China’s Stock Melt Down to Spill Over to the U.S. Economy, We’re on Monetary Heroin | Peter Grandich

Warning Sign:

Junk bonds are yielding less than CPI



people haven’t been making i never
thought i’d see this in my career
daniella the other day so-called junk
bonds or
yield bonds we’re yielding lower than
the cpi
index it’s just unbelievable that
something we used to call junk we know
right now
is going to pay us less than what the
current inflation rate is
i just don’t conceivably can’t bring
uh to look at bonds in any way shape or
and quite frankly that’s a very scary
thing and maybe
i’ll end with this part the fixed income
market has been destroyed by the fed
and that’s the last part of my business
we i work with a group that specializes
in retirement and
business and exiting and estate planning
the retirement business is completely
up in the air there’s no longer any safe
principle secured investment out there
people have to now take
risk to their principal in order to
maintain some sort of
you know financial stability retirement
whatever it may be
and that’s something we never thought
was going to be when we started
in this business and that’s the thing
that’s not being discussed by wall
street but will
when eventually the market implodes and
then people realize that hey what how do
i do how do i keep maintaining my
because i can’t i can’t keep making 5 10
or twenty percent like it’s
like it’s simple if i may one final note
it is an extreme pleasure and honor to
be interviewed by you
and your listeners are
don’t recognize how fortunate and
blessed they are
but because i know when i see you do
other interviews that you’re on the
other side of the coin or
who you’re interviewing but you don’t
attack them you give them a chance to
share their views and in a nice way
you bring up points that kind of point
out where they may not be
and i have to tell you that’s a blessing
and gift and i just hope you keep it
means a lot to me peter thank you so
much thank you for those words and
again thank you for your time come back
soon to stansberry okay