Why America Needs More Housewives Like Phyllis Schlafly

The conservative activist fought the organization and empowerment of women, by organizing and empowering women.

.. She taught them how to give STOP ERA talking points at their local representative’s office and she taught them how to send thank you notes afterwards. She taught them how to wear the “right colors for television,” and style their hair and makeup so that all STOP ERA representatives looked the same—looked like her. She held seminars where she played videos of herself speaking and would have them mimic her ability to give “20-second sound bites.”  She taught them to stay on message. She taught them how to smile.

.. In 1978, in the very midst of leading the national campaign against the ERA, she attended and graduated from law school at the Washington University of St. Louis. Oh, and she also raised six children.

.. Schlafly was the woman who organized and empowered women to fight the organization and empowerment of women.

.. When I asked Karen DeCrow what she thought of Phyllis Schlafly, I remember she smiled and said she and Phyllis always got along. “I used to say that if I ever had a daughter, I’d want her to grow up to be a housewife, just like Phyllis Schlafly,” DeCrow told me and laughed.