Police Obstruct Recording (Surprise Ending)

Police officer tries to stop auditor from filming a traffic stop.

Although there are several armed policeman with cameras, the one unarmed auditor is a threat because he and his camera may expose police corruption.

  • 20:16 the guys own words, says: “their whole tone changed when you arrived”. That is the protection of cameras!


  • 05:03 cop: “you’re just trying to find something wrong with this investigation.” Seems like a strange thing to say while trying to find something wrong with a citizen.


  • She’s intentionally chatting to distract and keep the focus off the real issue of cop intimidation ! The Auditor does a great job translating the truth and holding his frame despite “ Chatty Cathy w/ a gun “ !


  • “You’re taking my attention away from the stop,” says the lady cop who is giving the cameraman her undivided attention.


  • We need more people like this guy who cares about the rights of other people as if they were his own, which they are.


  • Everyone of these officers’ actions proved they knew they were being unlawful on camera and then tried to fabricate charges against lawful activity.


  • It is obvious to me that the officers are engaging you in conversation to distract you and block you from recording the encounter. Then they get butthurt when they realize you know the law. I think it would have been a very different result without the camera.


  • Police officer training time:
    • Japan: 2 years
    • Germany: 2 years
    • Sweden: 2.5 years
    • Italy: 4 years
    • USA: 21 weeks, on average.
      • As short as 16 weeks.
      • And we are surprised at how ignorant of the law most officers are in the US.


  • When they say “we group up for officer safety” the reply should be “we do too. that’s why I am recording, protecting my fellow citizen”
  • You should invest in a long selfie stick that can reach well above your head so that if they again try to obstruct or distract you from filming you don’t have to worry about them following you around trying to stop you from seeing what they are doing. Then they could stand in front of you as long as they want. We appreciate all that you do to keep those gang members accountable and transparent. Y’all are awesome!!
  • They’ve ran this drill before… she’s blocking audio and video while distracting the camera man. Auditors please leave your ego behind. If you were silent we may have been able to hear the other two officers intimidation tactics
  • Why are we hiring such children to tell us what we’re doing wrong
  • She keeps trying to block your camera, that’s a violation of your 1st amendment. She keeps lying. When they LIE call them LIARS.
  • You always bring the best videos! It’s almost like they’re trying to distract the cameraman from what’s actually happening! The only “causing problems” I see is her not wanting to be transparent! She’s garbage!
  • He should have pointed out as well, when he was counting the number of LE cameras on the scene recording,.. that his and the property’s camera were the only ones they couldn’t control..There have been far too many times when a FOIA is requested that the information is heavily redacted or mysteriously missing
  • it always amazes me how a cop carrying, a gun, mase, and tazer, is the one who claims is in fear of there life when a civilian has there hand in there pocket lol
  • Look out when you hear officers safety. How many innocent people have been killed for officers safety?
  • It really is infuriating how they react to transparency. Like a secret cult … We are not secret police, or are we..
  • They been doing what they want for a long time but now everyone has a camera so we see more of it
  • The way I see it, if it takes 3 cops for a routine traffic stop, I suggest you put 3 cops in one squad car, and save tax payers money on purchasing 2 cars, not to mention the fuel consumption, maintenance, fuel usage and insurance. It would also make it easier for the 3 cops to conjure up some fake reasons to pull someone over and get their stories straight before the stop is even started. Win win for everybody concerned.
  • So she is the distraction sent forward to take the focus away from what the other cops were doing?
  • They’re convinced they’re intelligent and operate on what “normal” is. What if a police officer thinks skateboarding isn’t “normal”, they’re gonna question them everyday? Every time they see them?
  • This is the civilian equivalent of a cop riding on someones bumper till they screw up. Not alot of fun huh cops?
  • “Is this something that we’re beginning to see across the nation where cops do what they want, even commit crimes behind the scenes?” No this NOT something that we’re BEGINNING to see! It’s something that cops have always done and always will do.
  • She’s calling a citizen a civilian that goes to show that they’re at war with us .
  • She did exactly what she wanted to do. She took the auditor’s attention away from what was being said to the guy. Should have told her to be quiet so he could hear what was being said. She ran interference and it worked.
  • Amazing how its always the most petty and self rightious ones that want to be cops, they say “oh they want to help people oh they want to make a difference” but usually display arrogance and indifference and a willingness to use force.
  • As always the “law enforcers” act unlawful and face no consequences.
  • It seems like leos act like criminals everytime there’s a camera. That’s a subconscious response. They know that they are to stupid to enforce the law without breaking the law. So they get aggravated anytime they think they might be forced to be accountable for their actions. Which is what cameras do.
  • There is no reasonable expectation of privacy when in public, especially at the gas station. Most, if not all stations these days have cameras already recording. No wonder people lost so much respect for those tyrants. Smh


