from the field within the week.
 @Wil Bing  that’s why I would be on the phone with 911 to confirm what was happening. Everyone is saying stop or don’t stop, I’m going down the middle. I’m calling 911 to confirm before I stop, and waiting on the phone with them until a patrol unit arrives.
If something like this ever happens, just call 911. Tell them you want a supervisor or watch commander to come to the location.

Is This What You Want To Do | Cops Out Of Control


  • Yet another ticking time bomb just waiting to hurt someone. Hopefully he is removed before he does.
  • The cop that’s basically a psycho is used to walking up to people and scaring them. He’s not used to citizens knowing their rights let alone standing up to him.
  • It’s frightening just how much that cop has to restrain himself from being violent. I feel so bad for his family.
  • Risk to the department = 100% correct, that officer is a liability
  • “Don’t walk up behind me!” What a coward. Like someone is going to film themselves assaulting a cop.
  • “He’s going to be one of those type” = he’s a citizen that knows his rights and knows the law better than I do.
  • I cannot comprehend what these deputies think they are accomplishing other than making the public hate them.
  • This is hypocritical on multiple levels. Some of the officers refuse to identify, but want the auditor’s ID. The crazy cop says he doesn’t answer questions, but proceeds to question the auditor. The crazy cop gets in the auditor’s face, but the auditor is then told to give the cops some space.
  • There’s no de-escalation when verbal judo is taught as their policy. Above the law. No code of conduct This is why we all must film our public servants If they don’t want to act like public servants They need to be fired
  • Cops: “Do you see a gun in my hands? Dont mention anything about my gun”
  • Also cops- Cop: “Do you have any guns in the car?” Citizen: “Yeah, its in the trunk” Cop: “Step out of the car please. Officer Safety”
  • This dude goes 0 to 1000! Is he crazy? Senile? Whatever the case, he doesn’t need a badge.
  • They’re absolutely correct, that one officer is a danger to the entire department. He should be put on desk duty till he learns the laws and some anger management techniques. F— bully.
  • Its not that a Cop is an out of control Thug that’s really the point. It’s how many other “Cops” either helped him or stood around and watched that shows how broken this system is.
  • It doesn’t take much to trigger abusive people. Those with low emotional control will cling to words like “baiter” “agitator”, etc.
  • So six cops for a guy filming…… & people wonder why the crime rate is so bad everywhere. 🙄
  • Weird how the plate carrying vest becomes a security blanket for the police. The cop who was clutching his vest was seething with anger for a minimal challenge to his authority. Absolutely terrifying dude.
  • Dang, Seeing that cop go a little crazy like that scares the sh*t out of me..And the rest of these cops follow suit cuz he is above them…These Cops Need To Learn How to Deal with Cameras & People in/on Public Property…..
  • The entire department needs to be fired and new leadership needs to come in. The one cop hand to be held back, imagine what he’s like when the camera isn’t on.
  • If the Chief of police is disturbed by how these officers act then there’s hope. If he doesn’t then nothing will change. The people of that city deserve better. These tyrants should be fired or at least reprimanded
  • Louisiana police are scary. They get away with so much. This guy has guts!!
  • Always in fear of their lives. Give us space while he walks up trying to intimidate. Law enforcement out of control.
  • Something that ‘We the People University’ didn’t show was that after all of that, the Sheriff’s Department LOCKED the front door to their PUBLIC Lobby. When will these PUBLIC SERVANTS (Government Employee’s) understand that they Work for the PUBLIC, not themselves or their ‘Feelings’!!!
  • I love how no matter what police department or state it is, they always say rules and policy states blah blah blah, the problem with that is rules and policy is NOT law, and rules and policy does NOT apply to the citizens. They only apply to the officers and other government officials only.
  • 2 questions, who do I need to call to make a complaint on this officers conduct? And can I make a complaint even if i wasnt involved. Because I watch audits all day and that officers behavior was absolutely top 10 most deplorable public interaction.
  • wow, the arrogance and ego is dripping off these cops, they are a danger to the public with their superiority complexes, they should be fired because of their attitude.
  • You can’t polish a terd into a diamond, you can’t retrain a bully psycho cop to be a good cop, it’s not in them.
