When the truth teller grows up

I am in tears at the end of this. My Father told me when I was 14 he was leaving my mother. I immediately looked right at him and said: “What have you been waiting for?” I meant it 100%- I had always seen as long as I could remember how unhappy they were and particularly how ashamed he acted of her. I have only seen a few of your videos but the things you just said basically described my life. I have been growing more isolated in the past 4 or 5 years (I’m 37). I used to be very extroverted but also drank a lot but now I find myself needing to be alone more and more. I am a truth teller for sure. I feel cursed by it sometime- I was in a situation today where being fake would have benefited me and the person I was speaking too but I just could not do it. I am Increasingly more and more isolated from my family and just people in general it seems. My mother is re married to a pedophile but she enables him to continue doing what he does. I found child porn on their computer years ago and she has gone as far to accuse me of planting it on his computer. I took the issue to the police but ultimately I had not seen enough of the videos to allow them to issue a warrant for the hard drive and at that point it was up to my mother to hand over the property because technically its her computer but he mostly uses it. I am the only person out of me, my brother, and father (who is actually better friends then ever with my mom now) who will actually confront my mother about this issue. I want to Thank You for sharing this information on YouTube- I consume too much mindless content on the tube but what you do is actually helpful and intended to be so. Thank You Dr Ramani. I had never heard of ‘the truth teller’ but I identify with this role for sure- when I was 18 I got the word ‘honesty’ tattooed on my leg. I wanted it to be for me so its written upside down and backward. It was an impulsive thing and I don’t have many tattoos nor the desire for more. I had always wondered about why I felt so strongly about having that word tattooed on me and hearing this I can’t help and think about everything I saw in my family situation and being more or less disgusted or repulsed by knowing things were always going to be like this. I love my family and I see my brother suffering in particular and want to be able to help him but I get physically back physically close to them and some of the realities of the conditions they accept are just too much for me to not say something about. I am usually always trying to help but it is never received that way.


One of the best lines I ever heard in AA meetings was: “I grew up in an insane asylum called an alcoholic household.” It appears I was a Scapegoat and eventually a Truthteller. After my mother died I eventually broke off all contact with my psychopathic (or maybe simply narcissistic) sisters. Life has slowly been becoming more peaceful and even a little serene.

Thank you for your videos 🙂


I am one of what you explained in the video. I have always been doubting myself… to a point that I felt “Am I a narcissist or am I an Empath?” I feel people deeply, I even felt emotional about their pain… but I dislike those who say lies. I have hated stupidity that a lot of people can’t see at all. I have been watching your videos for quite some time. But this video brought me so much clarity.
I cried when she said she tips her hat, and recognized the role. As someone who has been “the black sheep” because I saw the truth…triggering my parents, and “causing trouble” by not “going with the flow” since I was literally born —thanks for seeing us.