What Rights Do You Have To Stop Cops From Entering Your House – Warrants, Consent, Exigency

What Rights Do You Have To Stop Cops From Entering Your House – Warrants, Consent, Exigency

When can Cops enter your home? What cops use to enter your home. I discuss how Gov or Law Enforcement can gain entry to your home and under what circumstances they can enter your home without your consent or approval.

I have a video about why you should not talk to cops that I encourage all people to watch. Nothing good comes from talking or cooperating with the Gov. Once Gov is involved it can only down hill from there. Once Gov gets an inch of control they will always want more and you will end up playing catch up and wishing Gov was never invovled. Here is the link to that video:

I have said many times when I was a cop – It is better if you don’t make a statement, don’t talk to me and remain silent. There is an attitude that if you remain silent or refuse to talk, then you must be guilty or have something to hide. In the current adversarial relationship between citizens and the Government, protecting yourself should be your primary concern.

Nothing you say can help you and can only be used against you. Police work for the Government and politicians, they have careers to protect, policy to follow, they make mistakes, they misremember things, some things are accidentally left out of reports, their memory is not perfect and many other factors can come into play and you may become collateral damage during an investigation. The old saying, Truth is what the cop puts in the police report, is true to many.

Any lawyer will tell you DO NOT talk to the cops or give any statements. Anything you say can be misunderstood, taken wrong, repeated wrong, remembered wrong, important parts can be forgotten, confused or intentionally withheld by the Government, especially if it hurts their case.

This video is a Lawyer that explains this very well. Invest 20 minutes and watch this video where this experienced Lawyer gives specific reasons on why you should not talk to the Police.


As a law abiding citizen I appreciate the information but the behavior you described of cops today is very concerning. What happened to protect and serve. You see more and more police departments looking more and more like military operatives and that is scary even as a law abiding citizen.



If this is true–that cops can create exigent circumstances on a whim and thus can break in without consequences–the system needs to CHANGE. One of the important critical costs of individual liberty that an individual having a right to be secure in his person is that COPS DO NOT HAVE THE AUTOMATIC RIGHT TO WIN unless they can prove it to a judge who would provide a warrant. A person’s home is his sanctuary. Period. If cops want to snag someone who’s in his house and don’t have a warrant, starve him out. Don’t break in. If someone’s life is in danger, cops don’t have–that is, should not have–the limitless power to resolve the situation, not at the cost of one’s right to be secure. To argue otherwise is to give absolute power to a police state, which I’m beginning to realize we may have already become, rather than a nation governed by individual rights. But the greater crime is in the courts/”justice” system that have successfully absolved such tyrannical violations of the 4th amendment and given what was said in this video the backing of precedent. Checks and balances clearly end at the courts, a tragedy that is ultimately causing the implosion of our nation. Granted, the stories this guy shares are examples of where having a police state worked out nicely.


