Levin Absolutely Crushes Ed Henry – Whistle Blower Impeachment BS – Fox Friends – 9-29-2019

Mark Levin Crushes Ed Henry on Fox and Friends before 9AM on 9-29-2019 then Ed Henry goes outside to drink Makers Mark and eat Cheese from Murray’s! Sorry Ed Henry, Try to be different. Looks and Voice Mean Nothing to Patriots

House Intel Memo Vindicates Breitbart News, Mark Levin, Donald Trump

Levin criticized what he called “police state” tactics by the Obama administration, and speculated that the agencies might have been involved in a “silent coup” to undermine the incoming Trump administration, which was loathed by official Washington.

 .. The Obama administration did, in fact, conduct surveillance of former Trump adviser Carter Page, starting in October 2016 — “just before the victory” — and continuing into the new administration.

Mark Levin: Mooch’s ’Absolutely Disgusting’ Remarks to ‘Liberal Rag’ Make WH Look ‘Moronic, Pathetic’

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin blasted new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci on Thursday for going to a “liberal rag” and making “absolutely disgusting” comments about White House Chief Strategist Steve K. Bannon.

.. Levin marveled at the fact that Scaramucci called a “liberal reporter at a liberal rag” and spoke in that way about his colleagues.

 “What the hell has Steve Bannon done to this guy?” Levin asked. “Nothing!”
Levin, who is the author of the current best-selling book Rediscovering Americanism, said that “if you support Donald Trump, then you don’t sit back and excuse all this.”
.. Levin, a Reagan administration alum who has written some of the most seminal books of the modern conservative movement like Liberty and Tyranny, which became a runaway bestseller despite scant to no coverage in the legacy media, asked, “Do you think this kind of internecine warfare makes America great again?”“It makes these guys look stupid, moronic, pathetic! That’s not how you serve your president, in my view,” he said.

.. “The president is under brutal attack, and he really needs some pros around him,” he continued.

.. On Fox News, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham slammed Scaramucci for “trashing Steve Bannon, who has been carrying the conservative populist banner for years, loyal to this president,” and said Scaramucci’s comments were “humiliating to the president.”

Levin had a reminder for Scaramucci about the position he holds.

“You’re communications director to the president of the United States,” Levin said. “You hold a public trust.”


The Heritage of Natural Law: Mark Levin on Rediscovering Americanism

The Constitution safeguards the liberties that the Declaration of Independence represents but did not create.

.. The foundation of Americanism, he posits, is natural law. That does not just spontaneously appear, nor passively persevere. Understanding our natural-law roots, reaffirming our attachment to them in the teeth of the progressive project to supersede them — this is hard work.

.. right reason, “certain definite principles of action from which spring all virtues and whatever is necessary for the proper molding of morals.”

.. “True law is right reason in agreement with nature; it is of universal application, unchanging and everlasting.” It is reason that learning has cultivated for the pursuit of happiness.

.. Natural law is the basis for our conceit that no one may rule over another without his consent.

.. In the absence of natural law, we would be left to the tyranny of will — arbitrary morality and rights, dictated by those who had muscled their way to dominance.

.. For Levin, rationalizing such a muscular state is the 20th-century progressive project spearheaded by

  • Herbert Croly,
  • Theodore Roosevelt,
  • Woodrow Wilson,
  • John Dewey, and their progeny.

They built on the utopian foundation of the “philosopher-kings”:

  • Rousseau’s radical egalitarianism,
  • Hegel’s historicism,
  • Marx’s economic determinism and class struggle, and so on.

The rights of self-determination, self-governance, and private property — the blessings of liberty that are the heritage of natural law — are in peril, if not of extinction, at least of irreversible atrophy.

.. Mark Levin has not been content to inveigh against statism. In the last few years, he has offered concrete plans to roll it back, including a campaign for a convention of the states under Article V of the Constitution, aimed at stripping down Washington from without, since it will never reform itself from within.