How can you demoralise a narcissist?

I found this to be very easy to achieve. The first thing to avoid is revenge. All that does is make one appear to be the “bad guy”, and it also makes it extremely easy for the narcissist to point fingers, prove you wrong, and gain support from others.

Another thing I did, other than to simply avoid all of the narcissists in my life, is to ignore them, regardless of what they say and do, which includes ignoring their very obvious and blatant smear campaigns. By being silent and ignoring their “trashing” of you, you make them look bad. It may take a while at first, but over time most people with at least half a brain will be able to see who the main antagonist really is.

The only other thing I did that really gets under the skin of narcissists with whom I have ever had the displeasure of knowing was to be myself. And by this I mean to be successful, and when you can’t be successful then at least try to be. Be loving (which also means being friendly to all), giving, caring, accepting (and when you can’t be accepting then at least be tolerant), intelligent, to spend time learning (i.e. become knowledgeable), generous…and above all, NEVER let what a narcissist says or does bring you down. That’s how they get their supply…you don’t want to feed that.

A narcissist is pretty well incapable of achieving any of these things; hence, the reason they try so hard to bring people who can do these things down to their level. If you can do all of these things while eliminating a narc from your life they will see (out of the corner of their eye) what you’ve become, and they will be perpetually squirming with envy and hatred of you. This “hatred” of you will be seen by others, and eventually people will also see just how ugly they truly look. This is how you demoralise a narcissist. They will see just how futile their attempts to bring you down were. What goes around, comes around…karma is a bitch that way :-).

How to Shut Down and Diffuse a Narcissist with 3 Smart Key Phrases So You Can Keep Your Cool

12:53 1) your feelings are important and my feelings are important…..  and we have to come to a decision that will work for us both

15:12 2) I understand your perceptions

20:59 3) Let me think about it


How to Shut Down and Diffuse a Narcissist with 3 Smart Key Phrases So You Can Keep Your Cool. Narcissistic Abuse and Codependency Recovery Support Online Program

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The best thing to do with a highly narcissistic person is to go no contact. When it is not possible to go no contact, the best thing to do is to diffuse and disarm a narcissist with key phrases you can use to shut them down and get them to leave you alone. The worst thing to do is engage and enrage a narcissist. Covert narcissists who use crazymaking communication against you, can drag you into never ending rabbit holes. When you learn to use these key phrases to shut down a narcissist, you can save your sanity and your soul!

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