So you can do nothing wrong but be a victim of impatient cops attending a bogus call, not even get charged, and still receive a record? “Land of the free” The more I learn about our legal system the more I despise it, it’s despicable and constantly stacked against the citizens. A cop will give you a record just because he didn’t want to have to justify his unneeded use of force on paper. What the hell…


most everything you’ve said is why law enforcement has very low respect. I had a DA tell me Law Enforcement is not an honorable job anymore.


“There’s a difference between kicking a door and preventing you from closing the door” that right there tells you everything you need to know about cops.


by the way I am law abiding citizen and a veteran … I believe in the constitution to the fullest! officers infringe on that daily! a good friend of mine that I severed with  just became a officer in texas … his class skipped over learning bout the constitution … umm… that’s an issue for me … how many agencies do that !? isn’t the fucking constitution the basis for our laws ,rights, way of life ?
Officer, what you’re saying is that police will, after violently harming an innocent person, will arrest them, book them, and give them a criminal record so they don’t look bad? That’s what I would call a disgusting and evil action.  That, and the victim of those perpetrators would also have a good claim for a 1983 suit.
Wrong house and home owner gets killed or shot and injured? In my opinion the fact that you got the wrong house means you’re wrong and completely liable for anything and everything. Period.
An attorney named Dale Carson wrote a book called “Arrestproof Yourself”. In that book he stresses that when ever you deal with government and law enforcement to ‘Shut the hell up”. To never EVER start talking to them. That they are NOT your friends. That book should be required reading for every citizen of this country. The information contained would help to put the kabash on a lot of governmental and law enforcement abuse. Most police I know are pretty good people just doing a dirty job. But I have met a few who I am amazed ever passed a psych test.
I appreciate your information, except the part where you laugh about busting in the wrong house and you told the lady to have the city pay for the damage. Disgusting! How would you feel if someone busted into your home and just said, “oops, I made a mistake. Sorry“? Yeah, that’s what I thought. This is why a lot of people hate the cops. The “I can do anything I want because I’m a cop and my union and the city will protect me” Is absolutely disgusting.
I must have been 18 yrs old and in my 1st apartment. One morning police knock on my door and I opened it, next the officer asked to come in, I complied. At that point I felt violated because behind that 1st officer was another 6 cops. They each went through all my rooms, drawers, closets, etc… I realized I made a mistake, I was young but I learned that just because I had nothing to hide doesn’t mean I didn’t have rights.
if this does not convince you that you live in a police state I don’t know what will
This man swore an oath to uphold the constitution? Let that sink in a while.
long story short…sounds like they can make up any excuse and enter your house without your consent or warrant
You should have explained how cops trick people into letting them in because the cops don’t specify what kind of warrant, a search warrant and an arrest warrant are two entirely different things. And how an arrest warrant doesn’t give any cop entry into a home unless the cop just saw the person enter the home, or the cop sees the person in the home. Cops will yell, ‘we have a warrant’, but they don’t say it’s an arrest warrant, trying to scare people into opening their door, when they don’t have to open the door. Cops rely on people being ignorant of the law, due process, procedure, etc. If cops say they have a search warrant, they have to show it to you upon request, and it has to have a penned signature by a judge, and it needs to be very specific about where and why. If it has 1 error, then it should be considered null and void.
  • I heard somebody say help so I kicked the door in.
  • I saw somebody moving the house so I kicked the door in. I
  • thought I smelt smoke so I kicked your door in.
  • It was cold outside so I kicked your door in.
Sounds like a warrant is pretty useless to me when all you have to do is make up some bull shit excuse to get in. Never ever talk to the cops they are not your friend…
