Will H.R. McMaster, a Political Novice, Survive the White House Shark Tank?

McMaster led a counterinsurgency operation in Tal Afar, Iraq, which is now used as a textbook case for how to win over hearts and minds. Flynn accepted tens of thousands of dollars from Russia Today, and broke bread with Vladimir Putin. McMaster has argued that the U.S. needs to upgrade its tank units to prepare for a possible land war over Ukraine.

.. McMaster, for all his military achievements, will enter the White House as the greenest national security adviser in recent memory. He has spent his entire career in the Army

.. What McMaster has not done, unlike every national security adviser from the Nixon presidency up until Trump, is hold a high-level diplomatic or White House job.

.. Trump has suggested that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, might be the right person “to broker a Middle East peace deal.”

.. Among the reasons that Trump is turning to amateurs and political lackeys to fill senior posts is that many of the professionals are keeping him at arm’s length.