How Fox News and President Trump Lost Control to Their Base | NYT Exclusive

When Sean Hannity of Fox News appeared onstage at a rally with President Trump — and called the press corps “fake news” from the podium — it was the culmination of the network’s shift from its “fair and balanced” founding days to a post-Ailes MAGA messaging machine.

Trump’s Lawyer Has a Lawyer. Watch a Live Studio Audience Laugh at Him on National TV.

On CNN Wednesday night, Schwartz argued Trump was never aware of the NDA contract with Stormy Daniels, so it will be hard to argue it should be enforced. This is the exact same argument Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, is making, so it’s probably a bad one for Cohen’s lawyer to make.

But it turns out he was only just getting started. On Megyn Kelly’s NBC show Thursday morning, Schwartz did such bad lawyering that the studio audience started laughing in his face on national television.