Trump begins ‘negging’ portion of NAFTA negotiations

Ahead of the meeting between  and the USA in Mexico City to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Act,  has begun what he terms the portion of the trade negotiations.

The President is said to have discovered the term, which describes bringing down someone’s self esteem by making snide comments to make them more vulnerable to manipulation, in a book called  by “pick up artist” Neil Strauss. Trump has been applying this technique in his communication with his children, business partners and now sovereign countries.

.. Donald Trump Jr “everytime I call him he answers the phone by saying how happy he is to speak to his 4th favourite child. But I know he’s just building a strong negotiating position for when I ask him for a business advice, or a hug.”

.. Other examples of Trump’s presidential negging includes pretending to not remember Mitch McConnell’s name and telling French president Macron that he’s “so smart, like Kellyanne Conway smart”

.. Mexican president Pena Nieto chose not to respond to a twitter DM that asked if negotiations would be in Spanish or a “real” language.

.. “Although it is common for governments to try to project strength ahead of negotiations, it is unusual for them to do it in such a petty and childish way.”