  • The cop said “Give us space” without a hint of irony. facepalm
  • The most consistent behavior I see in just about every video with a cop in it is the need for them to give orders, no matter how irrelevant. They just can’t help it.
  • The wrong attitude and temperament to be an officer,very poor and unprofessional. Then he has the cheek to advise you to calm down, unreal. God help us with policing of this quality. It’s a disgrace.
  • If that guy was ready to snap of camera can you imagine the evil things he does when no one is watching that whole crew needs to be written up
  • Make a list here…”What’s the point?”
  1. Education
  2. Transparency
  3. Accountabilit
  4. Authority
  5. Boundaries
  6. Jurisdiction
  7. Use of Rights
  8. Knowledge check
  9. Reinforce trust
  10. Risk Management


  • Man love your channel. It teaches you a lot. Gives you an understanding of what the law is. Making people aware. Thanks and keep up the great work.
  • Auditor respectfully asks for more personal space and gets denied. Then the police demand more personal space.
  • 5:20 The sheer anger in their faces and the contempt for these public law-abiding citizens is horrific!
  • This escapee from the slow school gets so exasperated when a citizen doesn’t follow his impotent orders. Why do police forces hire people with obvious mental and interpersonal skills? It appears to me that every community in the U.S. said let’s hire juiced up weight lifters (who btw in my experience cannot fight for crap) and those with borderline personality disorders to be our police force.
  • Can you just imagine what these cops would do if you didn’t have a camera
  • These public servants characters has to be terminated from law enforcement. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were on drugs for their demeanors.
  • the police really do think they lord over us. That’s a real problem. thanks for standing up to them.
  • The “DONT TALK ABOUT MY GUN” roid rage guy looks just like a bull ready to charge! That cop is going to seriously hurt someone someday soon!😱
  • THIS SHIT IS ABUSING HIS WIFE AND HIS FAMILY. I grew up with an abuse Father and this man is not stable. If anyone knows his wife and family make sure they are ok. He is geared to trigger any citizen that has been abused. Either way he is going to hurt someone or get himself hurt. He has no business working with the public.
  • 5:56 “YOU SOUND AGGRESSIVE, SIR!!” What a piece of work this cop is. He cannot control his tempter or mood and consistently overreacts to ordinary conversation. Why does he have a job that deals with the public?
    • The irony of that moment wasn’t lost on me
  • “Here’s the deal…” Copsplaining 101, a required course at police academies.
  • Even the officer that steps in between the two realizes that this guy is out of control and he will go Hands-On if he didn’t have a camera he would have already been beat up
  • I thought the gentleman did an outstanding job dealing with corrupt police, he was very clean precise and sounded very intelligent. He also knew when to play the cards of his particular operation, and YouTube channel. Very good exposure, I do hope that there are law enforcement around the world that watch these videos and understand that they are not better than the civilians that they serve, the people are not peasants, and they are not kings, they serve the public.
  • Amazing how there’s so many cops in the station doing nothing and have time to stand around aimlessly for people w cameras. People freak out when you want to lower the budget of police this is why. Or say 3k dollars license plate scanners that shouldnt exist if the 4th amendment was actually taken seriously
  • What’s really astounding is the violation of civil liberties over and over and over and over and over and over again, but these goons never face consequences. Intimidation and harassment is a direct violation of 4th amendment rights at the least, and these goons need to be charged federally
  • If a citizen has a gun and it is in his holster I bet the cop brings up the guns and gets all scared and throws them to the ground but it was never in the citizen’s hand.
  • Are mental evaluations even considered when hiring officers? The unhinged officer in this video is going to end up hurting someone, if he hasn’t already…The officers standing around and just watching the complete mental and emotional breakdown of a fellow officer are just as appalling.
  • That cop needs to be fired and obviously with that many cops for a camera means they can let officers go and downsize since they have nothing else to do but harass law abiding citizens
  • That one cop is scary he doesn’t need to be retrained he needs to be fired! It is sad to me than any other cop would stand up for him stand by him or try and justify how he’s acting.
  • Cop acted like he just questioned his manhood!
  • “You see a gun pulled out?” Something tells me that if you’re openly carrying in this encounter and you say exactly the same thing, their attitudes are very different.
  • Yelling officer invading personal space of calm auditor: “YOU SOUND AGGRESSIVE SIR, CALM DOWN!” I can’t imagine how violent that officer is when there’s no witnesses nor cameras.