>> they can lie and they ain’t gonna believe you.
80% of police work is causing people grief over b.s., to collect fines. Policing for profit. 20% is positive and necessary .
Also your “goofy” presentation style and apparently cavalier attitude toward the violation of citizen rights seems to be in line with the way law enforcement treats citizens these days: with disrespect
I love this guy’s stories! Also, thanks for keeping it real with us citizen’s who ate struggling to not offend authorities to the point of incarceration due to wounded ego vs. Expecting privacy of self and property as guaranteed under the 4th amendment.
It’s absolutely a violation of our civil rights to force entry while you wait for a warrant. A homeowner would be perfectly justified to defend themselves against such use of unlawful force. A warrant is the ONLY justification for you to force entry. An officer is sworn to defend our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution. If an officer violates that oath by failing to follow proper due process, he is no longer properly acting as the enforcement arm of the law. At any point that the officer violates his duty to defend and uphold our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution, he ceases to be Constitutionally justified in his actions, and is subject to the same counteracting use of force that any common criminal would be. We have to protect the absolute fail-safe right of We the People to use defensive force against ANY intruder who does not have a proper warrant. Otherwise, you end up with unscrupulous officers using loopholes such as the ones described in the video to enter unlawfully.
Great video and great info. The statements about the officers making decisions to cover their own butts instead of following the law and protecting the rights of the citizens are very sad but true. Also the statements about the cops having a chip on their their shoulder for anyone you does not follow all their “orders” whether those orders are lawfully given or not. People with that sort of ego should not be given a badge and gun. I think we are all going to have to start wearing body cameras to have evidence when these behaviors happen. Unfortunately, it is too easy for an officer to lie about what happened to make it sound like he was right. The DA and the judge will tend to believe him, not the citizen. So the citizen gets screwed.
Well since everyone is sharing, I guess I should too… I lived in Hamilton Ohio with my wife and first child. I was playing on my Xbox 360 and had been for about 2 and a half hrs and suddenly heard someone talking at my window,” are you sure? This guy is sitting here playing a video game.” I instantly tensed up not knowing what was about to happen. I then heard a knock at the door and got up to go answer it. I asked through the door who it was and they said HPD can you open the door so we can speak with you for a moment. So being only 19 at the time I was unaware of my rights regarding entry to my home, I opened the door to have a word and was instantly bulled back by a police officer and pushed on to my ottoman and told not to stand up while being held at gunpoint. 6 other police officers rushed in behind him in swat garb with assault rifles and started searching the house. I asked what was going on and the on who was standing over me with his pistol told me they received a call that a woman was being held hostage by a man with an assault rifles, then he asked me if I had any firearms and if there was anyone else in the house. I told him about my dad’s shotgun in the next room in a locked case and that my wife and daughter were upstairs sleeping. Two officers then went upstairs to wake up my wife and daughter to “make sure they were ok” then promptly left. If that isn’t messed up and illegal idk what is. Note: this was probably around 2-3 am
We’ve investigated ourselves and found no wrong doing.
What about the classic “You open the door and the cop sticks their foot in the door so you can’t close it, tactic.” Why did you leave that part out?
“I smell marijuana.” How does someone overcome this since cops are allowed to lie?
>> Cops are not allowed lie about facts that develop their PC.
>>  @S Campbell  But, they do.
At the beginning you list only 3 ways a cop can enter someone’s house. You left out the one most often used.
coercion noun plural noun: coercions
The practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.

