Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher, “Trump Revealed”

Kranish and Fisher, award-winning journalists, authors, and long-time Washington Post political reporter and senior editor, respectively, have delved into every corner of Trump’s life, and their biography is a comprehensive look at how the diverse influences of Trump’s upbringing, his relationships, and his wide-ranging business interests have shaped his political beliefs. Including interviews with Trump himself, the book scrutinizes Trump’s family, his early models, such as Roy Cohn, his wealth, his alleged association with organized crime, his risk-taking, and much more, illuminating the man behind the flamboyant image.

35:06 What does he think about his followers?

.. he does talk about them as putty in his hand .. that is one of his real skills ..

48 min Have you interviewed any Psycho Analysists about Trump?

.. There are productive narcissists live Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs who study things deeply and have a good vision then there are bad narcissists who make themselves into little Idols, which becomes a personal religion.

It is very hard to have a linear conversation with him for more than 2 or 3 sentences.