Joe Rogan on Eric Garner: If you don’t think that’s a choke hold, let me put you in it.

If you don’t think that’s a choke hold, let me put you in it.

.. I got a discussion with somebody at
Twitter way back about that guy Michael
Brown got I can’t breathe what’s that
Michael Brown
Eric garner was Erik Roner yeah
and he somebody’s like yet what you
understand is I had a business and like
I sell let’s say I sell cigarettes if
somebody’s undercutting me with no
permits right outside that really hurts
my business I was like okay sure I’ll
give you that do you think the
punishment for that should be choking
someone maybe til I can’t breathe
and he’s like oh no no that’s too much
of a punishment okay well here’s the
problem with that the official version
of that is that he didn’t have any
cigarettes on him they did not know he
had nothing he had nothing what
yeah I know he had nothing when they
they had arrested him before for that
but he was clean so all that cigarette
he was telling him leave him the fuck

he’s like you’re all I was out here
fucking with me just leave me the fuck
they started I wanted to frisk them and
there was for no reason oh my god 96
Edwards is still too much it’s like just
give me the ticket bitch yes
they shouldn’t touch him I mean and he
wasn’t a violent guy wasn’t like like
threatening them
and some sort of a way
and and then they tried to say that it
wasn’t a chokehold my bitch let me put
you in that dude I by these two cops
that I wanted to they were one was sent
right after that in New York that’s not
a chokehold
and I want I wanted to stop
ago actually I’m friends with an expert
on the subject and he does say jokey to
death like that yeah I will choke you to
death with that house underneath listen
he’s got his hands grip that is like the
same ver it’s a backwards version of
what you would call like a marcelo
garcia guillotine which means like
there’s certain guys that are really
good at getting the blade of the forearm
across your esophagus it’s very painful

and like some of like a maul easton
taught me how to do this in shoutout to
Boulder Colorado I’m all Eastern is a
jiu-jitsu coach and he’s got a fantastic
guillotine and one of the things about
his guillotine is he knows how to get
that blade of that bone right into your
esophagus it’s horrific it feels
and they do it like with a high
elbow so you can’t escape it it’s and it
it’s an immediate feeling that guy has
his forearm right across that guy’s
throat yeah there’s no doubt about it
I’m holding that like that and I’m
clammed he has his hands clasp together
can you make it a little bigger so you
can see this is a right hand resist like
yeah see but you could still choke
someone out even if his hand I can’t
tell if his hands are connected I think
they are it looks like he’s got a man
inside his Eric garner smelling so the
hundred percent hundred percent and then
arms behind his back too but the point
is the guy who’s choking him the way
he’s doing that you could choke a guy
like that with one arm you don’t even
have to have that right arm and play if
he’s got that left arm with anything
like that always do is hook the the back
of the head or put the shoulder rather
the traps you if your arms from San Jose
he cut somebody no shields yeah yeah
that’s made one-armed guillotine yeah
Jake do anybody like that Tito Ortiz did
that in the UFC before he choked
somebody out with a one-armed
guillotined Luke Rockhold did it to
Michael Bisping he got him in a mounted
one-armed guillotine I mean here’s the
problem why don’t the other cops ever go
hey Tony that’s enough
yeah you dissin man that’s a goddamn
chokehold I know choke holds i
commentate them on for a fucking living
that’s chokehold and if you don’t think
it’s a chokehold let me put you in it
let me put you in it to see how long you

well it’s it’s fucking chokehold

Video Shows Police Officer Firing Stun Gun at Unarmed Man Sitting on Curb

“Legs straight out or you’re getting tased,” the police officer can be heard saying on video, talking to an unarmed black man sitting on a curb.

The man appears to begin following the officer’s directions, then folds his legs up again. The officer fires his stun gun. The man writhes in pain, then is handcuffed by officers while lying on his stomach.

That encounter, captured by a bystander on a cellphone video Thursday morning in Lancaster, Pa., and then widely shared after being posted to Facebook, quickly led to a public outcry, including from the town’s mayor, who said an investigation would be conducted.

.. Nationwide, African-American people are far more likely than white people and other groups to be subjected to use of force by the police

.. Tasers, said Mr. Alpert, the criminologist, are often used by the police more freely than firearms when officers are seeking to get someone to comply with orders. But, Mr. Alpert said, Tasers themselves can be deadly.

.. when officers responded to reports that a man was attacking a group of people, they found Mr. Williams demanding his Social Security card from a woman.

.. The Police Bureau said in its report that directing suspects to straighten their legs helps prevent them from running away or fighting with police. “Noncompliance is often a precursor to someone that is preparing to flee or fight,” the report states.