Hutterite help: A refugee sponsorship story

What happened when a Hutterite colony decides to sponsor a refugee family? When Paul Waldner and several others from Green Acres Colony signed up for sponsorship in January, a Syrian family of four arrived a month later. While the Syrian family doesn’t live on the colony, members from the colony regularly visit Wawanesa. We joined them on one of these visits. MCC has had the opportunity to work with all types of different people in Canada through our refugee sponsorship program. If you live in Canada and want to learn more about how to sponsor a refugee family visit:

How digging half moons helps farmers in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, rainfall is erratic, and without techniques like these, rain from a downpour would roll off the parched soil, leaving little nourishment for crops.

But where half moons are dug, the water is held in place, giving it a chance to seep into the soil, where it will better nourish crops.

When Tiendrébeogo first heard about half-moons, he doubted they would work.

“But through our experience, we are delighted to use the new practices because everything went well and it did not cost any extra money,” he says. Farmers don’t need chemical inputs because they can use organic fertilizers from their livestock.

MCC helps reduce tensions with LOST sheep

Now it’s worse. Syrians vie with Lebanese for seasonal and day labor jobs. Prices for everything are higher because of increased demand, but Syrians are more likely to get the support of nongovernmental organizations.

Not surprisingly, a number of Lebanese who were struggling to provide for their families before the Syrians arrived are more than a little annoyed that making a living is even harder now.