How do INTJ react when someone is provoking them?

How to provoke an INTJ: Repeat ignorant and illogical things while in a position of some influence. INTJs also hate lies. So lying about the INTJ will provoke them a lot.

INTJ will respond with a lengthy, factual, well referenced rebuttal. Then they will ignore you, possibly forever. It is hard to live rent free in the mind of an INTJ. Once we decide that you are not capable of reason or truth, we do not take it personally. But we don’t bother with you any more. Drama and grudges do not interest us.

Getting a huge argument is good, this means we think you are capable of reason. It means we care.

Getting no response is bad. You have lost our interest. Nothing personal, but—not worth the effort.

How does an INTJ deal with authority?

We are very independent, therefore we might not always appreciate authority. Personally, I don’t mind authority as long as their rules are logical and beneficial to me. If someone over me is forcing me to do something I think is pointless, harmful, or just not beneficial in any way, I get annoyed because someone else is holding me back from what I could be. That is when I can’t tolerate authority, however I think it is fine as long as they aren’t too controlling.


The only authority INTJs obey is logic and reasoning.

There’s no authority in the INTJ’s mind. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, junior or senior in rank, doesn’t matter who you are.



We pay no attention to titles or authority. We do what’s honest and what we perceive to be the correct course of action. We have few qualms about challenging authority figures if we think their course of action is wrong. We question the utility of rules. If the rule results or will result in what we think is a good outcome, we’ll follow it. Otherwise… it would almost irk us to leave it unchallenged, the consequences of doing so be damned.

How does an INTJ deal with authority?

We INTJs are some of the best subordinates. We’re smart, observant, attentive, goal and system oriented, and usually very caring. We generally don’t like gossip or petty going-ons.

For competent authority, we’re usually a dream.

For incompetent authority, well, we’re either outta there, or we’ll help the figurehead or puppet destroy themselves with their own incompetence by just encouraging them to keep doing what they are doing x10 to speed up the process. We’ll take up the slack in the work they should be doing as a leader, but discreetly from behind the scenes. If an authority figure is incompetent, it’s best they keep other incompetent people around them so they can keep their head above water by bullying and convincingly pointing their finger at others around them to distract from the real issue coming from the top.

If you know how to lead though, an INTJ is quite possibly the Spock to your Kirk…your very best advocate and true blue friend (just never a yes-man).

I handle it just fine if it’s competent.

If it’s not competent or the rules are stupid, then there are … issues. I’m the sort to use the system against itself. I was the kid who worked the system in high school to make sure I was never in class but was always out of class on some kind of school activity or other. I got so good at it that there were some weeks I could avoid all but maybe a day and a half or so of actual class. I figured I didn’t need to be there so long as my grades stayed up.

I can do the same with incompetent leadership from people too if I have to.

But if I like the system and the people, I am perfectly happy to do what I’m directed.

Cops arrested him for filming in public, but things took a bizarre turn when the case went to court


The arrest of a Texas cop watcher for filming in public is the most recent chilling example of how law enforcement across the country is attempting to roll back auditors’ First Amendment rights. Jack Miller, also known as Texas Sheepdog, was filming outside the Olmos Park, Texas, City Hall when police arrested and charged him with multiple crimes. The ensuing five-day trial and jury verdict reveal that citizens’ ability to film in public is facing new obstacles and concerted pushback from the government.



