Donald Trump’s Convention: Day 4

Screaming matches between delegates. Past nominees who refused to attend. Speakers who seem allergic to mentioning the nominee’s name – or policies. The runner-up refusing to endorse the winner.

Plagiarism. Lies about plagiarism. Talk of Lucifer from the stage. Humanizing stories about the nominee relegated to obscure time slots. Multiple speakers calling for the jailing of the opposing nominee. A prominent delegate calling for that nominee’s execution by firing squad.

Why the Melania-Michelle Echo Matters

Trump is constantly telling us how incompetent everyone who’s been steering the government is and how masterfully he’ll take the wheel. He’s incessantly crowing about what a brilliant business he manages.

.. This wasn’t just any speaker. This was Trump’s wife. The derision being heaped on her remarks is something that will burrow deep under his tenderly sensitive skin. It will turn an already-defensive candidate even more so. And it will leave his aides fumbling for the smartest response.

.. There is no sign whatsoever that Clinton had a hand in the detection of strangely familiar lines in Melania’s speech, and the assertion that Clinton feels threatened by Melania is somewhat less than persuasive.

.. After Monday night, that discomfort is bound to increase, and it could become more difficult than ever for the Trump campaign to turn to her as a surrogate who can cover some of the ground that her husband can’t.