What’s in it for me? Discover an alternative strategy for business success.

When thinking about success in business, many people think big: big companies, big products and big CEOs – like Amazon, the iPhone and Bill Gates. Thinking about success this way can make it seem rather daunting. After all, your chances of starting the next industry-conquering giant, creating the next viral product sensation or becoming the next multibillion-dollar start-up founder are pretty slim.

But do you really want to be that big? Do you want your life to revolve around making money, finding new markets and managing large organizations on an ever-increasing scale? Or would you rather be able to enjoy the independence of owning your own company without having to sacrifice your life on the altar of the “bigger is better” definition of success? Would you rather be able to work a limited number of hours per year and spend the rest of them doing other things you care about, such as enjoying quality time with your family, traveling or pursuing hobbies?

If these questions leave you intrigued by the notion of thinking smaller about success, then these blinks are for you!

In them, you’ll learn

  • how to turn a side gig into a profitable, sustainable small-scale company;
  • how to find a sense of satisfaction with your work; and
  • how to do all of that without needing loads of money to get started.