US Military Empire divides the world into Zones

Let’s do some back of the envelop calculation.

China is 18 percent of humanity. It is responsible for 12 percent of global defense spending.

The United States is 4 percent of humanity. It is responsible for 40 percent of global defense spending.

Put another way, the average American spends 15x as much as the average Chinese on the military.

China pleads no contest. It is not playing in the same sandbox as America.

In fact, no one else has the bombastic capability to define national security as the known world.

In korea, one american died in exchange for 30 commie lives.

In Vietnam, one american died in exchange for 18 commie lives.

Napalm as a wmd saw widespread application in korea, while agent orange made its entrance in Vietnam, along with more napalm. MacArthur even threatened China with nuclear devastation.

Enemy commies (including civilians) were slaughtered and maimed in the most inhumane ways in both wars.

China says, never again.

Commies are human too. If we ever step into the ring again, we will not be the flyweight unable to land punches on the heavyweight because the reach is too short.

China considers arms a waste of economic resource. That is why it has a small nuclear arsenal. But it has spent decades patiently upgrading the range and accuracy of its conventional arms when it could afford to, and prevent a repeat of Korea.

American leaders must be convinced that if they choose to make the Chinese bleed on the battlefield, Americans will bleed like pigs too. The odds will not be skewed in their favor anymore, because the Chinese pack just as mean a punch.

Will America go to war or risk war at 1:1 or 1:2 casualty odds?

China’s “arms race” is nothing more than an exercise in deterring the enemy at the gates from thinking they are facing goat herders.

In other words, practicing Sun Tzu’s highest form of warfare.


The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

Note: China is putting a stop to American hegemony in and around China, and not threatening American sovereignty across the pacific.