How would each MBTI type react to redundant and/or stupid rules?

ISTJ: Will thrive even if the rule is stupid

ISFJ: Will side with the group they are with. If the group hates the rules, they too will act like they also hate the rules

INFJ: might complain. will internally die.

INTJ: Redundant is okay. Stupid will be fought.

ISTP: I’m not sure if they even know the rules

ISFP: will begrudgingly follow

INFP: won’t care about stupid, but redundant will bother them. will follow, but complain.

INTP: even a good rule will be broken.

ESTP: threw out that memo with the rules

ESFP: will joke their way around the rule. end up in trouble. probably gets to be an exception to the rule.

ENFP: probably wouldn’t notice if it’s stupid. Redundancy would be okay too ish.

ENTP: grumbles. finds loopholes. makes a scene.

ESTJ: Made the rule. Enforces the rule. Is exempt from the rule.

ESFJ: Also enforces the rule.

ENFJ: works around the rule to make the most of it

ENTJ: secretly did not follow the rule.