What is it INFJs fail to notice about people?

INFJs are Te blind.

While they have Fe, and can tell what others are feeling, they can’t tell what another person is thinking.

They may take a good guess from how they’re feeling or how they react, but sometimes they may say something that the other person already knows, or they may say something that the other person doesn’t want to hear.

The INFJ can tell when what they said offends someone, or hurts someone, but they don’t know beforehand if it was the right thing to say, or if the other person even cares about what they think.

They also can’t tell if something is serious or sarcastic (especially when texting), and have a tendency to take everything literally unless told or indicated otherwise.

They also may have a flawed view of themselves, at least when it comes to everyone else’s thoughts and opinions of them. They can think they’re admired, just based on the words others give them, but they can’t tell what goes behind the scenes. ESPECIALLY in childhood with underdeveloped Fe.

(Example: Everyone makes fake positive reactions and butter up the young INFJ into thinking they’re liked by others, but in actually, they’re taking advantage of the INFJ’s way they think literally just for their entertainment. The INFJ is blissfully unaware.)

Another thing. The INFJ may reach out a helping hand, but the recipient doesn’t want it. They cannot tell if the other person wants their opinion or not. This can leave INFJs very rejected, because their Fe desires validation and to leave an imprint in someone. When they cannot do anything, it eats away at them internally.

Unhealthy/looping INFJs may not realize that their logical conclusion is wrong, and protect their logic and pride. They get emotionally attached to their Ni-Ti conclusions and blame everyone else around them for being “wrong.” This occurs because they have put in a lot of thought into their conclusion and do not want to admit that their line of thinking was incorrect.

A good example is when it comes to typology of a fictional character. An INFJ attached to a label may argue with their life, and refuse to change their opinion despite all the odds against them.

I hope this answers your question.