The Whitewashing Of Martin Luther King – SOME MORE NEWS

Hi. In today’s episode, we discuss the literal only MLK quote that Republicans ever mention, how it’s a single sentence, why they love it so much, and what else he said that they’re avoiding.

0:00 – Introduction
1:25 – Conservatives Cynically Appropriate MLK To Push Their Right Wing Agenda
8:44 – Martin Luther King was, in fact, a Radical Leftist
19:43 – The Only Martin Luther King Quote Conservatives Like
24:20 – Why “Color Blindness” Is Just The Worst
31:38 – The Sick Irony Of Using MLK To Justify CRT Bans
38:35 Neither Political Party Is Living Up To MLK’s Legacy
46:10 – MLK Criticized Capitalism And Was Anti-War
52:20 – MLK Warned Us About The White Liberal And The White Moderate