Unusual: Good Cop Gets Bad Cop Fired and Arrested


  • This was hard to look at with this older man being treated like a dog. But…….THANK YOU OUTSTANDING OFFICERS for your honesty and integrity. See, you officers who want to be RoboCop is going to slip and fall on the same banana peel that you think you’re throwing down for others.
  • This is a perfect example of what people want, officers being held accountable for their bullshit. Especially being caught and called out by other officers. And that right there is what we lack and why so many people are fearful of police. All police may not be a bad, but the good ones sure as hell aren’t doing anything to hold the bad ones accountable for their actions, they just sit back and watch. Sure they aren’t the ones actually doing anything, but they also aren’t stopping it. And that in itself makes the good cops bad.
  • Glad this video exists. It makes people aware that there are indeed bad cops, but that there are also good cops who do not condone their colleague’s behaviour. It shows both sides in a single video and it should be used during training of young police academy trainees. How to act, how not to act and how to act when your colleague doesn’t act properly.

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10:18 “They don’t give us cards”… This cop is a straight up crook. Thank god for the good cop. Well done Ma’am.
14:15 The look on the face of the female officer speaks volumes. I have a high regard for her honesty and righteous action.
She is a fine example of what a peace officer is. We need more officers like her.
The way the female officer looked at the other officer when he said they don’t issue us cards is priceless. I appricate that she not only did the right thing as per department policys, but just made my day with the stare. Well done officer 🙂
He is a perfect example of why most people do not trust Police Officers
I believe that these type of officers feel like they have the right to do this so much that they start to believe the lies they tell immediately.
The lack of humanity it takes to just slam someone’s head into the ground and then immediately pivot into self-preservation instead of even checking if the person is okay, just boggles my mind
I LOVE the look the lady cop gave him when he said they didn’t have ID cards. She instantly glared at him like, “Who the fuck do you think you are?” People like this guy are the problem, and what gives other decent cops a bad name. Glad he’s now just a FORMER officer.
Thank you to the officers that arrested the actual criminal in that instance…..and that’s coming from a civilian my self…THOSE OFFICERS ARE THE REAL DEAL….THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU THAT DAY….
A minimum two year associates degree in constitutional law should be a required prerequisite to become a police officer, and all applicants must be fully investigated for their prior conduct before acceptance into any police academy.