  • “YOU’RE ACTING AGGRESSIVE!”…says the guy yelling…Riiiight.
  • “You sound aggressive” as he screams and walks towards him smh.
  • Why do cops always feel the need to put their hands on their vests like they’re badasses? Their body language speaks volumes. Total disdain and contempt for citizens. 😡😡😡
  • Great example that the Government hires thugs to do thug work. They would have not acted this way unless they were trained to do so. That most aggressive pig would have shoved you off of public property because he was told to treat citizens this way. None of their actions had anything to do with law enforcement. They saw citizens with cameras and you are the enemy. Why are we the enemy? Who instructed these pigs that we are the enemy. Everyone of them treated you with contempt. Like how dare you believe you can walk and take pictures as if you are a free people. It was all about putting fear into you way to stand up to the corruption.
  • This is most certainly not the first time these tyrants have misbehaved, and tried to intimidate the public!
  • Berkholtz must be going through something to go off like that. I honestly pray he gets some help. Cops are human, to me he is at his breaking point, and it’s not related to this encounter. I’d normally would condem him, but I’m trying to be better.
    • @Steven Larratt  no I’m not, but someone who recognizes people with extreme psychological issues related to stress.
  • Imagine if the cop came up to a citizen open carrying and said he needed to take the weapon while chatting for “officer safety” and the citizen went off the same way, mocking officer safety and saying “do you see a gun in my hand?”
  • I had a patient who was a serial killer. He was caught when he killed a cop. (He became my patient only after he killed the cop). He turned out to be a sociopath. Because I was not his victim type, we became comfortable around each other during interviews and psychological testing. On the other hand, I would not be comfortable around Officer Berkholz. This man is a danger because his short temper will set him off. His behavior indicates he has violent traits. I would guess that he’s exhausted at the end of each day just from trying to keep himself from losing control and getting violent. People who carry weapons and have authority over people should not be this “wound up.” My serial killer patient was more in control of himself than this cop. That cop needs to be in a position where he has no contact with the public. He really shouldn’t even be allowed to own or carry a gun. If he hasn’t already, he’s going to hurt someone when given the chance. He’s on the lookout for that opportunity/excuse.
  • He even said, “one of those type.” Right then he should’ve known that what he was doing was perfectly legal. And the officer should’ve just walked away.
  • Officer : That’s all we are asking for is give us space. But before that officer “right here” gets within 1foot of the camera man. And was highly aggressive. He seems like a liability to the department. And a threat to society
  • When even their own cop buddy co-worker holds them back from advancing on The People, you gotta ask yourself what he’s already done.
  • They know people will see this and they still behave this way. That’s how confident they are there will be no repercussions
  • How come the guy filming can “Demand name and badge number” of police without identifying himself? I am not a cop but If the guy filming got in front of my property with that attitude, and was a motor mouth like he has, it would be understandable to want to move him along or put a sock in it for him. The cops maybe wrong but this guy filming is so annoying, he’d make most people flare up. Not just cops.
  • Why do SOME cops get angry so fast? There is a BIG percentage of cops that DO NOT know the law that they are supposed to uphold. Happens so often WOW
  • Imagine what that one cop does on the road when interacting with people who don’t know their rights.
  • I always wonder if law enforcement attracts this type of person, or if normal people become this type of person.
    • It’s both. Worked around cops for almost a decade. Many come into the farce with this type of personality disorder but others grow into it over time as they go year after year of what is a mostly boring job. They can’t handle the monotony and stress that long. After years of operating within a filter where they are way over exposed to idiots and criminals they stop being able to see people as anything but. These types were not cut put for the work, but most of their skills are only secondary type in usefulness to other jobs, so they don’t often have much to offer for a position with similar pay and benefits. So they are stuck. They hate their life and they take it out on everyone else.
  • Who sounds aggressive. The grey beard old Cop, that’s who. A group of the reason for the people to make their law enforcements to pay and carry their each own liability insurance
  • Imagine what that one would do on a dark back street when he wasn’t being filmed. Now imagine how the others would support him.
  • Mark my words ,, this department will be in the news for hurting someone or a bad violation of their rights … they are nasty and out of control .
