The Thriver’s Guide to Co-Parenting With a Narcissist

Narcissist’s don’t co-operate with joint parenting; co-parenting with one can seem IMPOSSIBLE.

I know you may be struggling HORRIBLY with the following:

The narcissist …

Not agreeing to things.

Refusing to turn up or stick to prior arrangements.

Messing with your children’s appointments, possessions and heads.

With you feeling POWERLESS to get this person to see sense and act decently for the children’s sake.

Is there anything more HEARTBREAKING than seeing our children hurt, disappointed or even blatantly abused?

I don’t think so.

You will hear from MANY that it is impossible to have any sort of successful co-parenting with a narcissist …

Or that you will never receive a successful custody settlement with one.

I want you to know with ALL of my heart, that this is NOT true.

Many Thrivers in this community have achieved successful, non-traumatising co-parenting with narcissists, and even, against all odds, had full custody rights awarded to them.

They didn’t achieve this the NORMAL way.

They did it with the use of the ONLY way that DOES work.