Trump’s Phenomenal First 100 Days

One poll has Trump’s approval number back up to 46 from the thirties.

.. You are associating Trump with the Republican Party, and that’s the mistake you’re making.

.. But don’t lay that off on Trump. You have to separate Trump from the Republican Party.”

.. But the things that Trump can do on his own that he is doing are numerous and they are substantive

.. So he’s found ways around this that are even more effective in vetting bad actors than the travel bans would have been.

.. I think, on balance, Trump is having a phenomenally successful first 100 days here.

.. if Trump were a Democrat and what he was doing was a Democrat agenda, it’s all you’d be seeing. They would have killed if Obama had had this much success early on in unraveling conservatism and implementing his liberalism and in retransforming the country.