TrueView People Counter®

Developed to count visitors entering a location TrueView People Counter® is the leading application for foot traffic. It is built on the most advanced algorithms for intelligent video available in the world. TrueView People Counter® runs fully embedded in standard ceiling mounted network cameras and automatically counts in real time the number of people passing under the camera and in what direction.

Which Type of People Counter is Best for You?

People counting technology can serve many purposes, beyond simply tallying up how many visitors come through your doors. Different solution sets can accurately track your busiest hours and days; chart how people actually move through your establishment; help you determine if you are over- or under-staffed; and even enhance your security/loss prevention capabilities. Of course, not all people counters perform all these functions. The technology comes in many shapes and sizes, offering solutions that can be shaped for differing budgets, entrance configurations and building layouts, as well as required accuracy levels and analytical capabilities. This eBook will explore currently available people counting technology options, highlighting the environments and business needs that each option is best suited for.