  • See this is what I have an issue with. As soon as an officer is called out for him doing wrong, trying to escalate a situation, gets told off his higher ranked officer and asked to leave the vercinity, they still decide to bark orders at you “Don’t go into restrictive area’s” , “Don’t do this, don’t do that“. Its like a psychological thing going on here. Even when you have done nothing wrong, you will never get an apology from any officer for doing something wrong. They have to display their control and dominance to you to show that they are in control. I am sorry to say, but as soon as that officer started barking at the auditor, that control was lost. Police are SUPPOSE to show a high level of professionalism to the people. If they have a right to be there, let them be. They are not your children so you do not need to give them directives. The reason why they give out directives is a power play. This is mentally disturbing and each cop within that sheriff’s Headquaters, need a psych evaluation.
  • One guy with a camera can distract an entire police department. The police no longer care about crimes once they see an auditor.
  • The best question to ask is, would you like a private citizen coming into your place of work and harassing you for social media views? I think not!
  • This is the kind of exposure every one can learn from. One would think that local news channels would show this videos on the 6 o’clock news hour.🤔
  • Mad cop with a serious ego problem. None of your business, how rude. This has nothing to do with policing. This is an occupation by a brutal corrupt force. Look at his eyes, he wants to pull that gun.
  • Everyone needs a personal camera. Imagine how this would have gone without his….
  • Some people get uncomfortable when people stick cameras in their faces and act all accusatory and angry, while being evasive. If you people tried these tactics on everyday citizens trying to get through their days, you would be assaulted, RIGHTFULLY, within minutes! You have no RIGHT to accost and harass others just because you are angry with the VAST minority of cops acting inappropriately! Trying to goad others into being defensive is DISGUSTING behavior! WHY don’t you know this?! YOU are being OFFENSIVE and expecting others to just “take it” while you KNOW if others came to YOUR jobs and did this sort of thing it would make you angry!
  • SHAME ON THIS BEHAVIOR! The PROPERTY is restricted and heavily monitored and defended because ignorant citizens have been harassing and threatening cops. I have NO PROBLEM with the behavior of any of the cops. They try to explain the situation calmly and the guy with the camera is belligerent and argumentative throughout the whole encounter. The cops showed GREAT restraint and I hope legislation is soon passed to disallow this sort of nonsense from happening on police property or during public police activity. You people should go through the PROPER channels with your complaints and reach out to those responsible for such relations and discuss it like ADULTS instead of schoolyard bullies!
  • Also, what is with the “pointing” at others?! Come pointing at me like that and that finger will smell REALLY bad in a few seconds, and you’ll have to clean up your rear end!
  • “the loudest one in the room is weakest one in the room”… -Frank Lucas Officer burly is a wrongful death law suit just waiting to happen. Look how angry he got offer the mention of a gun. That man was easily the school bully. He’s likely a womanizer too. He should be barred from anything having to do with law.
  • that officer is a absolute bully, its like he want to have a school yard fight. getting up in his face. then trys to tell him to calm done like he was doing something wrong.he should not be on the force. an abuse of power big time.
  • The invention of the camera will force alot of cops to have to learn the actual law and not make it up based on there feelings.
  • Shouting “Do you see my gun pulled out!” Sounds like a threat he wants to pull his gun out
  • 5:58 “You sound aggressive sir, calm down!” Officer Berkholz is out of control! He should never be allowed to wear a badge.
  • Common in Louisiana Parish Sheriff’s Departments… I should know… I live in one and have dealt with them Here in Caddo Parish, the standard is a swaggering ” I GOTTA BADGE AND A GUN!” type attitude…. It’s fun to let them know that you don’t care….
  • Those guys are ticking time bombs. Stay tuned…
  • Did anyone else notice that two or more of these cops have their safety’s off their holsters ! Like they are preparing for a gun fight ! What’s the point of having a double retention holster if you don’t use it properly !
  • I really just think words mean some, and that cop right there so we control this… As long as the people let them control they will get away with it 🙂. The attitudes of the police are a direct correlation to how the people react, to all authority not just authoritative public agencies it’s a shame because it trickles down into school which house children. And I think we have a lot of of people that are critical thinkers thus is why we have so much lawlessness. Young people aren’t going to take trampoline on there rights nicely so what they end up doing is attacking all types of authority can’t be controlled by the parents of direct correlation to policing.
