Donald Trump’s complicated relationship with technology

The incoming president has mastered Twitter, but he doesn’t do email and rarely uses a computer.

Trump’s strange analysis this week of the Russian hacking scandal — “computers have complicated lives very greatly” and “nobody knows exactly what is going on” — sounded wildly out of sync with the tech-obsessed culture that Trump has so expertly tapped into through Twitter.

 .. When conservative commentator Erick Erickson wrote a column last December that pleased Trump, he wanted to send Erickson an email. So Trump scribbled a note with a black Sharpie and had his assistant make a digital scan of the note and email it to Erickson.“He’s the only one who’s ever sent me an email like that,” Erickson said, laughing. “He considers email a distraction.”

.. Erickson added: “He gets his emails printed out, and he reads and annotates them and sends them back as a PDF.” Current and former aides say that is standard practice.

.. Stone said Trump is “obsessed with Twitter” and has “great instincts” because he watches TV so much and understands ratings.

.. Trump told Erickson and others that email is a problem because people waste their day on it and it only opens them up to trouble. He has talked to aides and friends about business executives who were damaged by emails at trials and other politicians, like Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who have brought themselves trouble via email.