North Korea Suspected of Hacking U.S.-South Korean War Plans

Stolen secrets include plans detailing how to eliminate the Pyongyang leadership

Suspected North Korean hackers stole sensitive military secrets, including joint U.S.-South Korean plans detailing how to eliminate the Pyongyang leadership, during an attack on Seoul’s defense data system last year, a South Korean lawmaker said.

.. The stolen documents included a blueprint known as Operations Plan 5015, which the U.S. and South Korea drew up in 2015 in case of war with North Korea, and detailed joint military procedures for a decapitation strike against North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and other top leaders, Mr. Rhee said in the interview. A decapitation strike is a targeted attack to eliminate the North Korean leadership and senior command. His aides confirmed the comments, made to the Chosun Ilbo newspaper.

.. The hackers stole 235 gigabytes of data, 22% of which had been identified, according to Mr. Rhee, who said he had been briefed by Defense Ministry officials. The documents covered classified wartime operational plans, military facilities and power plants in South Korea, he said.

.. Meanwhile, North Korea is reportedly preparing to test another missile capable of reaching the U.S. West Coast.

.. The country’s cyberattack operation comprises six groups and 1,300 hackers, with a dozen supporting organizations of 5,000 more hackers, according to South Korean government officials.