Whom does a narcissist respect?

Here are the people narcissists absolutely respect:

people they can’t have- If you want to hook a narcissist into a relationship that is just based on a sexual and non committed relationship just fuck their brains out and don’t call them. Show no interest in them whatsoever. This piques their curiosity. If you actually show you like or love them they think you’re weak and stupid. And they will NEVER be attracted to you I can guarantee that…
Someone who is successful at what they do- They don’t give a shit what you do in the slightest. But if you’re successful they want a piece of your ass they can show to friends. Your an object to show around, a temporary trophy.
Anyone who has power over another person- The asshole boss you work for. The dictator of Zimbabwe, the leader of the Congo, The Taliban, Ted Bundy, your local police chief, the wack job carrying an AK 47 rifle down the middle of the road…They want a piece of that.
You’re drop dead gorgeous- They respect you absolutely. That is until they’ve slept with you. Now, you’re just another number at the deli and they’ve moved on to the Kosher one that’s down the street.

What does a narcissist respect in life?

They respect the calmness of people. It stirs fear in them. They hate people who are happy, that do not fear them or their outbursts of rage, or their weird or crazy making world of theirs.

They respect those who are frank. Who have a backbone. Who have integrity. This shows up their weaknesses. They do not have a personality. They have many that suíts them to get what they need.

They do not have boundaries. You have to maintain yours. Do not look at them as little children. Look at them as grown people who have gone wrong. They did it to themselves.

What you sow is what you get.

If you maintain these things, you will gain their respect and they will leave you.