Is there a type of person that can actually get along well with a narcissist and form a lasting relationship?

Narcissists love long term relationships. They prefer them. It means they have a constant source of supply waiting for them at home. The best suited partner for a Narcissist is believe it or not, another Narcissist. They will naturally compete for the position of Master and play out the roles of Victim/Abuser Unwittingly. They will seek out other sources of supply, cheat, lie and play the game of trying to destroy their significant other, while equally destroying one another in a fight to the death hate match. They are each other’s karma. For some reason, their toxicity is best normalised in a relationship with a personality disorder much like their own. They can keep the lovebomb/devalue/discard cycle going indefinitely. They will look to drive the other away, only to realise they have met their match in that department and it’s like a Game of Chicken. Who will bail out first before it implodes. So yes. Narcissists will have long term love lacking relationships with other Narcissists. In doing so they balance out and normalise their own toxicity.