Want to Know Why Roy Moore Might Win? Blame the Media.

The anger against the mainstream media is deep-seated. And, as difficult it is for many to accept, much of the anger is justified.

..  the major networks, most major newspapers and cable news programs outside of Fox—has displayed a vexing double standard against conservatives
.. Remember all of the hostile press conferences and exchanges that Washington reporters routinely had with the Obama White House, or when Obama’s daily utterances were challenged every day on CNN?
.. Conservatives do remember, however, the endless attacks on Reagan’s mental abilities, on George H. W. Bush’s alleged out-of-touch elitism, and on his son’s various verbal miscues and alleged racial insensitivity.
..  if any prominent mainstream journalists ever doubted the president’s intentions or his commitment to helping improve the lives of his fellow Americans
  • .. Can the same be said of coverage of Reagan’s welfare reform program or
  • George W. Bush’s effort to respond to Hurricane Katrina or
  • the Republican Congress’ current tax cut plan?

.. Harvard’s, that showed 93 percent of Trump’s media coverage has been negative.

.. networks could end the customary two- or three- or four- on one panels