How to Be Honest Without Being Rude

Can you be honest without being rude or hurting other people? In this video we talk about how you can be honest and accurate with what you are saying to the other person and learn to do it from a sharing perspective. The real truth that describes what is going on on the deepest level in that moment for you is almost always going to be taken in and appreciated by the other person. If we learn to be aware of habitual subconscious patterns like soaking in and boiling with emotions or acting out of an emotion to attack the other person or defend ourselves we can go deeper and share what is going on at the core. This is the most connecting, constructive and truthful way of being honest and will help you and the other person get a deeper understanding of what’s really happening. It opens the potential for the relationship (acquaintance, work, friends, couple, family etc.) to deepen and each indivual to grow and expand in this truth. If honesty is coming from a deep desire to be truthful and sharing that truth for the good of both it is the most beautiful gift you can give anyone.