  • That dude is going to cost the department a LOT of money one day.


  • This is insane ! And I’d like to say who in the right mind would commit a crime and have it all video recorded ? Please someone answer that lmfao! These cops are POWER HUNGRY and it needs to end !
  • He got really mad when they talked about his gun, I bet if you look in to him he pulled it on some one and covered it up, this shows his scared of anyone finding out or looking in to his use of force.
  • One of those cops broke the Bane Act by blocking camera with his hand. Who Can Sue for a Hate Crime Under the Banes Act? The victim has standing to sue, as well as associates of the victim if they were also subjected to violence or threats of violence. Damages allowed include medical expenses, impaired earning capacity, lost property value, pain, suffering, emotional distress, and loss of services.
  • It’s amazing how they can walk up on you but, you can’t walk near them! You can’t yell but they can.
  • I’ll never forget the time my mom got pulled over .. Cop: why you acting all nervous? My mom : cause you have the tools of ignorance strap to your hip
  • Any police officer who refuses to identify, is not a cop. At that point you can walk away and tell him to get lost
  • @9:20 Imagine standing 5 feet away from your boss feeling entirely comfortable violating policy.
  • Aggressive cop kept taking deep breaths and still had a shaky voice because of his out of control anger
  • They know they have qualified immunity so they can pretty much get away with anything. And then if they lose a lawsuit it’s taxpayer money so they face no consequences whatsoever.
  • 7:55 I know you’re fired up an everything, but you have got to let LEO go through their list of “don’t do’s”. When you’re being an ass about it, you make auditors look bad.
  • What was the need for all of that was the great question by the auditors 🙏💯❤. These cops went into programed mode of obey me cause I got a gun and a badge regardless of if it is right or wrong!. I like to see this happen to them 😤❤💯
  • Black people please don’t try what this guy is doing, because the cops will not have any patience at all for a Black person whether you’re right or not, you will be arrested, or maybe killed. It’s not about being scared or weak, it’s about realizing that there are two different laws in this country, one for white people and one for Black and Brown people. It’s a good thing to know your rights, but don’t go looking for trouble. That’s not in our best interest. We have a lot to deal with already when it comes to the police, we shouldn’t add to it purposely.
  • “We control the city” no officer… you SERVE the city.
  • I can’t imagine what it would be like for the good old do you see a gun pulled out Tyrant pulling a person over on the street with no cameras Watching God help that person
  • “Yes, that’s a lawful order.” Which law is the order in reference to?
    • These idiot bullies genuinely don’t understand what the phrase “lawful order” actually means hahaha
  • By law all officers must identify upon request.
  • I believe that there are a few bad cops , but I hate these trouble makers with the cams.. They make problems instead of solving. If they want to fix things , they should follow politicians!
  • that cop would have through camera guy on the ground really quick if he wasn’t being videoed…that’s what was so frustrating to him..he wanted to get violent and couldn’t..
  • Look at the absolute contemptuous behavior of these ridiculous public servants. They are so frightened of being caught on camera that they immediately get aggressive, verbally abusive and completely disregarded the very same constitutional rights that they are sworn to uphold. They are disgusting and do not have the demeanor of a respectable child. It’s terrible people like these tyrants who choose to become police officers just to bully people and hide behind qualified immunity. These pigs represent modern law enforcement and we must not stand for this any longer.


  • That Moment when the roids kick in!
  • “Ya’ll don’t know who you’re messing with. Who I am … “ Was that really needed to support your case? I was with you until these childish statements let you down and showed too much of your ego
  • Notice how the one with his hand touching his gun removes it when you mention that they have guns. Don’t eat yellow snow, don’t run with scissors, and don’t scissor with the runs.
  • It starts out with 3 cops then turns into 12 cops for a call for service. Isn’t that called a mob ?
  • The main reason most thug cops HATE to give their name and number is that would be taking a direct order from a lowly civilian. When you are strapped and badged, you do not answer to those lower life forms.
  • They are NOT government officials. They are PUBLIC Officials. But if ya keep referring to them as such, then they’ll keep taking yards. Yes, we DO live inside of a Police State. Yes they ARE strangers. Mama always told ya neva to talk to strangers. Same rule applies here. Do not call them sir or mam either. Respect is earned, not awarded freely. Period.