>> @Ricky Mellottsr  “either let us in now or we are going to come back with a warrant. if you make us get a warrant you are going to make us mad. when we return with that warrant we will search and destroy your property.” and they will destroy everything.

I appreciate straight-talkers, regardless of what they’re saying or their message. Thank you for your prospective, insight, and this conveyance. It was informative and clear.
So the key is too keep them off the property and keep the door closed. Also by federal law cops cuffing and not arresting you is a battery. Don’t believe me, ask a lawyer. He is also just admitted HE IS A DIRTY COP by saying he books people that he knows haven’t committed a crime and seeing other do so because he and them don’t want to have to justify their use of force. He is exactly what’s wrong with the cops in the US.
Thanks for your information and it’s pretty accurate as far as I can tell. You at least seem like a stand up guy and sincere on your points that are well taken. Nowadays the disconnect comes in when cops over-step their bounds then double down with petty retaliation tactics.THEN the citizens seem to have NO recourse when it’s plain that the cops were wrong and it’s even plain that the “revenge” tactic was done for obvious reasons. Plain and simple fact is ordinary citizens do not like being treated and talked to like they are ALREADY in prison. (Very unprofessional) All due respect to the job, but not to some of these bullies and thugs that we ALL know are out there. Thanks in advance for giving me this platform to air my personal opinion.
In other words, The Fourth Amendment protects nothing.
How is anyone supposed to know that the person banging on your door is an actual cop?
6:59When your working on an exigency situation to get in someones house, Its up to the cop to create that exigency” I have a problem with a lot of this. It is not illegal to not answer the door, even if its a cop. Its not illegal to no not acknowledge the cops even if they see you inside not answering them. I get it, someone called…. Talk to the caller, if they dont say anything that gives exigency to the situation in and of itself then aww well. Do not pass go. Stay the fuck outta my house. I’m in here getting paranoid like a motherfu**er and your killin my buzz from these brownies my aunt made me for Christmas
I found this video to be very disturbing. Something about this video seems to trivializing immorality. First of all, a cop should be intelligent enough and careful enough to NOT go to the WRONG house, especially knowing what the consequences could be. A person could be running in their house for any reason. Perhaps a person is not suitably dressed and runs to put something decent on. Normally people (myself included) don’t expect someone to kick the door of the house so they might hang around the house looking any kind of way. As far as exigency, I need clarification. Is exigency always started for the benefit of the resident or can it be used for other reasons? A neighbor’s call might indicate exigency or not mean anything, especially when people call cops on their neighbors out of spite. The purpose of a welfare check is to benefit the person who’s welfare is at risk. The person who the call was made for or didn’t instantly answer the door should not be abused because “he’s a jerk that pissed off one of our people…” What does that have to do with the welfare of the victim? At this point, the issue is ego and not ‘serving and protecting’. This video was informative but left me feeling very sad and with a little less respect for the police, because as I said it trivialized certain things that don’t need to happen.

The Fourth Amendment:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
I believe in warrants.Yet when cops use warrants and they find nothing.They should be held to accountability.This does not happen now. This is where law on warrants should be changed. Such as there should be folks there with cops , that are trust worthy to watch every move of the cops. Cops are not trust worthy. This is a added accountability for cops to try to keep them honest. If cops are caught by these mediators planting stuff. Then the cops are automatically given twenty years. with out parole. When warrants are issued for wrong address.Then these cops who bust down the door and terrorize a family.Then these thugs should be charged with terroristic tactics. These terrorist should be charged with a felony with at least a minimum of 25 years to life in prison. Cops by nature are dishonest and natural born liars. The system protects these terrorist. Warrant system and blue privelege is what also protects these criminals. Cops are not human they are animals.


You’re laughing about entering the wrong residence. You’re laughing about walking away as the lady is frantic because you broke her window. You’re laughing as you say you tell her the city will pay for it. Then, later in your discussion, you joke about entering someone’s residence after chasing the “large black man”, drawing your weapon and scaring the daylights out of innocent people. I’m sure it DEFINITELY wasn’t funny then. Why do you think it’s funny later? What’s funny about that?
This is the kind of logic that’s what’s wrong with this country. You LEO’s somehow believe you’re justified in your actions – despite you ADMITTING you messed up or, later, aiming your weapon at innocent people. WTF?! There’s never been another time in America where citizens have a strong dislike and distrust for police than there is now. Do you really believe talking about your past transgressions in this manner is going to help? And just because someone is a “jerk” to LEO’s doesn’t excuse illegal action. It’s this mindset that somehow, because you have a badge and you’ve been disrespected, you have the “right” to infringe on the rights of others. I do applaud you for educating the public regarding your train of thought and a glimpse into the mind of a LEO. It IS helpful. I just think you could’ve handled it better.
police don’t get into trouble anyways no matter what they do, they always get a slap on the hand .
>> not true, cops lose their job very easy for misconduct and lying, but they have be caught red handed and with video that is getting easier.
>>  even with clear video of them committing crimes like murder and other major violation of the law, some of them only get a light sentence, that amounts to nothing, and some time no jail time just fired ..

