The INFJ’s Search For A Soulmate (Part 1)

What does MBTI and typology have to say about the soulmate?
– Is there really someone out there that can complete you?
– Where does attraction come from?
– How do each of the 16 MBTI types match with an INFJ? Are some matches better than others?

This presentation will cover INFJs in a relationship with:
(just click on the minute mark)
The Guardians (SJs)
1. INFJ & ISTJ: 10:08min
2. INFJ & ESTJ: 26:00min
3. INFJ & ISFJ: 29:40min
4. INFJ & ESFJ: 35:20min

The Artisans (SPs)
5. INFJ & ISTP: 40:45min
6. INFJ & ESTP: 50:10min
7. INFJ & ISFP: 54:14min
8. INFJ & ESFP: 1:00:40min

The Idealists (NF)
9. INFJ & INFP: 1:05:58min

The rest of the 16 types will be covered in: The INFJ’s Search For A Soulmate (Part 2) –

John W. Dean, “Authoritarian Nightmare”

John W. Dean served as White House counsel for President Richard Nixon from 1970 to 1973. During the Watergate scandal, his Senate testimony helped lead to Nixon’s resignation. Dean has written about Watergate in his New York Times bestsellers Blind Ambition and The Nixon Defense: What He Knew and When He Knew It. Among his other books are the national bestsellers Worse Than Watergate and Conservatives Without Conscience. A retired investment banker, Dean is now a columnist, commentator, and teacher in a continuing legal education program for attorneys, the Watergate CLE. He is a regular political and legal commentator on CNN News.

The Science of the Authoritarian personality

  1. submissive followers
  2. “double high” followers: domineering and opportunistically submissive

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