  • Are cops trained to be petty? Serious question. Because it seems to be near universal. Like how they refuse to verbally identify only because somebody they have issue with asked them to. Be professional. Or how they never apologize to the person they gave unlawful orders to when a superior educates them that they are incorrect. Or always needing to get in the last word with unneeded directives. Cops may feel like they’re disliked by the public, but cops that act like this are earning that hatred for them all.


  • Sad part about this is there’s No Shame In His Game
  • as a Army veteran that SGT is a bloody disgrace that doesn’t train his troops what a joke SGT you need to get help from your officer in command and more training yourself
  • Every cop that’s says right here when asking your name, when they ask you, pat to your wallet and say right here
  • The biggest threat to a cop is a camera.
  • Is it just me or are the unreasonably angry cops always roided out?
  • I don’t get it! The Police know what he is doing but use these heavy handed tactics. Just let him do his thing and be on his way
  • Welcome to the United police states of Amerikkka. Nothing will change until qualified immunity is abolish and the police union pays for all lawsuits.
  • I think we should start calling this tactic, weeding out the Floyd killers
  • How much does the Parish Pay for cops? Such much money in capital! That is one of the largest and nicest HQ’s I’ve ever seen. We don’t have those in the NYC area.
  • It’s extremely odd how they won’t take PREVENTIVE measure for anyone else (stalking, dv, etc), but they will fight tooth and nail to detour you from basic rights involving them!
  • funny how the psychopath aggressive loose cannon cop shout at the peaceful guy with the camera to “CALM DOOWN!”.. trying to plant reason to beat the guy up, that was scary….
  • It is a guarantee that Bekholz has violated countless rights. That’s a loose cannon with a complex
  • Wow. Hypocrisy of asking the camera person to calm down when he’s the one yelling
  • angry cop says “do you see a gun pulled” but if they saw me with a holstered weapon you’d be damn sure they’d be yelling gun and I’d have 5 cops bringing me to the ground and 5 more cops pig piling on top of me.
  • Lmao, driving recklessly? All cops do that. That’s one of the main reasons they become cops.
  • He never said the cop drew his gun. He said he had one. Is he denying he has one?
  • This is their “us vs. them” mentality on full display
  • I was wondering what to do if the cops say you fit a description ( cops lie ) Do I identify? ( Missouri law)
  • Guaranteed these guys went out after and took out their frustrations on someone.
  • Guy is speaking calmly and saying deescalate Cop aggressively yelling while getting in his face: “you sound Agressive Sir, CALM DOWN!”
  • Cameras protect the innocent and damn the guilty.
  • Cops needs to be trained on Civil rights.
  • It’s always the tyrants who refuse to identify
  • “Right here”…. IS THAT WHAT YOU TELL THE JUDGE?!
  • This bad servant is trying to put words in the cameramans mouth. The cameraman’s words were “your the ones with guns” then the servant states “do you see my gun pulled out” that wasn’t stated by the cameraman.
  • Do not ask a cop a question that is answered yes or no. They will always answer in their favor.
  • Do your job sergeant. No law has been broken. You are law enforcement. You are to enforce laws and serve the pubic. You work for the public, act like it.
  • Stop yelling at us. That’s escalating.
  • LOL when they finally figure it out,,, “have a good day” with so much malice it is hilarious.
  • That aggressive officer is going to get his coworker hurt someday
  • Can’t even get public property from private property straight ?
  • Wow! That one dude I guarantee has killed people and made numerous false arrests as well as excessive force incidents!
  • They pick and choose when to respond and how. Supreme Court ruled they have no duty to act. “Wehave to tespond”. Bull.
  • _Macho macho macho man I wanna be, a macho man_ Testosterone poisoning all over the place. Good job checking the thugs. These are the tough guys that start to fear for their lives all of a sudden.
  • Old guard cops who can’t stand the modern age of citizens with video cameras who know their rights. Their “party” is over & they’re pissed.
  • If the cops lie to you they should be held accountable because if you lied to the cops you will be held accountable
  • If they act like fools in front of a camera,,what do you think they do when the cameras are off,,,bullies


  • Louisiana….where the cops rob you to protect you from being mugged!!
  • Just because you’re not holding a gun doesn’t mean you’re not armed.