>> It may seem that way but being a cop is not easy and there is just so many laws, policies, court cases, use of force rules it is an enormous amount of information to process in a spit second that can mean you either die or live..  the courts and Gov knows if they do not give a lot of protection for the guys doing the job, then it will harder to find people willing do it.  Unless the Gov crashes the economy so the only jobs are in Gov that way no can say no or go against them or they will be without jobs..  Believe me NO cop goes to work thinking yee haw I can do whatever I want and I don’t have any worries…  it is the opposite.

A cop kicked a compliant man in the head, then police tried to cover it up

The brutal assault on a suspect after a high-speed chase that was captured by a security camera reveals how police have many hidden mechanisms to skirt accountability. In this episode, PAR examines not just the circumstances surrounding the attack on a man who was complying with police orders, but how law enforcement used questionable tactics to limit their own liability for what happened.

Help us continue producing Police Accountability Report by following us and making a small donation:

  • What if we punished minor misconduct harshly, like police punish “broken windows” activity.
  • What if we had “zero tolerance” for police abuse?

Unusual: Good Cop Gets Bad Cop Fired and Arrested


  • This was hard to look at with this older man being treated like a dog. But…….THANK YOU OUTSTANDING OFFICERS for your honesty and integrity. See, you officers who want to be RoboCop is going to slip and fall on the same banana peel that you think you’re throwing down for others.
  • This is a perfect example of what people want, officers being held accountable for their bullshit. Especially being caught and called out by other officers. And that right there is what we lack and why so many people are fearful of police. All police may not be a bad, but the good ones sure as hell aren’t doing anything to hold the bad ones accountable for their actions, they just sit back and watch. Sure they aren’t the ones actually doing anything, but they also aren’t stopping it. And that in itself makes the good cops bad.
  • Glad this video exists. It makes people aware that there are indeed bad cops, but that there are also good cops who do not condone their colleague’s behaviour. It shows both sides in a single video and it should be used during training of young police academy trainees. How to act, how not to act and how to act when your colleague doesn’t act properly.


10:18 “They don’t give us cards”… This cop is a straight up crook. Thank god for the good cop. Well done Ma’am.
14:15 The look on the face of the female officer speaks volumes. I have a high regard for her honesty and righteous action.
She is a fine example of what a peace officer is. We need more officers like her.
The way the female officer looked at the other officer when he said they don’t issue us cards is priceless. I appricate that she not only did the right thing as per department policys, but just made my day with the stare. Well done officer 🙂
He is a perfect example of why most people do not trust Police Officers
I believe that these type of officers feel like they have the right to do this so much that they start to believe the lies they tell immediately.
The lack of humanity it takes to just slam someone’s head into the ground and then immediately pivot into self-preservation instead of even checking if the person is okay, just boggles my mind
I LOVE the look the lady cop gave him when he said they didn’t have ID cards. She instantly glared at him like, “Who the fuck do you think you are?” People like this guy are the problem, and what gives other decent cops a bad name. Glad he’s now just a FORMER officer.
Thank you to the officers that arrested the actual criminal in that instance…..and that’s coming from a civilian my self…THOSE OFFICERS ARE THE REAL DEAL….THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU THAT DAY….
A minimum two year associates degree in constitutional law should be a required prerequisite to become a police officer, and all applicants must be fully investigated for their prior conduct before acceptance into any police academy.


A police officer arrested two innocent children at gunpoint. Now they are asking the Supreme Court to hold the officer accountable.

