The best way to tell if someone is a conservative

Taft, whom Rosen calls “the only president to approach the office in constitutional terms above all.”

Wilson was the first president to criticize the American founding, particularly for the separation of powers that crimps presidential supremacy. Roosevelt believed that presidents are free to do whatever the Constitution does not forbid. Taft’s constitutional modesty held that presidents should exercise only powers explicitly granted by the document.

.. Romanticizers of Roosevelt ignore his belief that no moral equivalent of war could be as invigorating as the real thing

.. Taft“extended federal environmental protection to more land than Roosevelt” — and he created 10 national parks — “and brought more antitrust suits in one term than Roosevelt brought in nearly two.”

.. Roosevelt thought that, in industry, big was beautiful (because efficiently Darwinian) if big government supervised it.

.. Taft unsuccessfully resisted President William McKinley’s entreaties that he become governor of the Philippines (“I have never approved of keeping the Philippines”).
.. In 1912, Roosevelt’s “New Nationalism” promised populism rampant and a plebiscitary presidency untethered from constitutional inhibitions: “I don’t think that any harm comes from the concentration of powers in one man’s hands.”
.. And “I believe in pure democracy,” the purity being unmediated, unfiltered public opinion empowered even to overturn state court decisions by referendums.
.. The 1912 strife between conservative and progressive-populist Republicans simmered until Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980 sealed conservatism’s ascendancy in the party.

Phillipines Tax Comissioner goes after Famous over Tax Avoidance

Millions of tax cheats never get caught. And the IRS seems powerless to stop them.

This isn’t just a problem in the U.S. American taxpayers are Dudley Do-Rights compared to people in some other countries. On today’s show, we head to some of the cheating-est places on earth to bring you tales from some of the roughest, toughest tax collectors around. These guys have tricks, tax collector mind-games, that they play to get people to do the right thing.

Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares poses with her score following target practice in a firing range at suburban Mandaluyong city

In the Phillipines, they made the Tax Commissioner famous.

Britain: You are currently in the very small minority that have not paid us yet.


Competing to be Mrs. Phillipines-USA

Contestants in the beauty pageant for currently or formerly married women compare Rodrigo Duterte with Donald Trump.

Liberals see an Administration in a tailspin. But Trump’s base sees it differently: a recent Pew survey showed that, among Republicans, the President’s approval rating is eighty-two per cent.

.. Mrs. Philippines-USA pageant. It is open to Filipino-born club members, provided that they have been married at least once.

.. “I prayed for Duterte to win,” she said, adjusting an uncoöperative coconut-shell bra. “It’s not like he’s killing innocent people. They are criminals, and get what they deserve.” Carman compared him to a “tough but good” father.

.. “Everyone supports Duterte because of his iron hand.”