How would each MBTI type handle being a mother? What would be your specific advice for each time at being a better mother?


– Highly capable and responsible, will organise and align their children to a set standard they expect that was established from their own experiences growing up.

– Will struggle extremely with applying a necessary sensitive approach to avoid greater parental problems, choosing instead to maintain a solid logic driven answer to all problems.


– With little support, they will still hold their offspring up and would equally baby them as much as they are hard on them to make them the best they can be based off of their own standards.

-Will struggle with understanding the need to allow some freedom out of the norm they know and consider acceptable.


– Reluctant mothers unless social expectations force them into it, at their best, will be highly understanding and accepting and seemingly will have a relaxed but firm way of keeping things in order.

– Will struggle with acknowledging critical flaws in their approaches to parenting that may lead to fatal consequences for their children if they don’t have a point of support with someone with better judgement in that area. Will fall into neglecting their parental duties if their personal needs are not met.


– Highly capable mothers, knowing how to calmly but effectively nurture and demand respect and order when necessary, will do their best to keep their children on the path to what they have come to know as a good life.

-Will struggle extremely if they have no support to relieve them of the responsibility of keeping everything in relentless strict order, having a partner is for them a necessity that is hard for to ignore when they have offspring.


– Highly caring will always make it clear they would die for their children and carry the world if necessary, usually very lenient choosing to listen and find a compromise with their children as a friend.

-Will struggle with individually keeping order of even the most basic things, will not sacrifice being adored and socially accepted for enforcement of necessary order and rules. Left alone in the venture, they might fall into creating a household that is too volatile and lenient to be safe and effective for good development .


– Seemingly stable, with a reliable partner, will make sure to shower their offspring with love inspired gifts and try to give them the best life possible in accordance to their current social norm.

-Will crumble when left to the responsibility individually, will be easily taken advantage of when they want to avoid conflict and choose to be lenient.


– Easily exemplified by the female lion raising its cubs, the basic understanding of what being a mother is stays firmly edged in them and they will use a constant and singular logical judgement to deal with everything that is required in the process.

-Will struggle with taking responsibility and when they don’t have their feelings acknowledged, will temporarily turn violent.


– Generally unfit and or unwilling mothers, have solid expectations that they will not shift on no matter what, will approach the task as a forced responsibility that they will let go off when they are logically or legally allowed to do so.

-Will struggle with being emotionally supportive and available, won’t try to build a bond with their offspring unless it is socially required or relevant.


– Highly caring and available mothers, always there when their children cry out and will not let much go unresolved, usually knows when to stop the fun and demand order and functionality, always thinking about their children’s future, they will do whatever it takes to build a great future for them.

-Will be an easy victim of emotional manipulation leading to many critically damaging leniencies, will not care about much else when their basic needs are not met, will need support from a partner holding a stricter approach to parenting.


– Extremely affectionate and available for their offspring, will gladly take on the world to protect them, they study them to the point of knowing how to effectively and calmly demand order when it is needed, will be open to their offspring being whatever they desire, simply choosing to support them and be a source of inspiration for them.

-Will close off and handle constant and persistent undermining or their feelings with brief and sharp displays of power.


– Highly responsible with a brilliant ability to be both an understanding and lenient parent their offspring can joke with and also a strict and extremely logic driven parent with little tolerance for reckless or harmful behaviours, they naturally know how to keep order and push their offspring toward a future with great potential and variety while still being emotionally available for them whenever they are needed in that way.

-Will not enjoy having to individually take on the responsibility majority of the time if it suffocates their need for free thinking and exploration.


– Takes their responsibilities with a firm yet lenient approach, highly value quality time and creating memories with their offspring, will do what they can to set them up for the best life they can have.

-Will struggle with upholding necessary rules and lines that should not be crossed in trying to avoid future problems, has a low tolerance for lacks in adherence to their own social expectations and will gladly impose their will onto their offspring if given the chance( usually in the early years of development), can be accused of being open minded in ways they do not need to be and should not be.


– An exemplary level of caring and supportive parenting, they do whatever they can to keep their offspring happy and out of danger, in many ways they try and establish themselves as the first person their children think of when they need support or a shoulder to cry on, they will quickly adapt and act when they need to take full and sole responsibility for them.

-Will struggle with creating and effectively upholding rules of engagement, will need to be dragged to their limits to snap and enforce a strict and unwavering order


– Have an extreme love for their offspring and will gladly do anything for them, tries to free up their offspring to making their own life and focuses on giving them the options they should need in accordance to what they see fit and what they have experienced growing up.

-Will not be good at carrying on an intended strict order, has a small battery for managing the many requirements of maintaining functionality and and stability, will crumble without support unless favourable circumstances are present.


– Hard set objectivity with an unwavering need to build a bright future for their offspring, little time spent attending to sensitivities, all is dealt with a consideration of the big picture or long term goal hence many things will only appear in their true caring intention in the actual future, all things done are with a sharp eye set constantly on the future, allows their children to make their own decisions.

-Will have a hard time adjusting to sensitivities that may make or break bonds with their offspring, low tolerance for slacking from their children that takes them off path.


– Highly balanced and capable, above loving their children to extreme and unwavering lengths they will take the responsibility as another thing to perfect and do as rightly and appropriately as possible, will seemingly be a rock for their children as a source of solutions and emotional support when desperately needed, strict rules and stability are firmly maintained in all areas necessary, their offspring will be positioned and trained to be able to support themselves and be the best version they can be.

-Will struggle with acknowledging the time for them to stop being responsible and release built up tension in a healthy way, has little room for potentially needed leniency.

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Which MBTI makes the best parent?

MBTI Parent advice/styles;

INTP — Encourages learning and curiosity while being laid back.

INTJ — Hmmmm, okay. Here we will have a Career plan A, B, C, D, and E. And maybe a plan Z in case they want to pursue the arts.

ENTP — Live wholesomely! Learn to do everything in a balance.

ENTJ — Career Plan A. Also, because Mother. Knows. Best. Also, you’re becoming a doctor.

INFP — Do what makes who you are and what frees you. “No, I’m not talking about drugs!”

INFJ — Be kind and care for one another, because a good character always comes first.

ENFP — *Drives past McDonalds* Kids scream, “McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds!” and the parent also screams “McDonalds McDonalds McDonalds!”

ENFJ — This is what you want? Alright, let’s make your dreams a reality. *fast forward 10 years later* Wait, I thought you wanted this? This isn’t what you want? :/ At least you’re a doctor, I guess?

ISTP — You broke your scooter again? Sure kiddo! I’ll fix it right up in a jiffy! *Pulls out welding torch*

ESTP — Live life dangerously. Go out and break a leg. Jump off a plane if you have to!

ISFP — Life is a blank canvas. It’s what you paint in it that makes it colourful.

ESFP — Just enjoy and live in the moment, because the future that exists after stems from the now.

ISTJ — Micromanages grades, allowance, spending and time. “You’re 1.2 seconds late, I thought you’d be back at 10 sharp?”

ESTJ — *Drives past McDonalds* “No McDonalds. We already have food at home.”

ISFJ — The mother who packs lunch for her kids diligently every morning at 5am. The president of the Parent Support Group.

ESFJ — “Hey kids, look what Dad just brought home!” *fans out Disneyland tickets*

All 16 types have their own way of parenting and focus on different goals altogether, and all 16 can be successful in their pursuits or not.

Some are inflexible but are able to instill discipline and control.

Some are able to make their kid’s childhood happy.

Some are able to pave a bright future for their kids.

So ‘best parent’ can get very subjective here.