Rarely a day goes by that Americans don’t hear news of police wrongfully arresting someone. In many ways, Americans have grown numb to the fact that police and other government officials routinely violate our Fourth Amendment rights. But today, an Arkansas family working with the Institute for Justice (IJ), a nonprofit public interest law firm, has asked the Un­­­­ited States Supreme Court to reaffirm one of this country’s most important founding principles: that when government officials violate our constitutional rights, citizens can hold them accountable in court.

The case started in January 2018, when Haden and Weston Young—two boys, aged 12 and 14—were heading home from their grandparents’ house after a family dinner. As they approached their home, a police car came around the corner with its lights on. The car stopped and the officer emerged with his gun drawn. He had no reason to believe that two boys who were walking calmly toward his car posed any threat. And yet, within moments, the officer—who was looking for two grown men who’d fled from police earlier—shouted “get on the ground,” handcuffed the boys, and held them at gunpoint.

The boys’ mom, Casondra “Cassi” Pollreis, watched the scene unfold from her front yard. She rushed to the scene and pleaded with the officer, “They are my boys!” The officer ignored her pleas, pointed his Taser at her and shouted to get back inside. For six terrifying minutes the boys lay face down on a sidewalk while the officer paced around them with his gun pointed at their backs. Eventually the officer’s sergeant arrived, assessed the scene, immediately realized a mistake had been made and let the boys go. The officer got back in his car, closed the door, and said to himself “duuummb.” He knew that what he did was wrong.

The incident didn’t end that night. Cassi and the boys talked with a lawyer and decided to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against the officer for making a wrongful arrest. The district court agreed and found that the officer had violated the boys’ Fourth Amendment rights, writing that “handcuffing two boys laying facedown on the ground, at gunpoint,” was “more intrusive than necessary.” But the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in a divided opinion, found that the boys had never been “arrested” at all. Instead, it said that what constitutes an arrest “can be hazy,” and that the officer’s conduct did not violate the Fourth Amendment.

Now, with the help of IJ, Cassi and her boys have asked the United States Supreme Court to take up their case. Today they filed a Petition for Certiorari asking the Court to rein in the ever-expanding doctrine of “stop and frisk” and make clear that the Fourth Amendment protects citizens from being arrested without probable cause.

Who polices the police? – The Fifth Estate

In Policing the police, we examine the aftermath of a shooting in a small Ontario town after one police officer shot another. In a surprising twist, the officer who was shot was the one charged with assault. The Fifth Estate takes a closer look at the Niagara police officer’s past and the system that allows officers disciplined for misconduct to stay on the job. The documentary comes at a defining moment in our history when people are publicly protesting and demanding a better way of policing the police.

Cop says we cannot ride our bikes/bmx, I lay down the law and tell him to beat it. And he does.


You can read more about them here – https://www.nlg-npap.org/​

Lieutenant Mark Cobel, officer of the long beach police department in california tries to assert his authority in the wrong place in the wrong way.

He handled it pretty well, and definitely better than most cops that have had the unfortunate situation of trying to step on my rights. You got to love the “Did you get your law degree on facebook?” bullshit line that ALL cops try to pull on you.

As IF its wrong to know your rights. This kind of attitude should be eliminated from the police department and you have to call them out on their bullshit like it is.

For those who are interested, I was slightly incorrect on the CVC code, its 16.08.502, not 16.16.502 , but close enough 😉 You can read it here –


For those who are interested to know how much this guy makes to harass people on bikes, here’s his salary info –

Lt. Mark Steven Coble
2014 Total pay & benefits: $205,865.00

2020 update – I heard from a friend of his (random contractor who asked me if I was the guy from the video when I was riding my bike down in the harbor) that the lieutenant has retired as of at least 2 years ago and now earns a nice six-figure pension and lives somewhere out in the mid east. I think he might have said Indiana?

2020 update #2 June – donated another $100 to NPAP – https://imgur.com/a/0td763X​

Pension info –