Mick Mulvaney Is the True Pope

Once again, naked progressive overreach sets Donald Trump up for a win.

Republicans, of course, have distrusted the CFPB since its inception. Partly the objection is practical, because its creation embodies the classic Beltway approach: rather than fix a broken regulatory system, throw another powerful agency atop the heap.

.. In this case, however, the objections are also constitutional. Philip Hamburger, a Columbia University law professor and author of “Is Administrative Law Unlawful?,” notes that the lack of democratic accountability almost CFPB.

.. “This agency is so independent that it does not need congressional funding, and it now has declared itself self-appointing—even in opposition to the president’s appointee,” he says. “The CFPB is thus a reminder of how the administrative state can go to dangerous extremes.”

.. Behind the metaphor of “the swamp,” after all, is the idea, not without justification, that today’s Washington is far removed from government of, by and for the people. In this context the CFPB is a good proxy for the beau ideal of modern American progressivism: appointed bureaucrats, unaccountable to the elected representatives of the people, who wield their regulatory authority as a weapon