The Real Reason Why The Narcissist Came Into Your Life

Rough Translation:

so what deeper truths our gnosis is
showing us narcissus enter our lives
pretending to be the answer to what we
need to heal within us that we may not
even be aware of yet and then seize the
foe support and start to smash these
exact parts making the pain so horrific
that the unconscious parts become fully
conscious the narcissus first appeared
to be the savior of our wounds and then
became the messenger of them instead
so let me grant you my own example I
used to suffer greatly from fears of
abandonment and not being valid and seen
or being good enough to be loved this
was deeply unconscious because it was
all I’d ever known as myself and my
reality like many people who are now
statistically abused I was over
functioning and over compensating for my
inner unconscious traumas and I was
really practically capable I seemed
strong and other people would have sworn
that I had it together he had on the
inside I was battling anxiety and
depression which I had to keep very busy
and achieving goals to overcome
naturally because this is how this stuff
I wasn’t gentle tender or supportive
with these inner parts rather I was
constantly self abandoning my inner pain
not making my feelings important at all
and being incredibly self-critical and
demanding and myself and again this was
my version of normal being only way that
I’d ever known to be with myself and it
was exactly what people in my life had
always modeled to me as well it wasn’t
until narcissistic abuse it these parts
that I’ve been surviving and covering
over came screaming to the forefront so
interesting because the narcissus in my
life initially appeared validating and
approving of me as well as claiming a
full commitment to me so they seemed
like they would never abandon me however
things switched and my fears and gaps
were over time attack with full ferocity
I was rapidly and cruelly abandoned and
invalidated and accused of being a
horrible person regularly my story is
your story because in this way our
stories are all pretty much identical we
see the narcissist as the answer to our
wounds often unconsciously we’re not
even realizing it hence the powerful
unexplainable unexplainable logically
bond to them yet their message to us is
to find and heal these wounds within
ourselves when we awaken and we get very
self honest this is how we know there
are parts of ourselves which are
unhealed we’re still sticking around and
frantically trying to make the
narcissist think and do it differently
we’re clinging on to that person trying
to force them to provide us with the
relief of these traumas get the only way
out of the nightmare is to let go of
these people and attend to those parts
that are screaming out for us deeply
within ourselves if we were a whole and
healed source to ourselves it becomes a
clear-cut thing we say I don’t agree
with your work
warped version and me you’re skewered
version of me and I have no need to try
to change you to have a great version of
myself goodbye see you later
and we are thrilled to discover when
that’s really true for us on the inside
and we actualize it we’re thrilled to
discover that we have zero urge for the
narcissus to provide us with ourselves
anymore and the longing desperation and
the missing ends as does the narcissus
power to hook you and hurt you if you
get the any healing job done well enough
and the narcissus becomes totally
irrelevant and whilst you’re becoming a
force of fearless calm power narcissus
let go and they move on with their life
both selves cannot exist in healed and
whole environments no more than germs
cat in a healthy clean environment
there’s nothing for them to feed off and
you may think that this is glib and
unrealistic I promise you it’s not
absolutely there can be complications
with narcissus that need to be unpicked
and sorted such as custody with children
property businesses and all sorts of air
measurements yet no matter how difficult
these challenges are I really want you
to understand that the greatest or most
deadly binds with narcissus are the ones
we’re suffering emotionally through our
wounds when we heal from these all else
can follow myself and thousands of
others have granted the overwhelming