He should have immediately filed an appeal and had his sentence stayed a federal judge would have looked at that video and put a halt to the entire sentence
Assault on a Police Officer? He never touched them. Or Is hurting their fragile feelings by cursing at them a Federal Offense?
Maybe if the police stopped making frivolous arrest, they wouldn’t have to worry about charges being dropped. The police need to know and understand the law!
…Let me get this straight. He went out to film a PSA about not threatening cops, only to have the cops brutally assault him trying to help cops. The Irony in this story is off the charts. 📈🤦🏿
It would be interesting to hear the jury instructions. Should be appealed.
I have to believe that that jury had no idea what they were doing I saw nothing of what they charged him with.
This is a prime example of how our justice system is not about right or wrong but about money and power and ego’s
I’m surprised they aren’t drug testing you twice per day! (They charge you $30.00 each time!) Its a money racket… Financial extortion! Probation is far worse than serving the time … (Never accept probation!) – Michael B. Saari for Michigan State Senate 2022
He needs to get himself a lawyer who knows what the law is. Being a retired lawyer I cannot believe that he was convicted
how in the hell did a trial get the majority of the the jurors to have a guilty plea? it is SUPER clear to me that he wasnt resisting, and VERY clear that he did not attack a police officer and the fact that it was a toy gun not an actual fire arm means how did they tack on a fire arm charge with no fire arm? this sounds EXTREMLY fishy to me ( meaning like corruption )
>> Yeah, the gun charges got me as well… isn’t this in an open carry state and that was a toy rifle SLUNG over his back? Not very menacing.
Weaponized law enforcement. Imagine that.
I’m wondering how a jury can find you guilty of resisting arrest when there was no crime committed. Resisting arrest is a secondary charge. I would say I want another jury trial with new jury members, as seeing as those jurors must be incredibly incompetent. There was no crime to begin with, so how was resisting arrest of a crime that was never committed? 2nd Amendment? That’s not a crime. Blocking a pathway? Didnt see him blocking anyone. And assault on a peace officer!?!?!? Where in this video does it show this man lay a single finger on these cops!?!?!?!? Except maybe he pulled away from them when THEY TRIED TO GRAB HIM!!! And they tackled him to the ground, pulled his arm behind his back essentially breaking it to where he needed surgery 2 days later, hes laying there crying in pain, and they charged him with Assault on a peace officer!?!?!? Get the fuck outta here dude!!! So even though he had a fake gun (Even if real, we still have 2nd amendment), was not blocking a single person on the sidewalk, didnt commit a crime at all, and was the one brutally tackled to the ground and had his arm broken, he is still somehow found guilty on all charges? What video did these jurors see, because I see the complete opposite of these charges. Once again, to recap… Fake Gun, blocking no one’s movement, didnt lay a single finger on either of those cops, no crime committed, and being the victim of assault and battery and hes still charged with disorderly (Possibly Brandishing with intent to harm), blocking pathway, assault on peace officer, and resisting arrest!?!?!?!?!? What kind of a system are we in where we find our fellow man guilty at the hands of the corrupts crimes? I’m scared to live in this society. I dont want today’s corruption and abuse to be my future….

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Defense attorney Robert J. Campos demonstrates how to assert your legal rights at a border stop #2

This is an interview of Jess Torres, a former Arizona D.P.S. Highway Patrol Officer and former Scottsdale City Police Officer. This video helps explain more in depth what occurred when we were both stopped at the “border” inspection station just north of Tubac, Arizona.

Many viewers had questions about the stop and thoughts about what we should or should not have done. Some believed that it was error for us to proceed to the secondary stop area. Others believed that I should never have exited my vehicle. I had a lot of viewers wonder if Jess spoke to the Agents and that is why we were allowed to proceed on our way.

I am aware that there are other videos where people take a very aggressive stand and refuse to move to the secondary stop area or refuse to get out of their vehicles. I have had people comment that I complied too easily and that, in effect, I “lost” the encounter with border patrol. My video was not intended to display a “victory.” It is intended to show how to assert your Fifth Amendment Rights and that as citizens we do not have to comply with illegal orders. The law is never black and white. There is a lot of grey area when it comes to the scope of the stop and the time border patrol can keep you detained. These issues have not been fully litigated before our Supreme Court. However, I do not recommend that a citizen ever physically resist a command by law enforcement.

All I ask is that you please do some homework and not blindly accept that these “border” stops are a legitimate efforts to stop illegal migrants or that it works. I have been a prosecutor and defense attorney for 31 years and I have seen how law enforcement can abuse its authority if we let them, and do not speak out. I respect police officers, but we also deserve respect as citizens.

These border stops are an excuse to conduct drug interdiction. The Constitution provides that a person cannot be stopped unless an officer has a reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed. These stops allow everyone to be stopped without any stated reason. But you still have the right to refuse to answer questions. Jess answers many questions about what is really going on at these “border” stops. Remember, we are not near an actual border.

For those of you who believe that these stops are working, I ask that you read the articles that I have attached below. Currently, as of April 2019, border patrol is busing migrants straight to Tucson, which is just north of this stop, and dropping migrants into the city. Which begs the question of why even bother to stop people and ask the ridiculous question, “Are you a citizen?” Is it so that border patrol can then give you a free bus ride into the city?

The ACLU has attempted to get statistics from the government on the effectiveness of these stops. The government refuses to provide any information. But I have attached a good article about this issue and what a federal magistrate thinks about the government’s position.

Border patrol agents have abused the rights of citizens and mistreated many people at these stops. I have attached an article about a minister who was severely beaten. He won his court case and the judge and jurors all applauded his brave decision to assert his rights. Our own former Governor, Raul Castro, was stopped, detained and mistreated.

After 31 years of courtroom litigation, I firmly believe that the government will strip away your rights if you fail to assert your Constitutional Rights. I am aware that it is much easier to just go along. But this is a dangerous precedent to set. I decided to assert my rights. Every American must make their own independent decision.