Chinese Martial Arts FAILS Again… Why Does This Happen? [Kung Fu vs MMA]

Kung Fu vs MMA fails again. Xu Xiaodong just seems to be walking through so many Chinese Martial Arts practitioners. Why does this keep happening? After all, Chinese Martial Arts has the tradition of challenge fighting.

Why do Chinese Martial Arts keep loosing on challenge fights. Well this week we discuss the main problem. The difference in culture of training between the East and the West. It’s simply down to the difference in the approach of training martial arts.

Of course this leads to other questions: How do you know that Chinese Martial Art will WORK in a Real Fight? How do you tell it works for REAL? Is the Martial Art that you train fit for self defence or is it FAKE? We have made a few videos on these questions.

Most martial arts fail in street fights or self defence because people train for the wrong fight. This week we look at what self defence means and why martial arts may not always help you focus in the right way.

Self Defence or Martial Arts Training: Which is best to learn to defend yourself? Simple question, but there is a big difference between training a martial art and learning to defend yourself. This week we discuss the differences and what you should look for if you wish to learn to defend yourself.