  • Yeah the guy with the gray goatee just wants to put hands on him so aggressive does not know how to de-escalate and walk away God complex not only doctors have it but cops got it bad
  • I’ve heard of men having periods but I didn’t believe it until I seen officer “right here”
  • To be so triggered about his side arm should automatically be fireable offence. This lunatic, if he hasn’t already, will kill someone. I bet a million dollars he has already assaulted everyone he arrested in his career.
  • out of control, this will be used in a future abuse case of his
  • This is my parish and its sad that they don’t know the law.
  • the problem is the police view the public as adversaries
  • To all you that say they should be fired ,that not true ,they need to have there indorsement revoked so they can’t got to some other department and do the same.
  • So the dangerous driving by the sheriffs was never addressed
  • The thumbs in the chest suit is an aggressive position and cops should be fired for doing it.
  • That cop was so mad he was shaking.
  • Audit aside…. The “y’all don’t know who you’re messing with” and “y’all don’t know how big I am” is cringe as hell. What a nerd. Get over yourself lol!
  • Why are easily scared and offended people allowed to be officers? That’s like hiring a lifeguard who easily sun burns.
  • Oh. This is Louisiana. That just about explains it. Thank god they wasn’t in Alabama.
  • I think you hurt the cops fragile ego..he will probably go home have a drink and take it out on someone else.
  • The whole restricted area lecture is just a sad attempt to have the last word
  • Here’s a new directive for cops, don’t use sandpaper to wipe you ass.
  • You can see it in his eyes.
  • All he said was you have a badge and a gun…. And he went all the way to do I have it drawn
  • The Police could just handled this so much better. They just made themselves look so ridiculous on YouTube
  • Hotheads do not need to be in law enforcement!!!
  • hahha laughable the officer says I’m not answering anymore questions…..
  • What I don’t understand is why do they care if someone has a camera? What’s the big deal?
  • 2:52….Looking for confirmation to go hands on…In my opinion.

Unusual: Good Cop Gets Bad Cop Fired and Arrested


  • This was hard to look at with this older man being treated like a dog. But…….THANK YOU OUTSTANDING OFFICERS for your honesty and integrity. See, you officers who want to be RoboCop is going to slip and fall on the same banana peel that you think you’re throwing down for others.
  • This is a perfect example of what people want, officers being held accountable for their bullshit. Especially being caught and called out by other officers. And that right there is what we lack and why so many people are fearful of police. All police may not be a bad, but the good ones sure as hell aren’t doing anything to hold the bad ones accountable for their actions, they just sit back and watch. Sure they aren’t the ones actually doing anything, but they also aren’t stopping it. And that in itself makes the good cops bad.
  • Glad this video exists. It makes people aware that there are indeed bad cops, but that there are also good cops who do not condone their colleague’s behaviour. It shows both sides in a single video and it should be used during training of young police academy trainees. How to act, how not to act and how to act when your colleague doesn’t act properly.

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10:18 “They don’t give us cards”… This cop is a straight up crook. Thank god for the good cop. Well done Ma’am.
14:15 The look on the face of the female officer speaks volumes. I have a high regard for her honesty and righteous action.
She is a fine example of what a peace officer is. We need more officers like her.
The way the female officer looked at the other officer when he said they don’t issue us cards is priceless. I appricate that she not only did the right thing as per department policys, but just made my day with the stare. Well done officer 🙂
He is a perfect example of why most people do not trust Police Officers
I believe that these type of officers feel like they have the right to do this so much that they start to believe the lies they tell immediately.
The lack of humanity it takes to just slam someone’s head into the ground and then immediately pivot into self-preservation instead of even checking if the person is okay, just boggles my mind
I LOVE the look the lady cop gave him when he said they didn’t have ID cards. She instantly glared at him like, “Who the fuck do you think you are?” People like this guy are the problem, and what gives other decent cops a bad name. Glad he’s now just a FORMER officer.
Thank you to the officers that arrested the actual criminal in that instance…..and that’s coming from a civilian my self…THOSE OFFICERS ARE THE REAL DEAL….THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU THAT DAY….
A minimum two year associates degree in constitutional law should be a required prerequisite to become a police officer, and all applicants must be fully investigated for their prior conduct before acceptance into any police academy.