Stars Of ‘The President Show’ Present An ‘Off The Rails’ Version Of Trump

Anthony Atamanuik and Peter Grosz’s new Comedy Central series is set up like a late night talk show, hosted by President Trump with Vice President Pence as his sidekick.

.. He’s only active when he’s sparring with an individual. In, like, the debates, he flourished so much I think because it was an opportunity for him to be a wiseass, whereas everyone else felt they had to stick to script in order to, you know, have a chance at getting the nomination. And I think that he knew that he could sort of rally with people, and he could entertain himself by listening to what crazy things he would say.

And as that time moved on, and he got in front of crowds and he got in front of the press, he – you witness a person having a self-dialogue in front of other people, which is why he, in my view, doesn’t really lie. He simply tells himself a story and repeats that story back as the truth. So in his mind, he never really – when he says something with conviction, he has already lied to himself to convince himself of the truth so that he does not see himself as lying.

.. GROSS: You know how you were saying that when he says something, it’s, like, then he repeats it as if he’s having a conversation with himself?


GROSS: And talking about Roy Moore, he said, let me just tell you, Roy Moore denies it. That’s all I can say. He denies it. By the way, he totally denies it.